La Causathon - Hackathon by Space4Build (Dao´s Challenge feedback)

Hello collective =)

At Space4Build we are committed to the development of the SuperChain and its collective :red_circle:, which is why we want to inform you that in addition to the initiative of the Optimimsm Conection Virtual Conference we are also organizing an in-person hackathon in Lima, Peru.


The Causathon is an activity that seeks to generate a wonderfull experience :dizzy: for all participants, this includes developers, volunteers, organizations and communities that are encouraged to participate and support this activity.


Challenges have been selected that we consider will allow us to attract the attention of large organizations to join the ecosystem as well as improve elements that allow the entire group to maintain themselves and continue building. The main ones are: Dao’s, Gaming, Marketing and innovation.

On this occasion we would like to focus the solutions of the Dao’s challenge on the optimistic collective and for this we would like them to be able to freely express in the comments what aspects consider can be improved digitally in the collective.

Below are some ideas of things that could be improved but as we already mentioned, please feel free to respectfully give your opinion and express your opinions and suggestions:

+Governance and decision making: low voting, centralization of power and complexity for reviewing proposals.

+Security and risk management: vulnerabilities in wallets and attacks on delegates.

+Incentives and participation: Motivation of members to participate and incentives aligned to the benefit of the group.

+Communication and transparency: Improvements in communication channels and transparency in decision making.

+Financial sustainability: Fund management and mechanisms for additional financing resources for the SuperChain.

We hope to receive your comments and from Space4Build we will continue making efforts to contribute to a better community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Contact channels:

Twitter: @Space4Build
Instagram: Space4Build
Warpcast: @Builderland