[FINAL] Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin

EDIT 6/23/2023:

  • Updated estimate for weekly time commitment for the alliance role (3-5 → 1-3)
  • Alphabetized Alliance Order
  • Note to potentially incorporate other educational content outlined in various mission proposals as part of the ambassador on-boarding process

S4 Intent: Intent 3 - Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision

Proposed Mission: ‘Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin’ will inspire impactful public goods contributions to Optimism by automating, rewarding, and bringing on-chain valuable Optimism Ambassadors Program contributions.

In this Mission, we incentivize existing and new Optimism Ambassadors to research, create, and promote an anthology of ‘Optimism Stories’. The stories will share the impact of the 300+ Optimism-funded projects - largely through retroPGF.

This Mission will illuminate the impact of Optimism funding grants, amplify the power of builders who aren’t natural marketers, and tap into the hidden potential of Ambassadors. It will spread awareness of our Optimistic Vision!

Proposal Tier: Phoenix Tier

Please verify that you meet the qualifications for submitting at the above Tier: Jesse is an Optimism Foundation contributor

Baseline grant amount: 150k OP

% of total available Intent Budget: 15%

Please check here if access to upfront capital is a barrier to completing your Mission and you would like to be considered for a small upfront cash grant: No.

Alliance name: ‘Thank Optimism’ (which includes members from the Optimism Foundation)

Alliance Lead: Jesse Nawrocki (jrocki / Reformed_Normie)

Contact Info: Discord: Reformed_Normie#2580 / Telegram: Contact @Reformed_Normie

L2 recipient address: TBD. A multisig will be created owned by the alliance members. Alliance members already being compensated by the Optimism Foundation will not receive any portion of the grant.

Please list the members of your Alliance and link to any previous work:

  • Veronica (Vee)

    • Optimism-related role: Head of Contributions
    • Discord: @vonnie610
    • Twitter: @Vonnie610
    • Timezone: UTC +2
    • Previous work: Establishing NERDs & Ambassadors Contribution Paths.
  • Subli_DeFi (Subli)

    • Optimism-related role: Ambassador
    • Discord: Subli#0257
    • Twitter: @Subli#0257
    • Timezone: UTC +2
    • Previous work: The Optimistic Series Podcast and Newsletter:
  • Senad Dilji [*ThriveCoin support]

    • ThriveCoin-related role: BD & Campaign Lead.
    • Discord: senad.eth :black_flag:#8782
    • Twitter: @0xSenad
    • Previous work: Bankless’ OG Partnerships, Multi-sig, Grants Committee.
  • Oxytocin (0x_Ytocin)

  • Michael Vander Meiden (Michael)

    • Optimism-related role: Ambassador / Grants Council Member
    • Discord: vandermeiden#0645
    • Twitter: @elblockchainguy
    • Timezone: UTC -5
    • Previous work: retroPGF2 Overview - Education Nominees: YouTube?
  • Krzysztof Urbański (Krzysztof)

    • Optimism-related role: Governance Delegate / Grants Council Member
    • Discord: krst#6650
    • Twitter: @kaereste
    • Timezone: UTC +2
    • Previous work: Delegate statement
  • Daniel Jacobs [*ThriveCoin support]

Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent:

The Optimism Collective has a powerful vision that impact = profit, and has thus funded 300+ projects helping create impact for Optimism and web3. However much of that impact is largely unknown for the following reasons:

  1. The builders we fund are strong builders, but not necessarily marketers.

  2. We haven’t had the infrastructure to automate a decentralized marketing function.

  3. Thus, stories of Optimism builders go mostly untold; their impact unknown.

This Mission aims to provide the needed infrastructure and support to spread awareness of the Optimistic Vision:

  1. We leverage ThriveCoin and the Thrive Protocol to automate, scale, and bring on-chain the entire contribution incentive, validation, and rewards processes.
  2. We work with the Ambassador Program to incentive contributors capable of producing and marketing high-quality content.
  3. We work with the Optimism Foundation, top delegates, and top contributors to ensure Ambassadors are making truly valuable contributions.
  4. Contributions will be focused around researching, creating, and sharing the stories of the 300+ Optimism and RPGF funded projects.
  5. We will create a content framework (“path”) that guides proper research, content creation, and content marketing.
  6. While the Mission is ongoing, we will look at data + feedback from the community to constantly evolve the initiative to achieve agreed upon metrics.

We expect our proposed Mission to create significant impact:

  1. It will amplify the work of the Ambassador Program, automating the onboarding, mobilizing, and incentivizing of Ambassadors.
  2. It will inspire the research, creation, and marketing of an anthology of real-world use cases of the tangible impact of our Optimistic Vision.
  3. It will incentivize builders even more - because they will get free marketing and exposure for their work and impact.
  4. It will clarify for badgeholders the impact of Optimism-funded projects, thereby allowing them to make more informed decisions on future funding.
  5. While a one-time Mission, this provides a potential long-term solution for this and other endeavors that can be fine-tuned Season after Season.

Below is a draft of contributions we propose to incentivize existing and new ambassadors to make in service of our Mission. This path will evolve based on feedback before launch - and it will continue to evolve each week as we integrate real-time data and community feedback. A more detailed view of the draft can be found here

Note: We may incorporate other educational content outlined in other mission proposals as part of the ambassador on-boarding process as our aim is to quickly get new contirbutors up to speed as quickly as possible. One such example may be Bankless Academy’s proposal in which they outline the creation of a retroPGF course

What makes your Alliance well-suited to execute this Mission?

Experience and Representation in the Optimism Collective

The members of this alliance are all significant contributors to the Optimism Collective. We are familiar with its structure and inner workings. We will be able to provide insights of contributing Optimism Collectives. Our experience includes:

  • Ambassadors
  • Optimism Foundation
  • Governance Delegates
  • ThriveCoin Team

The Alliance Members will collaborate with the ThriveCoin team to:

  • Define initial contributions and associated incentives.
  • Refine contributions, validations, and incentives based on data and feedback.
  • Provide any and all additional needed support to ensure Mission success.

The Alliance role requires 1 to 3 hours of work a week. If all milestones are achieved within season 4, Alliance members will receive up to 6k OP in compensation in total.

  • Any Alliance members already being compensated by the Optimism Foundation will not receive any portion of the grant.

About ThriveCoin

The ThriveCoin team has deep expertise supporting communities at scale in driving impact through behavior change. Our web3 background is in supporting DAOs like Bankless, ApeCoin, Aavegotchi, and ShapeShift.

In addition, our leadership has previously scaled products and protocols to support millions of users, and we’ve worked together to support organizations like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and more.

To support this vision, we are providing both the technology needed to automate, scale, and bring on-chain an entire contributor path for the Ambassador program, and ongoing expert guidance and support to ensure our shared success.

ThriveCoin currently supports ApeCoin DAO, Bankless DAO, Aavegotchi DAO, ShapeShift, Polygon Village (revealed soon), and other top DAO communities. We are web3 natives, funded by top web3 VCs, and have been collaborating for months with Optimism members to ensure this proposal is aligned with community needs.

As an example of our work, we just finished ApeCoin DAO - Season 1. We experienced broad adoption and increased core user engagement across the DAO, seeing more than a doubling of core engagement metrics.

** Please list a critical milestone. The critical milestone should be a measure of whether you’ve made best efforts to execute what is outlined in this proposal or not. If you fail to achieve your critical milestone, your grant may be clawed back.**

  • 75+ unique content contributors
  • 50+ of unique research artifacts submitted (covering min. 25 projects)
  • 250+ of unique content pieces shared

How should Token House delegates measure progress towards this Mission:

  • Mission launched by July 17th
  • Mission website / infrastructure 99% uptime
  • Achieve 30% of critical milestone goals by August 21st

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission?

  • 25% more volume than critical milestones
  • Increase in project usage due to content sharing
  • Clarity about impact of funded Optimism projects

Breakdown of Mission budget request:

  • Up to 114k OP distributed back to contributors heavily weighted towards contributors making the highest impact contributions. ** Any unused OP in this category will be returned to the DAO.
  • Up to 6k OP total distributed to Alliance members not currently being compensated by the Optimism Foundation.
  • Up to 30k OP distributed to ThriveCoin for all tech, white-labeling, integrations, support, and extensive customization.

I confirm that my grant will be subject to clawback for failure to execute on critical milestones: Yes

I confirm that I have read and understand the grant policies: Yes

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here: Yes

PS we designed the Thank Optimism community page. We’re pretty excited about it. Here’s a sneak peak :heart_on_fire::


Wow, hats off to this massive and super well-crafted mission!
I’m honestly super stoked to start creating cool content for the future :crossed_fingers: ‘Thank Optimism’ campaign.


wow this is great, as someone wanting to create Filipino Community in Optimism this is a great Place to start


This is what creators and ambassadors & builders need. It makes perfect sense to highlight the importance of builders work as well as to show the outcome of the grants.
I d like to see breakdown of types of marketing work that can be done vs reward. Some works take more time to produce than others. for example - interviews/podcasts, yt video content, music production, articles, info graphics etc ( all in relation to Retrorpg ).
Overall It is a very good idea in my opinion as both sides become beneficial from the work that has been created. That is Optimism gains additional marketing + builders get recognition + artist get rewards and networking. Huge window of opportunity for many creatives out there.Thanks


Ready for this! LFG!


Hi, I’m Senad, the BD Lead with ThriveCoin and Co-Author of this proposal. This is a very meaningful proposal for me and our whole team. There’s obvious vision and values alignment between Optimism and ThriveCoin - we’re both stewarding the web3 ownership economy! We’re reimagining how we fund core web3 infrastructure in innovative, creative, and - I believe - essential ways.

Out team is builders at heart and I can’t wait to hopefully have this opportunity to create enormous impact together. I’m excited for your thoughts, questions, feedback, and co-creation. Also please feel free to ping me here, on Discord @0xsenad, or on Twitter at [https://twitter.com/0xSenad]. I look forward to connecting, and to together Thanking Optimism! -Senad


Love this! I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Can somebody please explain to me how ThriveCoin features in this plan?


Hi Jack, thanks for asking! I am Daniel, one of the cofounders of ThriveCoin. I’ve been intimately involved in building this Mission from the start (e.g. months), so hopefully I’m qualified to answer your question about “how ThriveCoin features in this plan”:

1. We are the protocol: Our Thrive Protocol automates and brings on-chain the entire contribution incentive, validation, and rewards processes supporting this Mission. It makes everything that happens in this Mission scalable and transparent. The tech is groundbreaking; it’s a big reason we were recently invested in by top web3 VCs.

2. We are the builders: This Mission requires significant custom product / application support - from the Thank Optimism community page and apps to custom ways to contribute that require custom Optimism contribution apps. We are already, pre-vote, building all of this for Optimism (we needed to front-load much of the work given the tight turnaround between the vote and launch).

3. We are the expertise and support: This Mission requires the collaboration and partnership of a team of experts. We support communities like ApeCoin, ShapeShift, Aavegotchi, and Bankless, and others with our protocol and similar deployments. Additionally, before ThriveCoin, our core leadership team worked together to provide similar kinds of support to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, etc.

In short, ThriveCoin is end-to-end working together with the Alliance - at all levels - to ensure that the impact we achieve together is the impact we seek.

Thank you for your question, Jack. If you - or anyone else - have any other questions, brainstorms, anything, I’m happy to address here, or I’d love to connect personally too.


Incentives for meaningful contributions are a beautiful problem to work on and experiment around! It usually requires lots of manual work, and the time frames for making contributor incentives work often extend the community membership lifetime of a contributor.

Programs like these walk a thin line between being successful to elevate contributors and farming engagement. You’re looking to open the doors for contributors and create chances for anyone while trying to attract values-aligned humans that aren’t driven by wrong expectations or intends. Excited to learn more about how ThriveCoin manages this!

I’m all for getting this mission going. It’s very well articulated and the alliance is full of allstars. Let’s thrive!

Some early questions:

  1. What methods are in place for sybil protection?
  2. How does the content verification work and how do you asses the quality of a submission?

@Tjark thank you so much for your kind words. Also, we really appreciate your questions. Below are some quick answers:

  1. We have five layers of bot, bad actor, and sybil protection. An example of one layer is that we built the infrastructure to support both known and unknown validation mechanisms for each way to contribute. For example, if a way to contribute is “create original content from a research template” the known auto-validation might be to submit content for review via a form. The unknown validation mechanism(s) are created by the Alliance and known only to them. They exist to maintain the integrity of the process and ensure nobody can game the system. This is just one layer of protection. There are five!

  2. Content verification works differently in each of the communities we work with. Generally, though, for each desired type of content, the Alliance will communicate criteria that they are looking for - e.g. quality, format, etc. There are more automated ways to review content and less automated ways to review content, and we can support both. What I know about this Alliance is that they are, in your words, “all-stars”. So I too am quite excited to see where they start and how it evolves as we get feedback and data from the community.

  3. (This wasn’t a question of yours, but it follows your last question): Executing on this Mission well means building a kind of “evolutionary system.” The community will give us lots of feedback about what works and doesn’t work. On a weekly basis, the Alliance (with support from ThriveCoin) will be looking at that feedback - and accompanying data - and making adjustments. They will add new ways to contribute, shift reward amounts based on supply and demand, and so on. Each week, we will learn and improve… learn and improve. This is how we will, together, create enduring impact.


appreciate the rundown. Will $THRIVE figure into this plan in any way?

And I see for other DAOs you have missions like – what sorts of things are you envisioning for this mission, and how will the other Alliance members factor into this?


I appreciate your questions!

Below are answers to your latest questions:

  1. Our Testnet token, THRIVE, is not a part of this Mission. It is sometimes used as a raffle ticket by communities that don’t have a token or can’t use their tokens. This isn’t the case with Optimism.

  2. Alliance members choose ways to contribute available in this Mission - based on data and feedback from the community. ThriveCoin will provide support and best practices to the Alliance members based on our learning and expertise.

  3. The purpose of the Mission, as outlined by the Alliance above, is to incentivize existing and new Ambassadors to research, create, and share content that illuminates the impact of 300+ Optimism funded projects.

  4. There will be four Contribution “Paths” (sets of contributions): Onboarding, Research, Create, and Market. A draft of ways to contribute that would be incentivized in the Contribution Paths is available here. It’s also linked in the proposal above.

Thank you again for your questions. I hope this is helpful. I look forward to helping with anything else! - Daniel


@jackanorak to add additional context,

The mission’s central goal is to shine a spotlight on projects receiving grants or retroPGF through telling each projects individual story and outlining value they have provided to the collective. Below is a short desc. of how each set of contributions help accomplish the above missions goal:

Onboard - Incentives to bring new ambassadors into the program and enables them to gather the context they need in order to create valuable content in the future

Research - research is key to creating high quality content, here we want to enable creators to research projects and submit templates of their research which other creators can then leverage to create content from.

Create/Market (might combine as they are for our intents and purposes the same) - Giving creators the option to leverage another’s research to create content we believe will increase the amount of content per project being generated.

*The detail of each contribution will be defined by the alliance members which include 3 ambassadors - me (Ambassador program lead), Michael and Subli.


Thanks for this proposal. I like the goal of increasing unique content distributors. I don’t know much about ThriveCoin, so it would be helpful for me to learn a bit more. Your responses above were already very helpful.

Are you able to share any testimonials, comments, or anything similar to review in regards to how the experience was for communities like ApeCoin, ShapeShift, Aavegotchi, and Bankless on ThriveCoin’s positive impact?

Since getting funding “by top web3 VCs” was mentioned twice in this forum, can you share any additional details? I couldn’t find much on this, but understand it could be private.



Visibility through media is needed and encouraged for community engagement.


Initiatives and proposals are solid.


Much need and very well put up.

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Great community awaiting in Asia for Optimism


Hi @linda, thanks so much for the kind words. You asked for “testimonials, comments, or anything similar to review” connected to the communities we support. I’m happy to share more below:

  1. Here’s a case study on our work with Bankless DAO written by one of the leaders at Polygon. Massive growth across key engagement metrics. A key quote from the case study: “Network rewards via ThriveCoin are a critical component of the future DAO stack. All DAOs must reward and recognize their members if they wish to create long-term efficiency, utility, and value.”

  2. In one season we doubled core governance activity in ApeCoin. Here’s a tweet thread about it from the elected treasury steward of ApeCoin. Additionally, since launching with ApeCoin we have more than 10x’d the number of recognized actively engaged contributors across platforms. The feedback we’ve gotten is that we’re widely considered one of the most significant initiatives that ApeCoin has approved and funded.

  3. I’ll reach out to key leaders from other communities later today, and I’ll share more from them when they get back to me. We care very deeply about the work that we do. It is our legacy; it is the impact we want to create in the world. I feel highly confident that whether you speak with the Alliance for this Mission or leaders in any of the communities we support, you’ll hear common themes about their experiences: groundbreaking tech / initiatives that drive results / people who really, truly care.

  4. You asked about the top VCs who funded us. While we haven’t publicly announced our latest round of financing, I’ll go ahead and share a few of our latest investors:

  • Hashkey Capital - $1B fund / 15 web3 unicorns
  • Youbi Capital - top web3 fund / many unicorn web3 investments
  • BitScale Capital - top web3 fund / many unicorn web3 investments
  • Continue Capital managing director - top web3 fund / many unicorn web3 investments
  • Additionally, we’ve brought on a number of fairly well-know strategic investors.

I hope this is a good start with additional information. if you need anything else, I’m here! - Daniel