Education nominations for RPGF2

  • The projects name: Token Engineering Academy

  • A description of how the project has supported the development and usage of the OP Stack:

Token Engineering is an emergent, crypto-native discipline. Token engineers design, validate and optimize token economic systems. We understand that the systems and algorithms we build impact people and must foster responsibility and uphold the values of the broader institution of professional engineering.

At the Token Engineering Academy (TE Academy) the mission is to establish token engineering as a recognised professional discipline. TEA see token engineering as a fundamental requirement of the broader web3 ecosystem and work (amongst other things) to educate web3 contributors to the important role and responsibilities of token engineers

In October 2022, they launched TE Fundamentals - a five part education program with NFT-based certification. Offered 100% online TE Fundamentals is free and available to anyone, anywhere. Results since October 2022 speak to the level of interest and need for this program

  • more than 1500 students enrolments
  • 33 study group hosts across 14 languages
  • 412 students have completed at least one exam requiring 96% pass rate. Many have complete multiple exams or the entire course.

All NFTs are minted on Optimism thanks to the support and work of Otterspace and General Magic.

Personal perspective

I am a student, study group lead and since completeing the course a more active, informed and confident contributor to the token engineering community. My learning continues, every week TEA offers opportunities to discover and apply, share and build knowledge in this space.

The teams has done a brilliant job developing the community around TEA keeping us informed, engaged and connected and promoting the program’s people and achievements.

The course creators are experts in their respective feilds and I’m so thankful to the wealth of knowledge being shared and created through courses, open research and discussion. I have paid thousands of dollars towards graduate and post grad. education for papers that do not come near to the level of interactive and applied learning as provided by TE Fundamentals program.

Impact = Profit

Although not Optimism specific, the token engineering discipline is applicable to any token based projects. Developing this discipline will imo have significant cumulative impact for web3 ecosystems, including Optimism.

I found my way here after minting my course NFTs and look forward to contributing where I can.

  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter: @TokenEngineering
  • (optional) contact info for the project or project lead: Please DM me lee0007#8152 for contact info