Badgeholder Conflict of Interest Disclosures

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I nominated TE Academy for RPGF2 as a former study group lead and student I have completed the Token Engineering Fundamentals Program

During the first cohort (October 22) NFT certification was free, for myself and other students. Since 1 Mar 2023, the online course remains free to study but certification NFTs are now paid for (~ $249 per module OR $929 for full course 5 modules) as a path to sustainable course development.

If funded under RPGF2 I understand from the submitted application that OP would be used to provide current and future scholarships for students to reduce or cover the cost of NFT certification

I currently have a three-month contract totalling $3000 USD (Jan Feb Mar) to help establish a writers guild within the academy, as a potential path for students to contribute as copywriters to reduce/cover the cost of certification.

It is unlikely that the current contract is extended due to the extent of time further volunteered, currently bandwidth is limited and I still need to cover living costs. I do however hope to continue to support TE Academy. This is not yet up for discussion as establishing the writer Guild infrastructure, policy and process is still WIP

As a former student, I would not benefit directly from RFPG2 scholarships. However, supporting public goods, and especially education is a primary focus for me. I recognise this makes me biased towards education however I am committed to the code of conduct and will make a professional and unbiased review of each proposal prior to voting.

Does this amount to a COI that would prevent me from voting in support of TEAcademy? Accept the need to abstain if necessary in this case. This is the only possible COI that I am currently aware of.

The only response to date here indicates this is not a conflict of interest that would prevent me from voting, and in my experience with COI where disclosure is provided, I believed so too…

Additional advice is that

Under this terminology, I clearly should not vote for TE Academy. As per the 2023 Roadmap the certification NFTs are intentionally tied to reputation as a means of building industry credentials.

Extending the common meaning of COI to encompass web3 reputation - when web3 is just beginning to quantify and account for the value of reputation - and as a basis to NOT vote seems imo a step too far.

For another example, I would say that as Citizen House badge holders we all now have a reputational stake in Optimism which all nominees are working to advance. Under this definition of COI, it could be argued that a reputational stake in Optimism is grounds to question many more votes that would typically be legitimate, provided disclosure.

Unless further discussed and clarified I will abstain from voting although with some disappointment because during the period being funded (~ Nov 22 - Jan 22) I was simply one of the many students that benefited from the free online TE Fundamentals course

Would greatly appreciate some additional perspectives on this…