Optimism Chinese Community (OP 中文力量) - General Communication Thread


Introducing the Optimism team, mission, vision and goals.


OP Chinese Community is a Chinese community of Optimism developers co-sponsored by GCC, LXDAO, PlanckerDAO, Dengchain Community, and TraDAO. It is an organization that spreads the concept of Optimism technology and public goods and aims to become a bridge linking the Chinese community and the Optimism ecosystem, and to promote two-way communication between the Optimism ecosystem and the Chinese community. OP Chinese Power is a Chinese community focusing on the OP ecosystem under the GCC Chinese Power Program, incubated by GCC.


Optimism Chinese was born in January 2024 by the hand of some contributors and member of LXDAO, enthusiasts of the Optimism ecosystem, and Continuous builders of public goods.

We started with the translation of Mirror articles, the creation of original content, and Twitter space, we spread the word mainly in the Chinese-speaking world, and step by step we are popularizing Optimism and the idea of public goods in the Chinese-speaking world.

On December 27th, we held an offline workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand to introduce Optimism collective and retropgf to more than 40 people, in which we discussed the governance of optimism collective and introduced the mechanics of retroPGF.

We have also brought the Optimism collection governance concept to Shanghai and Beijing, China.

Talk to them about Optimism’s governance system and public goods in offline sessions totaling more than 50 people.

Not only do we organize face-to-face events, but we also co-organize Twitter space with many Chinese organizations to introduce RetroPGF and public goods.

At the same time, we also invited some of the industry’s leading developers to share with us the technical concepts of op stack and popularize optimism among many developers.

During this period of time, we have done a lot of activities related to Optimism, gained a lot of attention from the Chinese community, and also drove a lot of projects and developers in the Chinese-speaking region to pay attention to Optimism. The recent Optimism Season 5, in which we popularized the idea of Optimism Season 5 to many Chinese-speaking developers and encouraged them to continue building in Optimism, attracted a total of more than 20 project applications from the Chinese-speaking region.

We also applied for season 5 grants for this one, which is our track record, and of course, even if we don’t end up getting through, we promise to keep building on Optimism and the public goods ecology.

Our continued contribution to the Chinese-speaking community has been supported by GCC, who enthusiastically donated 30,000 Dai to fund the OP Chinese community, and we will continue to build on optimism and the public goods ecosystem to be a bridge between the Chinese-speaking community and Optimism.

What’s next for the Optimism community

The funding received through GCC has not only allowed us to consolidate our team but also to add new contributors and roles. It has also enabled us to develop long and medium term plans. Below we detail the composition of the team, costs, mission, vision, our relationship with GCC, and our future plans.

What is GCC

GCC stands for Global Chinese Community of Universal Digital Commons. As the only endowed venture fund in the Chinese-speaking region with the purpose of donating public goods, the GCC Fund represents the vision of the Chinese-speaking community to contribute to the Global Digital Commons, and is committed to being a Xielin point of convergence between the Chinese-speaking public goods and the global community, and to provide assistance and guidance for the construction of the Chinese-speaking public goods.


Introducing the team and roles:

  • Team Leader: Marcus
  • Research: Shanni
  • Operation: Yiwen
  • Developer: Cooper

Our main contributing members are from LXDAO, a DAO that supports R&D for public goods sustainability and is highly aligned with Optimism’s long term goals.

Some contributors prefer to remain anonymous and we respect their position.

Transparency of contributions and rewards

We received a donation from GCC, and we have decided to offer rewards only to actual contributors to the OP Chinese community (this was agreed upon), and have planned a future strategy to set up monthly payments to contributors. In addition, we will upload regular reports on our work and costs. We want to be transparent in our governance and show results. This has been our philosophy from the beginning and we will continue to follow these guidelines, demonstrating our long-term commitment to Optimism and the Chinese-speaking world.

We’ll be taking PoC records transparently up the chain tool, FairSharing, to record our contributions

PoC(Proof of work) Record: https://app.fairsharing.xyz/project/0x3d91C8AC9157E2F25a426d422EAA762B3E4A01b7/contribution

Treasury address




| Bruce(GCC) | 0x17c57bD297175e5711Ee3Daf045252B588f3162F |
| Constantin(GCC) | 0x5baB24A68dAC0aA4c09ae028B06D8914DA8405B8 |
| Pablo(PlanckerDAO) | 0x158Ea94E633922Cc32EbD8735B87022bfDe7084f |
| Tiny(Upchain) | 0xD6823f807C45eFDC56c9aE8Db0226CA10af6E8AB |
| Marcus(LXDAO) | 0xC841D6DdF66467Af551b35218c0c2e22f9C14b48 |

We haven’t paid out rewards to contributors yet, and we’ll be doing our first backtracking this month based on actual contribution values

Mission and Vision

In line with our mission and vision, we have identified a number of priorities:

Become Optimism chinese community, a bridge between Chinese community and Optimism.


What kind of content we will create

  • Introduction to optimism collectives and RetroPGF
  • Spreading the optimism vision in Twitter space on demand
  • Translation of optimism and op labs documentation with Chinese
  • Chinese study materials and research on OP stack
  • Dissemination of the concept of public goods

Initiative & Alliances

We will be working in alliance and cooperation with many organizations in the Chinese-speaking community that support the idea of public goods


LXDAO, as a DAO supporting the sustainability of public goods and open-source products, has created more than 14 public goods in the past year, and we have developed public goods that are supported by the ESP, Filecoin Foundation, MetaMask, and Mask Network.


Focusing on the Ethernet ecosystem, we help Chinese-speaking areas establish ecological links and increase the voice and influence of the Chinese language.


The Global Chinese Community General Digital Community supports and funds public goods that we believe in!


A home for blockchain technology enthusiasts

The commonality of our organization is a developer community, a Chinese language organization that supports the ecology of public goods, we will spread Optimism and the concept of public goods in the Chinese language ecosystem and even in the APAC region, to achieve public goods sustainability!


Tradao is a Web3 Derivatives Portfolio Tracker that provides traders with a comprehensive toolset and an innovative incentive system. By harnessing the potential of decentralized technology, our mission is to build a fair and transparent trading environment that provides real-time signals and facilitates informed investment decisions for traders at all levels. Bringing more traders to optimism and the various optimism superchains.


What will be our strategy in terms of governance?

  • Promote and create a Mandarin delegate to spread the voice of the Mandarin community in optimism
  • Generate educational materials so that more people and teams can easily access governance funds.
  • Apply for council grants and assignments
  • Participate in governance conference calls

What is our relationship with GCC and LXDAO?

Optimism Chinese Community (OP 中文力量) is a Chinese community focusing on the OP ecosystem under the GCC Chinese Power Initiative, incubated by GCC’s donation.

We take a neutral stance in helping projects in all Chinese-speaking regions to link up with the Optimism ecosystem and spreading the optimism vision to them.

The main contributing members of the Optimism chinese community are from LXDAO, because LXDAO and Optimism’s long-term goal of supporting public goods are highly consistent, and this is one of the foundations on which the Optimism chinese community is built.
The optimism chinese community remains neutral in spreading the optimism vision and public goods philosophy.

Conclusions and next steps

The Optimism Chinese community is an independent non-profit organization, and the Optimism Chinese community itself is a public good, any research and learning materials we generate are available to them, our communication is neutral, and we welcome anyone to learn about optimism through us.

Our next step will be to appear in the forums, keep an optimistic and open-minded attitude, and regularly invite some Chinese projects to Optimism to spread the word!

If you have any problems or questions, you can contact us via Twitter or any of our contributors!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OptimismChina

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @optimism_cn

Mirror: Optimism 中文