Increasing Asia’s presence in Optimism Governance, Grants and RetroPGF through outreach and guidance

Latin American representation within the Optimism ecosystem surpasses that of builders from other regions like Africa and Asia. My recent trips to Taiwan, Japan and Korea allowed me to connect with lots of talented builders lacking familiarity with Optimism Governance, Grants and RetroPGF.

This is a great opportunity to diversify participation from a region brimming with talented devs, a history of being early to technological advancements and communities with lots of onchain presence in other ecosystems. By introducing regional leaders to Optimism, I hope they can can build on the superchain and help bring their communities to the Collective.

This thread will serve as a landing pad for new participants to introduce themselves and their projects as they increase their participation in the Collective.


Hi everyone, this is Nicole from APAC DAO. We are one of the largest Asia-centric builders community with over 2,000 members and have been active in offering public goods services in education, event, business matching and community building for developers through our sister community called ABC Station with over 13,000 developers. Really thrilled to see how we can bring in more diversity and presence from Asia!


Hi everyone,

My name is Vaibhav Rajput, Chief Meme Officer of SOCLLY.
I’m taking care of the community, marketing, partnerships, relationship building and design in SOCLLY.

SOCLLY is a Decentralized Social Network, we are building the tools to monetize the time and skills of the users. Please check out:


Hi everyone, I’m awkquarian and I am a brand experience designer and I work with both Web2 and Web3 brands.

I’m passionate about films, comics, anime/manga, storytelling, design, AI, Web3, and art communities and am currently working on a NFT comic series called “Coven Classics.” My goal for this bull run is to learn different ways to craft exceptional, community-centered brand experiences around comics and content creation with Coven. Excited to meet all the builders here and checkout what you’re building.

Here’s the link to my Twitter:


Hi everyone, this is Astro from Blocktrend. Blocktrend is a subscription-based, independent media focusing on Web3 topics. Currently, we produce over 600 pieces of original content and more than 200 interview podcast on Web3 for educational purposes.

Based in Taiwan, we have 16,000 subscribers who are interested in reading content in Chinese. We produce the most in-depth content about RPGF in Chinese and are honored to have been grantees in both RPGF2 and RPGF3.

We regard our subscribers as Blocktrend’s early supporters, which is why we allocate all the OP received from RPGF to them. Our goal is to create a supportive cycle where subscribers back Blocktrend, Blocktrend produces valuable OP content, and the OP collective rewards subscribers with OP tokens. This approach aims to make all OP-related content public and ensures the media’s functionality.

By implementing this strategy, we provide our subscribers with hands-on experience and encourage their participation in OP governance. Please visit our website:

We use Facebook in Taiwan more than Twitter: 區塊勢 - 說人話的區塊鏈圖文


Hello, I am Shanni, a founder, software engineer, and artist. I lead the research group from LXDAO, an R&D DAO in the Chinese-speaking region with a focus on supporting public goods, LXDAO was also awarded retroPGF#3! We’ve been focused on research topics around OP, OP Stack, etc.

We have formed the Optimism Chinese community with many public goods organizations to spread the Optimism vision in the Chinese-speaking world, here is our introduction to the Optimism forum.

OP中文力量:Optimism Chinese Community (OP 中文力量) - General Communication Thread


My twitter:


Hello, I am Marcus, I am a game developer and project manager with over 5 years of experience, And I come from LXDAO, As @shanni said, LXDAO is also an organization that supports the sustainability of public goods
I believe open source products and public goods can bring us an inclusive and open blockchain world

We have formed the Optimism Chinese community with many public goods organizations to spread the Optimism vision in the Chinese-speaking world
here is our introduction in the Optimism forum

Mirror: Optimism 中文
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @optimism_cn
Contact me: telegram@marcuszheng


Hey guys! I am Long, an Asia builder from Tradao,At the same time, I am also the leader of lxdao’s forge working group. Tradao is a Web3 Onchain Derivatives Data & Portfolio Platform that empowers traders with a comprehensive toolset and an innovative incentive system, such as Permissionless Copy-trading(PCT), Backtesting, Grid Trading Bot, etc. Our platform is designed to enable traders to track and capitalize on related data from GMX, Kwenta, Polynomial and other derivatives protocols across various blockchain networks, including Arbitrum, Optimism, Blast, Avalanche, and more. By harnessing the potential of decentralized technology, our mission is to establish a fair and transparent trading environment, providing real-time signals that facilitate informed investment decisions for traders of all levels.

Website: Tradao-Best Web3 Derivatives Portfolio Tracker


Hi everyone Vincent (@debuggingfuture) here. We have been running Web3Dev.Community in Singapore and Hong Kong, where builders gather for local meetups and build public goods. Recently we have received the Road to Devcon grant from Ethereum foundation so would love to connect with more communities esp in Asia.

Please follow our social media for more information

Personally I have been working as a Tech Lead in Web3 Venture studios and have been buliding a few public goods oriented projects. Currently I’m focusing on a project idea on (crowd source) localization so please let me know if you’ve any related need, from websites to videos. As I believe breaking down the language barrier is especially important in for promoting Ethereum or Optimism in Asia

My twitter:


Welcome to the collective, stoked to see you participate and grow here. Let’s get the crew together and run it back at the Devcon hackathon.


Hello everyone. This is Claire from 4EVERLAND. We are actively exploring the optimism eco, Fell free to contact us. My TG:@Clairefuture

4EVERLAND is a Web 3.0 developer platform that integrates storage, computing, and network as its core capabilities. 4EVERLAND is committed to providing a distributed, efficient, self-motivated, and low-cost data hosting gateway that hopes to help the internet make a smooth leap from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers and applications.



I really appreciate your enthusiasm with regards to helping diverse set of communities get started and be funded all around the world @Carlosjmelgar I wonder if we can kickstart some initiative within the collective and gather sufficient support to fund initiatives which assist builders based on geographic diversity.


Hi all! Thank you for inviting me, @Carlosjmelgar ! It’s pleasure to involve with Optimism Asia.

I’m Shinya. I basically works as a researcher in public goods space in term of crypto as a Coordination Lead at Fracton Ventures. My focusing research areas are public goods funding, decision making process, and DAO governance. Furthermore, I co-founded GreenPill Japan which is a Japan chapter of GreenPill community inspired by Gitcoin, and I’m contributing to local communities for public goods. I work on educating and having experiences in public goods space of crypto side. Recently, as a collective, I creates artworks and he tries to provide culture sustainably, and then I won a prize in We Love The Art, which is a contest hosted by Optimism.



Hi all,

This is Swift Evo, co founder of DeSci Asia, core team of GreenSofa, which is the GreenPill local chapter based in Taiwan. After finishing the easyRetroPGF training by GreenPill network, i am participating in DeSci round working team for GG20 DeSci round with Manuel Olariu and other active DeSci contributors, e.g. Maria, the founder of DeSci Journal, Tomi and lana.

As the 9th round of event manager in Matters Lab, i also hosted AMAs talking about gitcoin grants, OP and public goods, e.g. invited @Marcus01 to introduce OP, retroPGF and OP chinese community or invite @astro to compare the differences between Gitcoin grants and retroPGF before.

Back to DeSci, there are less than 10% focus in Asia according to the DeSci Landscape Analysis on GR15.

DeSci Asia ( aims to build bridges, share knowledge and foster growth for DeSci communities in Asia.

We host scientific meeting regularly on last Friday every month for Asia DeSci project or communitties, e.g. NOBLEBLOCKS peer-review project based in Singapore, how to save Indonesia country park by Web3, the supoort from Molecule to DeSci project in Asia, DeSci update in Taiwan, introduction about DeSci Kolkata community and more

We also host social networking AMA with DeSci Tokyo and DeSci India. Welcom to join our Mar social AMA for networking DeSci friends in Asia on coming 14 Mar.

Recently, we are eligible to participate in GreenPill x Octant QF round. Funding will be used in educate (e.g. article translation), connect with DeSci communities in Asia and support the local development of DeSci communities in Asia.

You can find the QF link and what DeSci Asia achieved below:

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Hi @Carlosjmelgar and everyone,

We are Tané, the Top 28 delegate as of today (reference), aiming to represent the voice from Japan and Asia and make meaningful impact on the Optimism Collective governance and overall DAO governance world.

Please see our detailed introduction and delegate statement from, but here is our intro:

Tané is formed with a group of crypto-native product builders, based in Tokyo, Dubai and New York. We are backed by SoftBank, and Japanese tech giants like DeNA, GREE, MIXI, closely work with the big Japanese enterprises and have great relationship with Japanese crypto communities.

Our investment arm has invested in and supported various innovating projects that contribute to the decentralized society enabled by the new blockchain technology. Our network operation entity started directly contributing to the ecosystem by being validators for the core infrastructures and protocols that make Web3 move forward and contributors to the DAOs that manage them.

We would love to support each other and increase the presence from Asia regions and introduce more diversity to the governance, which we believe lead to better and material impact on the Optimism ecosystem.

Please reach out to us anytime if you need any support or collaboration for your project. Thank you!


Public good builders deserve a better life! This is one of the main reasons why I co-initiated LXDAO.

Hi guys, I’m Bruce, co-initiator of LXDAO. I have over 10 years of experience in Web development, I have loved and contributed to open-source since 2014, therefore, I have seen a lot of tragedies that happened in the open-source, for example, the developer of core-js and many open-source developers got nothing from their contribution. But the world is built upon open-source software!

As a developer, I kept thinking about the solution for it for good, luckily, I found Web3 and DAO might be a solution for it in 2022. Therefore, I co-initiated LXDAO, spread my thinking, and planted a seed in Web3.

What is LX? LX came from Chinese 良心, which means conscience, and integrity in English. We believe LX reflects the main character of idealistic builders with a long-term vision. LX, our core values, that help us distinguish who are true Public Goods buidlers.

I am so happy that I found many mind-like people like @Marcus01 @Long-Q @Shanni and other 175+ registered members committed to supporting Public Goods for the past 2 years. Now, I am more than happy that we found we are not alone, there are more public good supporters from Optimism, Gitcoin, etc! Let’s buidl a better digital future together!

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @brucexu_eth

Hi, everyone

I am Ray, the leader of the LXDAO governance team. LXDAO is an organization that cares about public goods. We believe that public goods are the cornerstone of Web3. We have been researching how to solve the sustainability problem of public goods, and together with GCC, we have released a public goods report: GCC - Explore, which explains the current status of the public goods ecosystem and the path to sustainability.

After understanding the mechanism of RetroPGF, we believe that this may be the best solution to the sustainability problem of public goods at this stage. This is also why we are willing to participate in the OP ecosystem. Together, we will grow the public goods ecosystem.

Official website:

Hello everyone,

I am Harsh from LensPlay - Decentralised video sharing app on Lens. Currently available on Playstore and Testflight, Soon on Appstore as well. Please check out LensPlay.

Let’s connect on Twitter


I’m 0xAA from WTF Academy, we are building a web3 open university for developers! We created some of the most popular blockchain tutorials in Chinese, including WTF Solidity (9,800 stars on GitHub), WTF Ethers (2,500 stars on GitHub), and WTF zk (300 stars on GitHub). And our education platform has 10,000+ registered users:

We are proudly included Optimism retropgf2 and retropgf3: Retro PGF

I decided to be involved in Optimism ecosystem and governance more, and recently registered as Optimism delegate:

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