Zeugh - Delegate Communication Thread

Hello, I am Zeugh and as I’m starting my delegate journey in the collective I thought it’d be useful to give the community a bit of background on me.

I chose to be a delegate because OP is building consistently towards being an enabler for the next internet, and I want to help build it. I have experience with other governances and helped design and create DAOs on OP with a lot of different tools.

I work on Blockful as lead product researcher focused on projects for coordination tooling and supporting the service provider team - currently working with ENS DAO and ShutterDAO. We’re also working on a mission for Optimism and on a proposal for Arbitrum.

I currently hold a lot of $JBX tokens and have been an active voter for JuiceboxDAO

If you’re interested in more, there’s some history and links here:

"Past Life" Background

Before getting into web3:

  • I was born in Brazil lol
  • I’ve studied computer science in college for 3 years, and dropped out.
  • I’ve studied design in college for 4 years and graduated with a focus on service design.
  • I’ve been active in politics in different parties and groups, mostly organizing local groups
  • I’ve worked as a Product Owner and Product Manager in the digital innovation lab of the National Service for Industrial Training(SENAI) and Industrial Social Services(SESI), creating education towards Industry 4.0 and a health advisor bot to help keep the doors open during the pandemic.
Previous DAO Experience

I started my work with DAOs in 2021 with TileDAO and JuiceboxDAO, working as a community manager and from there working with governance design, DAO creation, and DAO tooling development.

I’ve told a bit about that on Juicecast. If you’re interested, you can see more [in this episode] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSxjrfMJ8yQ)

That same year I created CanuDAO, a DAO composed of community managers who would redirect a share of their revenue to a common treasury that was used to fund the development of tooling to solve the pains we’d identify in our communities.

Since then I have worked as a DAO Specialist in Origami, helping to create DAOs for ecosystem players - such as the very fun to work with Collab.Land DAO and also for “web 2.5 organizations” - groups transitioning from traditional digital investment to web3.

I also did a handful of consulting jobs for groups starting DAOs or restructuring their operations and gave a few talks on conferences around Europe, South America and Africa - EthBarcelona, EthSafari, EthSamba, TheDAOist, The Global Governance Gathering and a bunch of digital ones. Some of those talks I’d give again, and some I learned better, I’m linking them for transparency anyway.

I’ll be using this thread to detail my thinking process on the votes and bring other points and opinions that might be relevant as a delegate.

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