Delegation Questions & Feedback Thread

Thread for any questions or feedback that you may have on the delegation commitment process.


I notice that we seem to have the same core of people or blockchain student societies applying to be delegates here, alongside their roles at other prominent infrastructural DAOs (ENS, Gitcoin, etc.).

While I have believe their motivations are good I wonder whether we are sleepwalking into a new type of centralisation, delegate centralisation across DAOs. I would make a small appeal to these users and societies to consider allowing for new voices into these positions, rather than dominating them across the board. It also seems it would be difficult to be a delegate across so many protocols.


I second this. Would be good to have new faces, just as competent and involved though as other top DAOs.

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Agreed, we definitely want people at the same top tier status, but I do feel fresh faces would be ideal.

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I would like to see more OP Delegates be comprised of multiple members who oversee a multisig. I think Synthetix does this well with their Ambassador Council (snxambassador.eth).


PLEASE extend the cutoff date for Delegate submissions by another day ! The phase 0 teams have until may 27th to get their submittal in.

I know of multiple people still working on their delegate proposal.


Hi @bobby, with regards to setting an ENS avatar, will NFT avatars (eip155:1/…) work for the claim site? Happy to change to a basic image if not.

EDIT - after the event - yes an NFT did work - phew!

This is a great idea to consider. At the same time, I struggle to think of other types of people (let alone specific people) who would be qualified.

They would still need to check off many of the same boxes of traits (intelligent, innovative, pro-crypto, committed to serve, etc.)

Maybe someone who has a background in politics, like Andrew Yang, could be a net positive contributor.

Would love to hear more on this.

Early adopters. Diversity.

It would be good to know if there are others commitments of the delegators in order to evade overlapping with significant commitments to other project.

Some kind of interviewing is probably good to have into consideration.

Analyzing history of one’s ETH adress can say very much about the experience and depth one has in crypto so would be one of important critera I suppose.


Hi! I just posted a proposal to be a delegate. I’m a founder of an Optimism (and LayerZero) native protocol- Tapioca. While not a well established name, I’m extremely passionate about web3, defi, and layer 2. Pleasure to be here!


How do I delegate a portion of my OP to a delegate instead of the whole thing? When I click to claim and delegate, it asks for permission to delegate all of my tokens, while I want to delegate some to myself and some to another guy.
I already have all my OP in my metamask.


Thank you for sharing your POV. I do agree to a certain extent however we, as a collective, need to consider - culture, communication and community. Being a delegate is not about being “political” or “BMOC” simply because of one’s status in our current Web2 world. IMHO we will see more of the same that society is being challenged by.

As a woman in tech/web3 for over 2 decades, and speaking on virtual stages / IRL, it would be great to see a balance, a distribution of delegates that are not bound by any bias that clearly has presented itself in the space since its inception. Authentic communication to different parts of society is vital to the success of the collective as well as the greater crypto space. We are still so early, and it would be great to have more diversity, inclusiveness at all levels of our society.

Do you mind clarifying what you mean by “people at the same top tier status”? Thanks in advance.

@Optimism.Goverance - I just noticed the deadline of my 27th which was our big weekend in the USA Memorial Day. Is there a possibility to still submit to be a delegate? TIA

The Delegates roll is always OPEN, anyone can join!

It was just a deadline for the names to be added to the airdrop page at the time of claim.
I am sure if you fill out the Delegates Commitments your name will be added to the website.

Absolutely. This is the reason why I delegated to myself. I didn’t fill the commitment post, but I intend to watch the proposal, read them and vote. I don’t want to overcommit (I am part of other DAOs) but at the same time I feel perfectly capable of voting with my own opinion.

Hi, after choosing a delegate, i realized that i wanted to hold the voting rights myself so i changed my delegate to my own wallet address. But then i tried to vote on a test vote on snapshot and it did not recognize my OP tokens. Could someone let me know if there is a way to just remove the delegation so that the tokens remain in my wallet un-delegated?

we are sleepwalking into a new type of centralization… very well said.
this is what is happening. possibly the future of ALL staking systems or am i wrong? what mechanism will prevent this new type of centralization? maybe the Do Kwon mechanism. make old tokens useless, worthless, mint a bunch of new ones and re-distribute

You can ignore that snapshot test.

If you want to check if everything is fine just go to the contract: $1.4914 | Optimism (OP) Token Tracker | Optimism
Use the “read contract” tab, under “6. delegates” put your address, execute “query”. If it returns your address then everything is how you want.


Cool, thanks for the instructions, that was easy!

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