Why is it time to launch Airdrop 4?

The biggest concern hot spot right now is undoubtedly the Bitcoin ETF. But regardless of whether it passes or not, the next hot spot will be the Ethereum Cancun upgrade. The biggest beneficiary of the Cancun upgrade is Ethereum’s L2. Of course, $OP, as one of the leaders, shoulders a heavy responsibility. In terms of marketing, $OP has always done a good job, so launching Airdrop 4 during the Cancun upgrade hype will be a good finishing touch.
If the Bitcoin ETF is successfully passed, then not only the Cancun upgrade will be discussed, but also the Ethereum ETF, so the popularity will be infinitely amplified, there will be many opportunities, but there will also be a lot of competition. After all, there are already many L2s online in the market. Seizing every opportunity to market yourself and remain invincible is what $OP is doing and what it should be doing!
It’s been 15 months since Mission Optimism. Users who have participated in this task have not yet received any rewards. Participating in tasks requires a lot of time and GAS fees. Therefore, I think the project team should consider this mission reward to be the main goal of Airdrop 4!


The OP team has never been generous to users who interact on the chain.

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