What do you think about OP AIRDROP? (Versions)

“Everyone can say their versions for us to take advantage of AirDrop” :gift:

For example :
1- I think that active participants of this forum will be able to get airdrop :memo:
2- Active op network users and else
3- ??? ??? - Tell your own version.


Thank you for your reply)

I don’t understand what you mean.
To tell you what I understand, I hope airdrops will be done gradually for a long time over many seasons. Until the OP token itself is of great value.

I don’t believe in the likelihood of getting an airdrop for using the forum, but I use it just in case :smile:

undoubtedly this can be one of the criteria for the multiplier, but most likely you need to be really very active :wink:

I think they might integrate it into their Op NFT, the more traits you have (traits come from the OP quests completed) the more OP you earn, or may be they do a drop on a monthly basis.


Do you mean what are the criteria of airdrop? right? :crazy_face:

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@RufATH I think providing liquidity is the best way to grow ecosystems

Maybe but I don’t know exactly

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Try to active on-chain, this is may help you don’t miss out.

I think will be many new criterias of next airdrop. Hope that using this forum will be one of them.

Just FYI,they’ve recently clarified that’s not the case, see the forum homepage:

*Please note: participation in this governance forum will never be used as a criterion for a future airdrop.*

optimism is a great L2 chain we have different culture from other L2

all i have to say is that the idea of breaking down the airdrops into different parts is a really nice one because it will help to exponentially attract web3 users to the ecosystem.

1 Optimism Quests very good
2 If you ll send OP to binance its approved faster than xrp. Love that.
3 op work nice with stargate.
4 after nft Q I have use Op chain and have 533 transactions well it worked and I m still new.