Do you think it is necessary for #OP project parties to take action to attract market attention again?

Do you think OP should conduct a large-scale airdrop next to attract market attention to L2 again? If it continues to be so sluggish, L2 will soon become a skeleton sinking to the bottom of the lake!
The airdrop tokens originally designed by OP were 14% of the total amount, #Airdrop1 airdropped 5%, and the following #Airdrop2+#Airdrop3 totaled only 1%, which means that the originally designed airdrop share still left 8% of the total tokens , approximately 344 million $OP.
Do you still remember the Optimism Quests you did back then? Users have spent time and a lot of money to complete the task, but it has been more than a year now and they have not received any rewards. I hope the project can use this airdrop to build momentum and attract the marketโ€™s attention to L2 again!


regular users of Optimism are frustrated with how the past two airdrops have been handled. The Optimism Foundation has dangled the carrot of future airdrops since airdrop 1, which enticed a lot of people to spend their precious time and money completing OP quests over many months. People were hoping that they would be rewarded for airdrop 2, but that airdrop went to governance participants. Regular users of the network were told to โ€œhang tight.โ€ 8 months later, airdrop 3 happens, which again rewards governance participants and excludes regular users of the network. The purpose of these airdrops is supposedly to decentralize ownership of the network to community members, but itโ€™s largely been the same group of early users, the ones who received airdrop 1, who have benefitted from the successive airdrops. Yes, in theory community members could have purchased OP on the open market and delegated that, but that is a lot to ask of people, especially people from poor countries who cannot afford to do this. So these people try to contribute to the collective with their time and effort by using the network, hoping to be rewarded by a future airdrop (and probably many would delegate the tokens they received!), but instead feel like they have been farmed by Optimism for the purpose of increasing sequencer revenue and boosting user metrics. If Optimism doesnโ€™t care about this category of regular user, and would rather stake its future on its BD efforts and partnerships, then just be honest about this instead of continuing to string along your community.


no real airdrop for users


Yes, I felt something was not right since the OPโ€™s second airdrop. It seemed that the project team thought it had established a firm foothold and no longer needed to give back so many rewards to users. I believe they have begun to regret that they should not have designed the airdrop ratio to be 14%.


But we have to admit that the OP project team is very good at marketing and building relationships, so it cannot be completely ruled out that they will use super airdrops again to attract market attention! :blush:

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