Incentives for people who don't sell immediately

I know its not as extensive as many of the talented people in our collective, but i feel its something that should be considered. I purpose that Holders of $OP that don’t instantly sell back for ETH right away should be rewarded. Weather its access to new apps on Op or possibly a bonus drop of $OP for the true members of the collective. The same issue with airdrops seems to be consistent and people instantly dump who dont even stay long enough for us as members and the team to actually execute what’s purposed. The people who just quickly sold are impatient and just want a quick buck. So i feel an incentive based purpose for members who truly care about the growth of OP should be given a small bonus for their efforts and support. I truly believe in what optimism is doing and the integration of L2 is going to be MASSIVE! Qucker and cheaper is going to make a mark in this space once people see the true value. If someone has more in depth suggestions id love to hear em. I read a ton last night but im really new to L2 and its capabilities and what optimism truly can do.


Rewarding people for doing nothing besides claiming a free token isn’t exactly something impactful or meaningful. I don’t see any reason for something like that.

My suggestion is to just stop assuming airdrop #1 recipients should automatically be eligible for airdrop #2.


Thats fair i mean ive been in L1 for 2 years but need more knowledge on L2 and its full capabilities but i mean the true members of our collective should have control and voting power on the direction were going overall. I mean let the sellers sell the true members will continue to innovate and build on L2 :pray:


For an extensive dialogue about this topic, check out the “ideas & feedback” section for a post called “users who sold the initial OP airdrop should…”.

once they claimed it, its totally their call what they want to do with it. You dont know why they sold it, may be they were expected a dip in price and wanted to buy more later.
There might be tax reason.
for some, the airdrop amount might be worth something, they sold it to make their ends meet.
they moved to different wallet for privacy reason.

there are many other reason but I guess i have made my point


is it to be assumed that recipients of airdrop #1 are automatically eligible for airdrop #2? that doesn’t sound like a good solution. it would be good for me (OP too, haven’t sold a single) but definitely not fair to new users.

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I don’t believe this really solves the issue. We would basically just be paying people to hold and it would incentivize the same types of behavior, just delaying the dump. I think we need to trust that over time OP will get distributed to the people who want to participate and contribute meaningfully to this space. Do we really want airdrop hunters and dumpers to be the ones participating in governance anyways? Let them dump and the OP will make its way into the right hands. The real issue here seems to be that people are concerned with short-term price. If we are holders, then who cares what the short-term price is.

Perhaps I am missing something, and I do not understand why people dumping OP harms Optimism. In all honesty, if there is something I am not understanding, please teach me.


Really a good idea…team pls consider this proposal.

1- I think this idea does not solve any problem. Users can wait a while and sell all the tokens.

2- I also don’t think it is a topic to discuss in this section.

This would be the appropriate section:


I think it’s a good idea

This seems like a healthier approach rather than penalizing those who elect to sell.

It also limits the liquidity of the token - which can be both good and bad.

After what time period do users get rewarded? 3 months? 6 months? A year?

In crypto, a normal time frame is condensed and months feel like years…


Nice, I recommend being able to have multiple rounds of snapshots.

This proposal seems more rational, instead of punishing short beneficiaries who sold OP, it is better to motivate HOLDER who did not sell OP!

Builder is greater than holder

I think that it is a good idea to incentivize people who contribute to the collective but not just for holding the token. Rewards should be given to people who help the community and are active users of the network.

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this should be cinsider it might great idea

Still how many days to hold?

no,You dont know why they sold it, may be they were expected a dip in price and wanted to buy more later.

I like this idea, b!cause i hold :slight_smile:

Perhaps a bit of both. Those who didn’t dump anything get something (small) and those who dumped are not inline for future airdrops