Possible criteria for Airdrop Round 2

Are there any official statements on what criteria will be used for Airdrop Round 2?

If not, what are you all’s educated guesses on such criteria?

I think there should be at least a few different criteria that make users eligible that do not require a person to have funds to begin with. I think allowing people without initial funds to become eligible will increase the number of people who would subsequently join the community. It seems unfair for the only criteria to involve users to spend/have $100 or more to begin with.

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There are a lot of simple missions, so shouldn’t we just carry out what’s possible?

what missions are you talking about specifically? Are you referring to the OP Quests on their site??

yes! right. There are so many things you can do with just 30 USDC. Let’s do everything possible.

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If im being honest, after Celsius and now FTX, i dont even have $30?:sob: