The air drop in my idear ,what do you think?

Having been through a lot of airdrops and taking part in a few since getting into cryptocurrencies, I have five opinions on airdrops:

  1. These projects always think that people are participating in the project by chatting every day in DISCORD or somewhere. As a result, most social media has now become a flooded area with robots. Can’t it be like what GALAX does, give tasks at each stage and let everyone take the initiative to participate, and those who participate in the completion will be eligible for NFT?
  2. Many projects have begun to focus on multilingualism, but many non-English-speaking community members are not good at community management, because they themselves come to get more airdrops, and many of them are neglected in the localization of news feedback and documents and activities .
  3. Since airdrops are allocated to loyal supporters of the community, why not lock them by quantity? The more the number, the longer the unlocking time. This is the real community supporter, otherwise it is just a game.
  4. To prevent witch attacks on multiple accounts, aren’t there many tools that can be used now? Why are the technologies in GITCOIN not used by BrightID\UBI?
  5. Many projects have no usage scenarios or strong backing after the airdrop, resulting in serious selling pressure after the airdrop. This is not the first time I have encountered it. Why not figure out how to deal with it before the airdrop?

I am involved in a smaller DAO that uses an NFT to designate membership. This is easier to deal with on the economic side for me because that NFT has no value.

Hey @long1856 ! Yes, but there are others trying to do something different. Like real participation in the governance…

Some communities are trying to translate documents and articles of Optimism into other languages so that would not be a barrier for new users of non-English-speaking communities.

For example, you have for Optimism related content in Spanish with the SOLE purpose of bring knowledge of OP to everyone in LATAM

This is not shill :rofl: what I am trying to say is that it’s not only about the airdrop

BTW great post!


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