StableLab - Delegate Communication Thread

Voting Cycle 3

Proposal A: Superfluid - Yes
Superfluid has a great product and track record. We prefer that superfluid has opted for 150k of $OP to last 6 months and would encourage them to apply again when they have more evidence of their success.

Once we can evaluate the success of superfluid adoption on Optimism it will be much easier to request further tokens or even a larger amount (if necessary).

Proposal B: Kromatika - No

We aren’t in support of using such a large percentage of the tokens for influence marketing. 50% is too large of an amount and could be spent better elsewhere such as grants for educational content or refunds for bridging. If the % spent on influencer was reduced or spent on educational content for users then that is more ideal.

Proposal C: Hundred Finance - Yes

We are in support of this proposal for numerous reasons. The hundred finance team aligns themselves greatly with optimism and they have shown this behavior with their promise to return the OP tokens if they identify that the extra OP tokens aren’t contributing to an increased TVL.

Not only that but it is a reasonable request of 300k tokens and they have been active on Optimism for a few months. Albeit there is only $400k on Optimism they have shown signs of success and this grant can help boost TVL.

Proposal D: Biconomy - Yes

Biconomy has a great track record and after diving deeper into your statistics and work with other protocols, it would be great to support this project. Even though the OP request is quite large, we feel that it is a suitable amount since a majority will be spent on the ecosystem and gas grants.

It would be great to see more of their blogs similar to this in the future that showcase gas savings in projects that use their products as it would help highlight how the OP grant is helping users onboard.

Proposal E: Dope Wars - No

The amount requested (one million) is far too large and would be better if it was split up into batches rather than an all-in-one grant.

Proposal F: Infinity Wallet - No

In the previous cycle we voted yes, but we had a change of mind as we share a similar concern about open-source and a lack of metrics to support the proposal.

Proposal G: Dexguru - No

DexGuru is a helpful project but the token distribution is not clearly tied to supporting the optimism ecosystem. The grant explanation is very vague and doesn’t help us understand where 500,000 OP is going.

Proposal H: Overnight - No

It is an interesting idea but there is no live product + no co-incentives. Using USD+ isn’t a co-incentive as its daily yield is part of the aspect but it is an interesting experiment. As the OP request isn’t too high we are going to vote yes.

Proposal I: Saddle Finance - No

It is a very short term focus as as it focuses solely on LM and only across 3 months.