[READY] [GF: Phase 1 Proposal] DexGuru

Voting will start tomorrow for next batch so i want mention two things here.

Its not clear if the development will only happen for OP chain.

Co-incentive need more clarity.

Hey! Answering your first questions:

Regarding the second question - as for now GuruDAO doesn’t have its token yet. We expect TGE this August / September depending on market conditions. After TGE we will initiate community discussions but the final decision will be up to GuruDAO voting.

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I have used DexGuru quite a bit in the past but not recently.

The problem I have with this proposal is the grants are not directly tied to Optimism. I can foresee grantees taking the likely small amount of effort to support Optimism simply to qualify for these incentives while the bulk of the grant’s value (whatever it may be) ends up on another chain.

I’d like to see something tailored more specifically to driving adoption and growth of Optimism so I’ll be voting no.

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Im going to have to vote against because the protocol offered incentives aren’t symbiotic. 100% of grants going to the community seems a bit broad as well.

Sorry, against, imho

Hello @maxakyla @sneg55. Thank you for the proposal and for engaging with the Optimism community.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is DexGuru opensource?
  2. I am not sure how the allocation helps optimism. Reading the proposal, you intend to provide 100% of it to your community in the form of grants? How does that help the Optimism ecosystem? Since you are not a DAO yet … who is actually your community and who decides where these tokens would go to?
  3. As my co-delegates noticed It seems that the $OP will go to projects building on other chains including Optimism. This seems like a mismatch of incentives for us. A proposal more tailored to Optimism would make more sense.
  4. For co-incentives since you are not a DAO yet and you mentioned you will be one soon would it not make sense to revisit this proposal after you have launched?

Ha! Look who the begger is now! :sob:

Voted: No

I share the same thoughts as Solarcurve.

Would be great if they focus only on OP chain.

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I will be voting NO, because I cant see how these funds will benefit optimism. I also have to agree with @solarcurve.

As others mentioned above, just building a data providing platform does not necessarily align with Optimism. I’m voting No, but happy to consider a future proposal once post-DAO, with specified co-incentives, and OP incentives are mostly directly used to promote growth on Optimism.

I am not a delegate, but I am an active member of the DefiLATAM and OptimismESP community.

I don’t see how this proposal benefits the Optimism ecosystem. I think they should be more detailed in the distribution of tokens, previously approved by the DAO as once the tokens are delivered it may happen that decisions are made that are not aligned with Optimism.

Vote: No

DexGuru is a helpful tool but the token distribution is not clearly tied to supporting the optimism ecosystem.

I voted NO :x: for this proposal.

Project value: Good, useful tool for monitoring dexs

Amount: Okay, for the size of the project

OP distribution: Bad, the distribution of funds is not clear and I cant see how it will benefit OP

Thanks for sharing. I like the helpful information that DexGuru provides but similar to what other delegates have mentioned, since this governance fund is specifically focused on growing the Optimism ecosystem, I don’t feel this proposal is tailored enough towards Optimism and I will be voting no on this.

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good news partnership between this two projects :smiling_face:

Nobody answered my questions on the proposal. So 7 days after my questions post I am forced to vote NO simply due to lack of engagement from the proposer.

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We voted no for this proposal. With 100% of the funds being re-granted from a multi-chain project, we don’t think this is the best use of funds to grow the Optimism ecosystem.


Voting: No

We don*t see how DexGuru will incentivize the growth of the Optimism ecosystem.

  • Contribution: Standard
  • OP distribution: Inappropriate
  • Co-incentives: No
  • Impact in LATAM: Neutral

Suggestions: Reducing the amount and/or clarifying whether there are ideas and features ready to be developed or integrated would be appreciated to better evaluate this proposal.

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Snapshot vote - not passed