SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Today our 2nd Governance Call was held after a past week as timeframe to discuss the proposals of cycle #3. In this call we settled our discussions and vote as a community. The results can be found below with details and our feedbacks following the links:

  • Proposal A: Superfluid: Yes.
  • Proposal B: Kromatika: No.
  • Proposal C: Hundred Finance: No.
  • Proposal D: Biconomy: Yes.
  • Proposal E: Dope Wars: No.
  • Proposal F: Infinity Wallet: No.
  • Proposal G: DexGuru: No.
  • Proposal H: Overnightfi: No.
  • Proposal I: Saddle Finance: No.

Despite significant negative votes, we believe that our feedback and that of other delegates and community can be useful for several proposals to be successful in passing in the next cycles.