Optimism en Español - 2022 Recap

Hello there!

My name is Nico Espindola (A.K.A. Nico Producto) and I’m one of the founding members of Optimism en Español. In this post I will make a recap about the first year of existence of the project and to tell you about the most important actions we did during 2022

A little bit of history

Optimism en Español was created from DeFi LATAM, one of the biggest communities in Latin America. With the announcement of the airdrop and how the governance was going to function we decided we wanted to participate. But we wanted to do something different… We started by creating a Twitter account to help users with the airdrop claiming and the delegation process.

As the months went by and the governance started to roll out, we noticed there was more than just help users claim the OP token. We realized that there was a lot of information about Optimism that we could translate or content we could create to onboard people to the first L2 to have a Governance.

Since then we assembled a team of 6 people at first, and later grew to a team of more than 10 people focused on different parts of the Optimism Ecosystem like Tokenomics, NFTs, Community, Product and many more. The feedback from the people was good, very good, so we went for more. Like I told you before, we wanted to do something different, so with the knowledge of the crypto ecosystem by members of the team we planned the next steps… this are some of the most important initiatives we did last year:

  • Hosted seven governance calls through DeFi LATAM Discord to talk about the proposals in each of the Voting Cycles. In each call we delivered POAPs for the assistants who in a passionate way talk, discuss and offer their opinions.

  • Translated 35 articles from topics like the Optimism Collective, Bedrock, OP Stack, the OPerating Manual and many more.

  • Participated in Labitconf in Argentina to talk about our participation in the Optimism Governance. There were more than 70 people listening to us.

  • Participated in a meetup organized by Defi LATAM for The Merge. We talked about Optimism and how the Governance works. There were more than 100 people listening and we had some interesting questions from the crowd!

  • Participated in four Twitter Spaces organized by L2 en Español, another big community from LATAM, to talk about the OP Stack, the security and the Optimism Ecosystem.

  • Accompanied by some members of OP Labs, we hosted a panel in Devcon to talk about how the Optimistic Rollups behind Optimism works. There were more than 50 people listening. It’s on Youtube if you want to see it! Introducción a Optimism

Final words and what lies ahead

Latin America is a growing garden for crypto. That’s why we are convinced of the Optimism vision and how it can help and transform people’s lives in this part of the planet.

Optimism en Español will continue during 2023 with the same purpose: to help people onboard into Optimism, the Governance and the Ecosystem. We are just getting started :sunglasses:

And, as always, we are Optimistic :red_circle::sparkles:

Thanks to @Defi_LATAM_axlvaz @Netrim @SEED_LATAM_Joxes @eriksuazo @CryptoChica @et_2244 @CryptoBlondynka and the other team members!:heart:

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Felicidades chicos por el estupendo trabajo que están haciendo.


love optimism :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:everything is fine

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Hi @NicoEsp , You are one of the unsung hero of this collective. Hope to see more of you in year '23.