SEED Latam - Delegate Communication Thread

Joxes nomination for retroPGF3

Hello all!

Joxes here, this time reaching out to share an important update as a badgeholder. I’m thrilled to announce that I have distributed my additional voting badge to a very deserving individual - Lucy Aguilar.

Choosing a new badgeholder

Since the announcement of the retroPGF3 and continuation of the badgeholders from the previous round, I have been thinking about how to distribute my voting badge in such a way that my decision impacts as positively as possible for the round and the future of Citizen House itself. Additionally, I believe that Optimism, Layer 2, and Ethereum communities in Latin America have made a great difference, and the public goods movement is becoming stronger, -step by step- making our long-awaited vision of being a net-positive tool for our society a reality.

So in that order of going and various candidates, in conversation with close friends, there is someone who meets the recommended selection criteria and proven expertise, I believe she is Lucy Aguilar.

Who is Lucy Aguilar?

Lucy Aguilar (@Lucya_eth) from Honduras :honduras:, is an Internationalist, Community Leader of Ethereum Tegucigalpa & Ethereum Honduras, and a pivotal member of the @ETHKipu team working with Kipu Impact. Her rich history with the Ethereum communities in Tegucigalpa and Honduras has seen her playing a important role in orchestrating two Quadratic Funding rounds.

Why Lucy Aguilar?

Lucy’s dedication to the Ethereum communities in Tegucigalpa and Honduras spans over three enriching years, during which she has contributed in 2 Quadratic Funding rounds — one in December 2021 and the other in July 2023. She has participated in the process round design, evaluation, and monitoring of beneficiary projects. This, in my opinion, is a great precedent that can be very helpful for the group.

Plus, Lucy has already experienced what it’s like to be a badgeholder almost first-hand! Since she had the opportunity to contribute and advise @CryptoChica as a badgeholder in the previous round of retroPGF, which already provides her with a lot of context on how these mechanisms work.

Lucy is a very hardworking person and very involved in the Ethereum ecosystem, in addition to having met her in different community spaces, and happy to give her this opportunity. I believe she can contribute a lot to this retroPGF, and after speaking with her, I was able to confirm this positive energy.

Final words

I expect that in each retroPGF there will be greater diversity among badgeholders who are aligned with the Optimism and Ethereum values while contributing expertise from all sides.

From my side, I invite you all to join me in welcoming @Lucya_eth and keep working together to make this round successful for the whole ecosystem!