Season 6: Suggested Mission Requests

Special thanks to @brichis, @GFXlabs, @Gonna.eth, @jackanorak, @kaereste, @Matt / @mastermojo, and @Porter_Smith, for review and feedback of scope changes as part of the Feedback Commission.

Season 6: Suggested Mission Requests


Please see Mission Requests v2.5 to see the full details of how Missions will work in Season 6.

While the Foundation will not create Mission Requests, in an effort to further align the efforts of the Gov Fund with the other mechanisms supporting each Intent, below are suggestions of Mission Requests that could be sponsored by members of the Feedback Commission or Grants Council.

It is recommended that Mission Requests outline a high level goal to be achieved but refrain from over-specifying the specific tactics to achieve that goal.

For example:

Grow active developers, globally


Host a hackathon in Europe

In order to standardize evaluation with the above recommended level of specificity, it is recommended that metrics for success and milestones tie back to the target metrics under each Intent as much as possible.

Suggested Mission Requests

Intent 1: Progress Towards Decentralization

Target metric, technical: Not currently supported by the Gov Fund

Target metric, governance: Increase votable supply by 15% to 100M OP

Mission Requests under Intent #1, will only pertain to governance this Season. These Mission Requests will be proposed by members of the Collective Feedback Commission (CFC) and voted on by the Token House. The CFC is encourage to consult with the Grants Council on final drafts and may indicate such on any draft. The Foundation Governance Team will informally advise the Grants Council on any grants related to critical DAO infrastructure or key governance parameters. The Grants Council will process all Mission Applications.

In the future, we hope to publish public governance roadmaps that builders can contribute towards. In the meantime, we will host bi-weekly office hours to help ensure builders are working on initiatives that are aligned and integrate with internal roadmaps.

Foundation Mission Requests that would fall under this category, as currently scoped:

Suggested Intent #1 Mission Requests:

Please note: All governance missions should leverage EAS Attestations for onchain infrastructure, unless specified otherwise. Infrastructure should also use and/or integrate with Farcaster accounts and the Projects entity. Teams may join Foundation Office Hours to discuss how to best leverage these elements in a way that is compatible with roadmaps.

  • Critical DAO Infrastructure:

    • Cross chain voting: Enablement of cross-chain voting (e.g. building a module that can take votes on an L2 and execute them on an L1)

    • Retroactive Public Goods Funding (Retro Funding) analytics interface: Show the history of retro funding rounds and their recipients.

    • Ecosystem impact metrics: Leverage OS Observer, or other analytics tooling, to showcase impact metrics relating to Optimism related open source software (e.g. Github stars, full time contributors, network usage contributions - see example).

      • Optional: Identify how Retro Funding might, or might not, influence these metrics; identify high impact projects that have not yet been retro funded.
    • Impact Attestations: Allow users to attest to the impact of a particular project. The attestation should be quantitative in nature (a positive signal, a rating, etc) and could include qualitative aspects (such as a comment feature). Attestations made about projects should reference the projects entity (launched with the application form for Retro Funding Round 4) and may be displayed on profile-like interfaces for projects.

    • Grants claiming tool: Our process for gov/partner/unallocated fund grants is inefficient from both a delivery and claiming perspective. Having a tool built out so claiming can be done on an official website is an important step for our process.

    • Success Metrics: Usage by delegates and/or Citizens

  • Research and Analysis on Key Governance Parameters:

    • Analyses / simulation of different voting mechanisms

    • Research on governance attacks in token-voting systems (ie. attack simulation / research on “healthy” thresholds / identification of failure modes)

    • Research on effective filtering mechanisms for Retro Funding applications

    • Analysis of social graph and attestation data to output a probability (and corresponding attestation) that any one Farcaster account is a Sybil

    • Analysis of Governance Fund Grants contribution towards the Intents and corresponding target metrics

    • Analysis of which on-chain actions are high signal for engaged governance participants

    • Success Metrics: Incorporation, or citation, in the Collective’s governance design

  • Driving Delegation

    • Initiatives to meaningfully drive delegation and / or distribution of votable supply among a broad set of specific stakeholders, such as:

      • Contracts that support advanced delegation features
      • Delegate incentive programs
    • Success Metrics: % increase in votable supply, % decrease in voting power concentration among the top 50 delegates

Note: Critical DAO infrastructure that doesn’t integrate with the Foundation’s governance roadmap or architecture, generalized initiatives aimed at increasing voter participation or participant onboarding, and/or hard to maintain educational resources have had limited impact on progress towards decentralization in the past

Consumer facing applications, education initiatives, and/or events may be supported by this Intent, in so far as they contribute to the target governance metric.

Intent 2: Bring Chains to the Superchain

Supported by other mechanisms in the Collective (see here for full details.)

Intent 3: Grow Application Devs on the Superchain

Target metric: 9,500 active developers driving usage across the Supercain

This Intent is subdivided into two portions:

  • Intent 3A: OP Mainnet Mission Requests will be created by The Grants Council and approved by the Token House

  • Intent 3B: One Superchain Grant Mission Request will be created by The Foundation and approved by the Token House

Proposed Gov Fund Budget: 18M OP (3A + 3B)

  • Intent 3A: 6M OP for builders on OP Mainnet

  • Intent 3B: 12M OP for chain-specific grant programs supporting the Superchain

Intent 3A - Suggested Mission Requests:

The below recommended Mission Requests apply to OP Mainnet, but can be incorporated by any chain running their own grants program supported by Intent 3B.

Note: Previously, many applications under this Intent fell under generalized “builders” or “growth experiments” grants programs. This distinction refers primarily to grant type and is less relevant now that applicants can apply for hybrid grants. In Season 6, we recommend all grant applications fall under a specific Mission Request, aimed at a specific type of user and/or developer growth, rather than running catch all programs based on grant type.

DeFi: Shift Ethereum TVL to OP Mainnet

  • Improve Cross-Chain Liquidity (for example, but not limited to, DEXs w/ cross-protocol or cross-chain liquidity aggregation)

  • Improve Trading Efficiency (for example, but not limited to, DEXs w/ off-chain order books)

  • Improve Lending Efficiency (for example, but not limited to, novel money markets)

  • Simplified Perpetuals DEXs

  • Suggested Rubric Measures:

    • 15M+ in combined TVL across all their chains – with at least 10% MoM growth
    • If this team is a DEX, trading volume should be the top consideration
    • Security audit in the last 6 months, of the most current version of the application
    • Has been deployed on Mainnet for more than 6 months
    • Use of embedded wallet to improve user experience (consider a modest 1.1x or 1.2x multiplier for this given importance of user experience)
  • Success Metrics:

    • Number of active developers driving usage
    • TVL on OP Mainnet (excluding stablecoins)
    • Number of unique applications with TVL > 15M
    • Number of teams that incorporate embedded wallet integration into their milestones

Stablecoins: Improve Superchain liquidity by increasing access to stablecoins

  • Multi-chain, USD, or non-USD Stablecoins

  • Suggested Rubric Measures:

    • +$15M in market cap - with month over month growth for at least the last 3 months in a row
    • Have deployed or plan to deploy on multiple chains
    • Have launched or plan to non-USD stablecoins
    • For non-USD stablecoin projects, a lower market cap should be considered
  • Success metrics:

    • Stablecoin TVL growth month over month on OP Mainnet over last 3 months is greater than 5% and less than 1000%
    • % of Superchain transactions volume attributed to stablecoins
    • Stablecoin projects funded have % deviation away from peg over last month less than 2%
    • Number of stablecoin projects with market cap >$8M

Gaming: Onboard and support more quality game developers to the Optimism Ecosystem

  • Support gaming teams interested in building their own L2 or L3

  • Support gaming teams looking to expand or migrate from another ecosystem to the Superchain

  • Support teams that are looking to deploy fully on-chain games

  • Suggested Rubric Measures:

    • Daily active addresses
    • Capital Raised - building games is expensive and time consuming, marketing & user acquisition for a game is even more expensive than developing the game.
    • Playable Alpha exists
    • Have a growth plan requiring millions of on chain transactions and can share their plans for Superchain growth
    • Devs that can share healthy Day 1, Day 7, and Day 30 retention metrics
    • Developers plan to deploy on Superchain
  • Success metrics:

    • Number of active developers driving usage
    • % of Superchain transactions volume attributed to gaming
    • Number of new games deployed with > 50K UAW sustained over 3 months

AI/ML: Establish Optimism as the ecosystem and codebase to build on/with for AI/ML uses, applications, and L2s

  • Increase the number of machine learning engineers and researchers in the Optimism ecosystem

  • Suggested Rubric Measures:

    • AI/ML developer and engineering expertise and able to deploy within one of the following sub-areas:
      • Agent Orchestration
      • Agent Frameworks
      • AI Assistants
      • Training & Inference
      • Foundational Models (LLMs/MMMs/Repos)
      • Tools/Tooling
      • Privacy
      • Payments & Access Control
      • Indexing
      • Verification
      • Compute and storage
    • Has been deployed on testnet for 3 months
    • Explicit understanding of key 60/120/180 day metrics
    • Evidence of previously deployed Solidity code
  • Success metric:

    • Number of net new web3 developers
    • % of Superchain transactions volume attributed to AI / ML applications
    • Note: Projects simply launching AI tokens should not be considered

Consumer facing applications, education initiatives, and/or events may be supported by this Intent, in so far as they contribute to the target governance metric.

Intent 3B - Mission Request:

There will be one Mission Request under Intent 3B, proposed by the Foundation. Consistent with Optimism’s approach to governance, we will evaluate this Mission Request as an experiment to learn we can best support developer growth across the Superchain. The approach in future seasons may change based on learnings, feedback, and iteration.

Under this Mission Request, L2 Chains listed in the Superchain Registry will be able to request OP to make grants within their own ecosystems. This is similar to Distributed Domain Allocation and creates a scalable strategy to support the broader Superchain by empowering OP Chains to leverage their ecosystem specific expertise.

If this Mission Request is approved, the Grants Council will process applications from OP Chains requesting tokens to run their own grants program but will not process individual grant applications for other OP Chains. Qualifying OP Chains do not have to have an existing public grants program in order to apply.

Suggested framework for relative allocation under this Mission Request:

  • We suggest allocating 65% of the Intent 3B Budget to OP Chains already in the Superchain, distributed pro-rata based on contribution to the Collective to date (excluding OP Mainnet)

  • We suggest reserving the remaining 35% of the Intent 3B Budget for new OP Chains, defined as having launched mainnet within the last six months, joining the Superchain throughout the Season. In the case of new Chains, we recommend budget be allocated according to the Foundation’s Chain Health Framework (more information to be provided as soon as possible.)

  • We suggest a cap of 3M OP for any individual L2 OP Chain, to prevent winner takes all dynamics

Participating OP Chains are encouraged to make grants consistent with approved Mission Requests under Intent #3A. OP Chains should not use their grants to run grant programs that directly target users from any other OP Chain (e.g. making grants to migrate protocols from Mainnet to another chain).

Participating OP Chains are also encouraged to coordinate with the Grants Council on best practices to create a consistent grants application process across the Superchain and to avoid repeating mistakes we’ve already learned from. For the sake of shared learning, it is highly encouraged that all participating OP Chains publish a retrospective at the end of the Season.

Any tokens not granted via OP Chain grants programs at the end of the Season shall be returned to the Governance Fund. Grants to OP Chains will be subject to the typical milestone based delivery and assessment process. Grants made by OP Chains will also be subject to the Grant Policies. OP Chains participating in this program will be required to sign an agreement with the Foundation to this effect.


As part of the Path to Open Metagovernance, we’ll be experimenting with polls this Reflection Period.

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