Optimism Forum Weekly Recap (May 20, 2024 - May 26, 2024)

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Last week saw significant activity on the Optimism forum, 9 topics were created, and key highlights include Ed Mazurek’s 122,000 OP budget proposal for the Developer Advisory Board, PYOR’s report on a 140.5% increase in daily active users, and discussions on integrating OP tokens across all superchains to boost adoption and interoperability.

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Ed Mazurek - Developer Advisory Board Operating Budget

Created: 2024-05-21 01:08 AM

Author: @wildmolasses


This post outlines a proposal for the Developer Advisory Board’s operating budget, with Ed Mazurek proposed as the Board Lead and a budget of 122,000 OP. The goals include increasing transparency and fostering dialogue within the community. The proposal also details the responsibilities, qualifications, and budget breakdown for board members. Additionally, it discusses how to measure the impact of the Board and ensure it executes its charter effectively.

Daily Active Users on-chain

Created: 2024-05-22 04:31 AM

Author: @Aadarsh_PYOR


PYOR, a blockchain analytics firm, analyzed Optimism’s user base and found a significant increase in daily active users by 140.5% since the beginning of the year. The user growth for Optimism in 2024 is broken down as follows: 12% in January, -20% in February, 60% in March, and 48% in April. This growth trend indicates a notable rise in user engagement and adoption of the platform.

TVL Growth of RPGF Grant Recipients

Created: 2024-05-22 05:22 AM

Author: Aadarsh_PYOR


Funded by RPGF grants, various protocols have seen a significant increase in Total Value Locked (TVL). Aerodome leads the pack with a remarkable 3x growth in TVL since January 2024. Other recipients like SushiSwap have also experienced substantial TVL growth. PYOR, a blockchain analytics firm, provides in-depth insights using their data product to analyze and deliver information to key institutions.

Optimism post RPGF analysis

Created: 2024-05-23 05:24 AM

Author: @Thanatos


PYOR, a founding member at Optimism, conducted an Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on the performance of DeFi protocols that received Retroactive Public Goods Funding (RPGF) in January. They analyzed on-chain metrics such as Total Value Locked (TVL), fees, volumes, and user activity, before and after the RPGF distribution. Insights include notable growth in Aerodrome, a late revival in SushiSwap, poor performance in yield protocols like Yearn Finance and Sonne Finance, and positive growth in bridge protocols like Hop and Synapse.

PYOR’s analysis aimed to empower Optimism Governance by focusing on recipients with a net positive impact on the Optimism Superchain. The study highlighted the performance of various protocols, normalized growth data by RPGF value, and compared DEXes like Uniswap to observe correlations. Their research emphasized the importance of a data-driven approach to enhance the on-chain RPGF program’s robustness.

Voting Cycle Roundup #23a

Created: 2024-05-23 07:40 AM

Author: @system


Special Voting Cycle #23 begins on May 23rd, with voting running until May 29th. The Citizens’ House has a week to veto any upgrades approved by the Token House. A snapshot of delegate voting weights will be taken when voting goes live at vote.optimism.io. The proposals for Protocol Upgrades, Governor Updates, Council Operating Budgets, and renewals for various councils and boards are being voted on.

Anthias Labs - Delegate Communication Thread

Created: 2024-05-24 04:02 PM

Author: @AnthiasLabs


Summary: The post provides an overview of Anthias Labs, a blockchain R&D firm focusing on public goods tooling and risk management within the cryptocurrency space. Anthias Labs shares their principles for voting, centered on decentralization, risk mitigation, and support for proposals aligned with Optimism governance structures and processes. They invite OP holders to delegate to their address and connect with their team for further discussions.

FAQ Retro Funding “Onchain Builders”

Created: 2024-05-24 05:48 PM

Author: @Liliop.eth


In this post, the expansion of Retro Funding to support the Superchain is announced. Projects deployed on OP Mainnet, Base, Zora, Mode, Frax, and Metal, if meeting other criteria, are eligible for Retro Funding 4. Additionally, a suggestion is made to clarify a FAQ regarding the requirement of projects being on OP Mainnet for Retro Funding eligibility.

Discussion OP token on all Superchain

Created: 2024-05-25 05:51 AM

Author: @nanobro


The post discusses the importance of integrating OP tokens across all superchains to maximize the potential of blockchain networks. It emphasizes the benefits of standardizing OP tokens to boost awareness, adoption, and user experience. With OP tokens available on every superchain, users from different chains can equally access the benefits and functionalities, driving engagement and innovation. Standardizing OP tokens is seen as a strategic move that will elevate the ecosystem, enhance interoperability, and ensure universal recognition and utilization of OP across various chains.

Feedback And Suggestion

Created: 2024-05-26 03:28 AM

Author: @Agung5611


The user is seeking assistance with an issue regarding their account not being accepted by RetroPGF 3.


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