TVL Growth of RPGF Grant Recipients

RPGF Grants are fueling TVL Growth of the recipients.

We looked at over 10 protocols’ core metrics after they retroactively received funding as part of the Optimism Collective’s public goods funding.

PYOR is a blockchain analytics firm and we work with protocols by giving high-fidelity insights. We have our own data product which we use to perform analysis and deliver insights to institutions like Ribbit Capital, M31 Capital and Compound.

Of the protocols that received the funding, Aerodome is leading the pack with a staggering 3x growth in TVL since January 2024! But Aerodome isn’t the only one! Other RPGF recipients have also experienced significant TVL growth, whereas some have seen moderate TVL change.

• Standout Performers:
Aerodromefi: 333% :small_red_triangle:in TVL
SushiSwap: 217% :small_red_triangle: in TVL

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Interesting stats, can you compare the amount of OP received to relative and absolute growth in protocols to see which ones delivered more bang for the buck?

We have already analyzed these. Most of the protocols received similar sizes in RPGF.

Kromatika’s TVL is the only notable outlier in terms of bang per buck. They also received the smallest RPGF size in the data we have.

Find our analysis here

Note: In the sectoral analysis, the charts have normalized growth which is growth per $1 RPGF received is plotted.