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Thank you Jonass for considering my recommendation to add FAQ section!! :clap:t3:

“ Does my project need to be on OP Mainnet?

No! Retro Funding is expanding to support the Superchain!”

Just as a suggestion, here it could be “No, necessarily” as something that is not mandatory but it’s ok too. Because it could be confused with the fact that we don’t need it to be on OP Mainnet, even if it’s say down. :sweat_smile:


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(cont. from prev post)

Hey @pfedprog @DSPYT! Firstly, well done on starting a project that tracks the gas usage with Blockscout team! On closer observation it looks like your definition of gas usage here is a bit different to what i expected… in my opinion, gas usage depends on the perspective.

  • if you are counting it for a user, then it should be be counted as the total gas spent by them when transacting.
  • but when counting a contract’s gas usage, you need to calculate the Gas Consumed within a Contract and not the total gas of a transaction.

By your definition, a transaction interacting with multiple contracts will ascribe all the gas to just one contract, and it will only count the first contract interacted with, and leave out all other contracts.
It need to use the trace to calculate the gas consumed within each contract, like all the explorers that show Gas Consumption Details, like Tenderly Dashboard for example.
Your current approach will show a dex’s pool contract to have Zero Gas Usage while in reality it might be processing Millions in Volume each day for Thousands of users!

Maybe @Jonas or @Liliop.eth should clarify this further, and share how the OSO is calculating this metric since its very important to RF4.

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Hey @1337

For these questions or support, please post them questions in the #retro-funding-discussion channel on the Optimism Discord. You can join the discussion using this link: Optimism Discord.


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Hi all! I’m Glory, with Sherlock.

First off, I appreciate the obvious thought that went into designing this round!

That said, a quick question - we’ve been a participant in the OP ecosystem for quite a long time now, bringing our uniquely effective audit contests to help a wide array of OP protocols and developers.

I was looking into applying for Retro Funding Round 4, but hit a blocker in the application process when it asked me to submit our contracts - since our contracts are not on the listed OP chains, I cannot progress. Is there any way for us to bypass this requirement? As an audit provider, we work with OP protocols very frequently, but as a service company our primary work is not on any sort of OP contract.

Any advice here would be much appreciated!

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Hey @glory_Sherlock
It seems that Sherlock doesn’t meet the requirements for round 4. But you can check them out here

If you have any more questions or need support, please post your questions in the #retro-funding-discussion channel on the Optimism Discord. You can join the discussion using this link: Optimism Discord.

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Thanks guys! :heart_hands::red_circle:
All the questions related to RetroFunding4 can do it on discord: Optimism

I’ve also translated into Spanish this document about Retro Fundind #4 for Hispanic communities: ¿Qué es el Fondo Retroactivo N°4 "Onchain Builders" de Optimism.… — Liliop.eth

Thanks for your support!

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