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August Report - Optimism Español

We present Optimism Español’s activity and expense report for the month of August. August was a very busy and fun month thanks to Governance Day and Eth Argentina.


We will also update the amounts in the main post of this thread as monthly reports are submitted.

  • Payment of August salaries:
    • 2693 OP
  • Payment Stickers (Side event Eth Argentina):
    • 12 OP
  • Payment Notion platform:
    • 75 OP
  • Totals: 2780 OP

We make available to any member of the community the invoices of the expenses that provide us with the invoices:


All of our activities and initiatives are aligned to our mission and vision stated in the main post of this thread.

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Translation of articles

Translation Newsletter @Subli_Defi

On-site events

This month there were 2 events where we had a presence and were able to share with new people about everything that is being built in the Optimism ecosystem.

Governance Day

This event was a side event of Eth Argentina organized by @seedlatam. It is the first event dedicated to governance in Latin America where +200 people from different countries of the region attended.

Optimism Español as a community aligned to SEEDLatam was a sponsor and we were also speakers in the Optimism Block together with @Joxes and @Gonna.eth. @Pumbi gave a talk on Optimism Collective and the future of governance.




You can watch the complete talk on this Youtube video:

For a complete summary of the Governance Day you can read this @seedlatam thread.

Juernes Defi

This Eth Argentina Side Event organized by 1inch, Ledger, Ripio and Mimic, of +100 attendees where @Pumbi talked about the Optimism Ecosystem along with other community leaders in Latam.




ETH Argentina

Main event organized by the Argentine Ethereum community where +3000 people attended. Optimism Español was at the booth for 3 days answering questions from those interested in the Optimism ecosystem, and we also handed out a POAP. We filled the Optimism ethos to new people!


This is the Optimism Español team!




Link POAP: POAP Gallery

Special Measurement

We would like to thank H.E.R DAO LATAM in particular @brichis and @teresacd for recommending our content in Spanish and building on it to teach about Optimism during their mission [FINAL] Optimistic Womxn Shining in Blockchain - #31 by teresacd

Organizational Changes at Optimism Español

In addition to being an intense month full of activities of all kinds, Optimism Español underwent some changes in its organization. @NicoProducto, who was one of the first to promote Optimism Español, delegated his position as Leader to our great collaborator @Pumbi.

We would like to emphasize that without the great effort of @NicoProducto, all that Optimism Español has generated so far would not have been a reality. He was there from the beginning, when only a few were interested in Optimism in Latin America, and always made valuable contributions to the ecosystem.

Next Steps

This month was a lot of fun and we had many activities. We also had some changes to continue bringing Optimism to all of Latam. We will not slow down in September and will continue working in the same way.

Stay Optimistic! :red_circle: