Hi Optimism Collective! It's a pleasure to be here!

Hi beautiful optimistic people!

About me:

I think it would be ideal to introduce myself first, my name is Valeria Valentina and I’m a creative girl with a lot to share. By profession I am a lawyer, with courses in education and graphic design. Currently I’m a content creator in Web3 (I’ve been in this world for more than two years), active member of the Hive community and ambassador of the educational program “Solana Allstars” in Venezuela. Thanks to the Women in Web3 Bootcamp promoted by Womenbiz, I got to know Optimism and here I am.

Thanks to the Bootcamp I have learned to do many things within the Optimism ecosystem, such as using Mirror, Paragraph, Zora, Farcaster, Praise, the 1inch Wallet, creating NFTs among many other things. The bootcamp is still active and I’m excited about the things to come.

You can see one of my articles in Mirror here :point_down:t3:

I thank @criptomommy for motivating us to join and I hope to continue participating in the forum by sharing quality content (my first language is Spanish, but as you can see here, I can speak English too :heart:). I’m glad to be here.

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