Let’s create a new way to learn English and get immersive in crypto world 🔴

Hello Optimism community!!! :red_circle::fire::red_circle:

I’m excited to share our new way to learn, teach and practice English that combines learning on Duolingo with cryptocurrency rewards, with a special focus on the Latin community.

…We recognize the importance of mastering English to enter the tech or crypto world, and many Latin people face challenges in this regard. Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve been diligently using Duolingo as a key tool to overcome these language barriers and we’re achieving. :muscle:t2:

The idea of rewarding effort with cryptocurrencies not only makes learning more appealing but also opens up opportunities for massive user growth/builder on Optimism or more protocols.

I appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we continue on this exciting journey toward a more inclusive and technologically empowered future.

Let’s move forward together towards success! :heart_hands::heart_hands:

#StayOptimistic :red_circle::fire::red_circle:


Hey! We have discussed this a bit in some communities. Our approach was more of a conversational group, where we can chat about Web3: new protocols, intro to technical/experimental stuff (EIPs/ERCs, new models, Farcaster Frames), etc.

Our idea is to have a more approachable conversation for newcomers, and experimented Web3 users who want to polish their English, can “exchange” the knowledge for practice.

The cool thing is, anyone can fallback to Spanish in case their having trouble finding the words. Other participants can provide quick feedback on how to express the idea properly in English. You know, it’s all about practice.

Let me know if that resonates with you, maybe we can find a cool structure to start. Saludos!


Sounds good!
We started with Duolingo because seems it is a good way to start learning English, most of us are recently starting with basic English so it’s a good way, but also it’s a good way to start teaching about web3. Do you know any web3 gaming apps?? It could help us too. :muscle:t2: