Optimism Español - General Communication Thread

Optimism Español OP delegation for LATAM delegates


As a community that is pushing for the adoption of Optimism in LATAM, we know that the participation of delegates from this side of the world in governance is important. For this reason, we have decided to delegate 25k OP to 4 delegates from this region: @Gonna.eth , @olimpio , @brichis and @Joxes .


At Optimism Español our main mission is to reach all LATAM and Spanish-speaking citizens in general so that they can learn about the benefits and fondness of Optimism. All our decisions and actions will always go hand in hand with this mission, prioritizing the benefit of the ecosystem of Optimism and LATAM.

We understand that governance is a fundamental piece to achieving this mission and we recognize the hard work of delegates, who vote after vote determine the direction that the Optimism Collective should take, which represents a “digital democratic governance optimized to drive the rushed up and sustained growth of a decentralized ecosystem.”

Under this fundamental premise is that we decided to delegate a part of the inactive OP of our treasury to LATAM delegates aligned to the Optimistic Vision. We trust and bet on the management of the delegates Gonna, Olimpio, Brichis and Joxes

How and how many OPs are going to be delegated?

One of our principles is to maintain the transparency of the actions we take with this governance, that’s why we will detail below how we have thought about this delegation of OP tokens.


Currently, our treasury contains 41346.28 OP. Our projection is to pay contributors’ salaries month by month, for which we are going to have a large part of the inactive treasury for a long time. For this reason we decided to allocate 25k OP to execute this action, distributed in 4 equal parts.


It is public knowledge that we cannot fragment the delegation of tokens from the same address. So, for this we have created 4 new multisig to delegate to the delegates where the funds will be transferred. These 4 new multisig will have the same signers as our main address.

We detail the allocation of funds and addresses:


This action is not intended to influence the decisions of the delegates, we believe that decentralization in governance represents a key point to achieve our mission. As we mentioned before, we are a neutral community, that’s why we delegate voting power to LATAM delegates regardless of their current voting power. But we will take into account some important issues to keep the token delegation:

  1. Delegates must be aligned to the Optimistic Vision
  2. If the delegate has been inactive for more than 2 months in voting, we will withdraw the delegation
  3. If Optimism Español’s treasury reaches its limit, we will withdraw 50% of the delegated funds to cover costs and salaries.

We will constantly monitor the participation of these delegates, to accompany them and see that these mentioned issues are respected.


We believe that this is the way to generate a greater impact, we hope that in the future there will be more LATAM delegates participating in this governance and we are ready to help them.

Stay safe and optimistic!