Education nominations for RPGF2

The project name:
#aPRENDOcripto (a Proof of Integrity educational program)

Project description:
#aPRENDOcripto is an educational program of the Proof of Integrity organization, a crypto and personal finance training program designed to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to vulnerable sectors.

Our program consists of 4 workshops with theoretical and practical content, where participants learn about personal finances, blockchain technology, and possible use cases including how Optimism works. We also facilitate access to decentralized technologies, by guiding participants through the creation of a Metamask wallet and a profile in Proof of Humanity, a social identity verification system for humans on Ethereum. By participating in our program, individuals receive a first-hand experience of the world of cryptocurrencies by receiving the UBI token and becoming part of a DAO.

Our team is made up of professionals who share a passion for blockchain technology and a socially conscious outlook. We have already deployed 8 editions of #aPRENDOcripto in low-income neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina and have 110 graduates. Our plan is to deploy 26 more training programs in 2023, not only in Buenos Aires but also in the rest of Argentina and Uruguay.

Our program has received recognition and support from the Ethereum Foundation through a grant and was selected as the most important public goods project of Latin America in last year’s Devcon Quadratic Funding. Aya Miyaguchi, Executive Director of the Ethereum Foundation, even attended one of our workshops.

We are confident that #aPRENDOcripto aligns with the goals of RetroPGF 2, and we would be honored to receive funding support to continue our mission of spreading awareness and knowledge of blockchain technology and the Ethereum scalability.


Contact info for the project lead:


Have a great day everyone! :slight_smile:

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  • The projects name: r/ethfinance (& its moderators)
  • A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack: r/ethfinance has been the premiere place to discuss and thought-lead all things Ethereum. It’s where a lot of people working in L2 today got started, and the root of pretty much every bit of L2 and OP Stack-related education. As a fellow nominee in this category, I owe everything I have written around L2-related education in 2021 to the r/ethfinance community, so this is me paying it forward.
  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:
  • (optional) contact info for the project or project lead: JT Nichol (
  • The projects name: cp0x
  • A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack: This community constantly hosts ad-free educational podcasts and translates various educational videos, including videos about optimistic rollups.
  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:,
  • (optional) contact info for the project or project lead: telegram: @fr4ulll

The projects name: diligit
A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack: As a support-Nerd I helped the Optimism Collective with answers and support about everything around Optimism, and Optimism continue to be coolest and kindest community.
Some stats at the moment:
16500+ posts on the OP server
44.14% percentage of all closed live-support threads
A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:

Disclaimer’ As a badgeholder I have asked to be excluded from the collections to avoid any conflict of interest in voting retroPGF#2, so I will be free to vote for any nominated project excluding only my personal nomination.
And the badgeholder nominated by me will also be able to vote for anyone other than my individual nomination.


The projects name: Messari State of Optimism Governance Report
A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack: The State of Optimism Governance report is a formal, recurring report aimed at educating readers about Optimism’s governance system and improving transparency and analysis following each Season of Optimism governance. These reports spread awareness and knowledge of how Optimism works socially and, inspired by Optimism’s culture, were published as a public good (with no associated cost).

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter : Authors:;


Project name: OAYC
Thank you very much for considering nominating OAYC. In addition to the nomination and description, we would like to highlight the contribution of our project to the Optimism ecosystem from the project team side.

Project description:
OAYC is a completely hand-drawn-from-scratch derivative collection inspired by the iconic BAYC. We have become one of the biggest communities & sold-out projects in the OP NFT space, with 500 $ETH+ secondary sales volume and a strong roadmap for continued growth and utility for the community.

A description of how the project has supported the development and usage of the OP Stack :
OAYC has made significant contributions to the educational function of the Optimism network through the following initiatives:

  • Exclusive minting for $OP tokens.
    To better educate users, the OAYC team decided to do a mint exclusively for $OP tokens, requiring users to understand the ecosystem and exchange tools. The team also prepared a detailed guide on how to migrate from other networks to Optimism, which was well-received by new users.

  • Attracting users from other networks.
    To reach a wider audience, the team allocated approximately ~15,000 $OP and engaged influential NFT community members in advertising campaigns. This effort led to a 15% increase in unique holders within two months and put OAYC in the top trending collections on OpenSea during the week, exposing the project to thousands of new Op users.

  • Unique mechanic: Mutation Event
    The OAYC team created a unique and engaging mint process, incorporating gamification, dynamic NFT metadata changes, a separate secondary mutagen market, and an interactive mutation interface. The event was a big and engaging event for the Optimism NFT ecosystem.

  • Supporting ecosystem projects.
    Along the journey, the OAYC team has consistently cooperated and supported ecosystem projects such as OptiChads, Bored Town, Layer2DAO, etc further strengthening the Optimism network as a whole: we have not stopped conducting collaborations, mutual activities, Twitter Spaces, distributing $OP tokens and creating unique conditions for members of partner projects in our community.

Our team vision is to continue to prioritize OP use in their contracts, as well as continue to recruit new users to the ecosystem further and achieve new goals and highs!

Project links:


The projects name: Where Has the OP Gone Report
A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:
This report details an on-chain analysis of OP grant distributions, to determine how granted OP has been used and whether the granted OP was used as outlined in grant proposals. This is time-consuming work that is important in helping Optimism delegates understand and improve upon the efficacy of Governance Fund grants. This work has been conducted by an Optimism delegate, Jack Anorak, as a public good for the Token House.

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter : Author:


The Project’s Name:

BanklessDAO projects: Bankless Publishing, Newsletters, International Media Nodes, and The Rug

A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:

BanklessDAO’s mission is to create user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture. To further that mission, BanklessDAO produces educational content via its newsletters and Bankless Publishing on various crypto-related topics, including Layer 2 scaling solutions such as Optimism. In addition, a number of our projects and contributors publish on Mirror, and make use of the Optimism-enabled mint function.

Below is a list of Optimism-related content produced by our various projects:

Bankless Publishing

Bankless Ukrainian:

Newsletter 1 [Топ 5 способів заробити токен OP на Optimism]

Newsletter 2 [Посібник з Optimism для початківців - BanklessUA]

Newsletter 3 [Як підготуватися до токенів L2 - BanklessUA]

Bankless Spanish:

Newsletter 1 [Donde Cripto sigue creciendo - by CryptoReuMD]

Newsletter 2 [Resumen del año L2 - by CryptoReuMD and BanklessDao Español]

Bankless Bulgarian:

Newsletter 1 [Къде има растеж в крипто - Bankless DAO Bulgaria]

Newsletter 2 [Optimism и NFT-та 🎈 - Bankless DAO Bulgaria]

Newsletter 3 [Optimism ръководство за начинаещи]

Newsletter 4 [Да живее Оptimism & Top 5 еърдропа (и как да ги получим)]

Bankless German:

Newsletter 1 [Ein Anfänger*innen-Guide für Optimism - by Lany]

Bankless Malayalam:

Newsletter 1 [Optimism-മിനെ കുറിച്ച് ഒരു തുടക്കക്കാരൻ അറിയേണ്ടതെല്ലാം]

Bankless Japanese:

Newsletter 1 [2022年のL2の振り返り - Bankless JAPAN]

Newsletter 2 [オンチェーン版Minecraft - Bankless JAPAN]

Newsletter 3 [Apple、App Store経由でNFT取引を開始 - Bankless JAPAN]

English Newsletters

The Rug:

The Rug is a crypto-comedy project (like The Onion) that uses satire to educate and help onboard people into web3. The Rug publishes at To date, supporters have minted over 180 articles on Mirror through its partnership with Optimism.

How will these funds be used?

These funds would be distributed to the above projects to use as they fit within the scope of their mission, with encouragement to delegate any available OP voting power to BanklessDAO’s meta-governance group, DAOstewards, who will be active in OP governance.

Our reach:

All content is shared on our socials, which have the following metrics:


Twitter: 61k+ followers
Newsletters: 19,000 subscribers, averaging a 40% open rate
Instagram: 5,250 followers
TikTok: 1,000+ followers
LinkedIn: 2,000 followers
Telegram: 600 followers

Multi-lingual: [15 languages]

Social Media: 17,000 combined followers on socials
Newsletters: 4,500 combined subscribers, with average 15,000 views/month

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:

Contact info for the project or project lead:


  • The projects name: EthStaker Community
  • A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:
    • The EthStaker community serves as a trusted and welcoming source of staking information, a canonical source for protocol-level milestone events, and as an advocate for technical and ethical best practices in Ethereum staking.
    • The EthStaker team supports the broader Ethereum ecosystem directly through hosting live events, writing blog posts, leading technical workshops and even sometimes facilitating staking-related events in-person.
    • The EthStaker community has led to a tangible increase in Ethereum’s L1 security with a Layer 0 campaign on staking client diversity and continues to actively support Ethereum’s security and robustness.
    • Since the launch of the Beacon Chain, the EthStaker community has been the primary support channel for Ethereum Staking. Last year we helped prepare thousands of solo and institutional stakers in preparation for testnet and Mainnet merges. The team and community deliver this support, which is free and available to anyone, through moderated Discord and Reddit communities. This year, we are focused on preparing stakers everywhere for upcoming protocol changes such as withdrawals, and we continue to be a driving force for education, support and decentralization for Ethereum Stakers everywhere.
  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:
  • (optional) contact info for the project or project lead:

*breaking links because I’m a new account


I nominate myself for the the educational content I’ve done around Optimism and the Ethereum ecosystem in general.

Projects Name: Optimism FM

A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack :


Optimism FM is a collaborative and open (unofficial) community dedicated to promoting the adoption of Optimism by disseminating information about its technology,ecosystem,governance processes and public goods, in Chinese. Our goal is to reach all China citizens and Chinese speakers in general, so that they can learn about the benefits of this Ethereum scaling solution.

Optimism FM is a small group of individuals dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of public goods, following the values of Optimism Collective, an optimistic, confident and loving approach to the world.

Optimistic FM believes that in addition to these silent public goods plowing alone, it also needs more resources to help its growth. Just like the Optimistic Collective’s RetroPGF Grant, Optimism FM also tries to participate in it from another angle, to try to spread and promote it, to make people aware of the existence and impact of these public goods

  • web3beach:
  • **web3beach is dedicated to accelerating web3 education and adoption through impactful onboarding in communities where banking services are unavailable. In short, onboarding LatAm through Public Goods. Some of these initiatives include beach clean ups, educational events meet ups, health services

We use Optimism to pay for most of our expenses; tuk tuks to beach clean ups, transporting waste to recycling plants, rewards for participants, payments for participation rewards, and more. We’ve also onboarded many local businesses and they accept stables on Optimism.

Our onboarding events are more than a typical meetup nerdsplaining the tech. We create wallets, enable Optimism, import DAI and put it to use right away while creating a positive impact in our local environment**:


Project name: Dapp Learning

A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack: Dapp Learning is a native chinese language resource for new to intermediate eth devs. Thus far the team has been focused on use-case-led development learning tracks on Ethereum. They have received a grant from the EF and although focused on Chinese speaking audiences, all courses are also in English. They have done introductory courses on L2 and other scaling solutions, but if they focused on optimistic dapp development, it would help lower the static friction for new chinese engineers, but is free to leverage for anyone.

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:

(optional) contact info for the project or project lead: They’re super responsive on wechat and twitter!

  • The project name: KERNEL
  • A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:
    • KERNEL is a web3 learning community that helps guide cohort members towards creating meaningful, valuable projects in the ecosystem
    • many of the projects that have gone through KERNEL have gone on to raise significant amounts of capital, and grown to become major players in Ethereum and beyond
    • by supporting KERNEL, Optimism can continuously grow and support projects that could go on (and in some cases already have) to build on the OP Stack
  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:

The projects name: Atlantis World [self nomination]

  • A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:
  1. OP City inside of Atlantis World ft. onboarding quests; expanding ecosystem proactively; introducing OP to other chain users & web3 newcomers; social community gatherings
    Learn more:
    OP City is the virtual garden of the Optimism Collective. It represents the beginnings of the OP stack, as a social game world. It features protocols such as Synthetix, Velodrome, Opensea, Rainbow, PoolTogether, Perpetual, 1inch & Aave- as well as a town hall, museum, bank, hacker space & sports stadium (where for example Optichads have recently started hosting live workouts with anticipated OP incentives).
    Some of the spaces feature dApp integrations, and in the past thousands of users have explored the game world interacting with Optimism- completing educational quests to learn about and actually use flagship protocols.
    OP City is perfect for social events across the ecosystem where community admins, defined by wallet address, are able to start broadcast events within given interior worlds (ie Optimism Town Hall or Perpetual building) and promote / demote speakers with the addition of video chat & screen sharing. This is perfect for community calls since participants could even cast DAO votes, ie on Snapshot, inside of the world.
    We have recently built a super easy linking system to make events and worlds more accessible. You can also join as a guest or connect one of your social profiles, ie Twitter, instead of connecting your wallet. Mobile is coming soon.
    Beyond that, we’re building things like Telegram / Discord bots and Chrome extensions so that both OP Labs, the ecosystem protocols that make up OP City & the wider OP community can easily use their custom Atlantis World spaces for meetings, gatherings, social events & co working every day with web3 layers on top.
    OP City is built by Optimists, for Optimists, so iterating in harmony with the community is of utmost importance to us. Try OP City for yourself and please be sure to let us know your feedback:

  2. KyivTechSummit (KTS) - We’ve initiated Ukrainian web3 tech community & hosted historical mini-conference & wartime hackathon in a bobmshelter in Kyiv, Ukraine - ft. Optimism as community partner and showcasing the power of public goods (all projects were required to open source progressively); supported by The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Vitalik Buterin, who’s made his first-ever visit to Ukraine during KTS. Vee, Optimism’s community lead, sat down with Scott (Gitcoin co-founder) and Marek (co-founder of Celo) to discuss “Peace as a public good” topic.
    Learn more: +

  3. Featuring Optimism in The Ministry of Digital Transformation’s first ever, national crypto education program with the aim of onboarding millions of Ukrainians into web3 - collaborating with gov platform with 18m users, universities, and tech orgs. We’re proactively & voluntarily featuring OP in the Ministry’s course, featuring Optimism branding in course material, practical cases, nation-wide PR&marketing campaign. (the next wave of PR&marketing will feature Optimism!)

  4. Launching OP native SavePak NFT fundraising, distributing food, water, sanitation and shelter to the front lines of climate fuelled flooding catastrophe in Pakistan natively on Optimism with the first ever NFTs tied to real world humanitarian relief goods.

  • A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:
  • (optional) contact info for the project or project lead:

Project name: Layer2DAO

A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:
Layer2DAO is a DAO that is focused on expanding the impact of scaling Ethereum. In just over a year, the DAO has achieved many milestones that support the OP stack specifically. In regards to a global focus, L2DAO has on-boarded many new users to the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, and specifically Optimism through NFT projects and the OPIncubator program. The DAO has created multiple NFT collections on Optimism (both free and paid), and with new data reporting that the gateway to web3 is likely to be NFTs, Layer2DAO will continue to play a strong role in advocating for and growing the Optimism ecosystem.

Layer2DAO also continues to work with other infrastructure projects to help them expand to Optimism through project partnerships, marketing support, and liquidity. These projects typically live on mainnet or Arbitrum. We offer projects to be the “first customer” on Optimism, acting as a trusted team to test their platform, provide feedback to help expand their Optimism offering, and serve as case-study to onboard other projects.

Some tangible achievements include:

  • The first DAO-to-DAO swap on Optimism - completed between Layer2DAO and partner protocol Thales using Hedgey Finance’s DAO tooling
  • Compensation for Contributors to the DAO through the integration with partner protocol Wonderverse - a tooling platform for DAOs
  • The first NFT staking on Optimism with ERC-20 rewards use-case, in conjunction with partner protocol GYSR
  • Distributed 110000 OP so far from our initial Phase 0 grant to projects through the OPIncubator program to help projects onboard onto and/or grow their offering on Optimism

Layer2DAO has an active community focused on Layer 2 growth and continues to serve as a powerful vehicle for bringing new people and ideas to Optimism now and into the future.

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter:

Contact info for the project or project lead:
ExosphereL2.eth /


The projects name : Defi Latam

Description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack:

DeFi Latam is a Spanish speaking community for Web3 and crypto ecosystems, committed to education and user adoption in Latin America following decentralization values.

As such DeFi Latam creates a collaborative environment and provide a space in which its members collectively benefit from shared knowledge, strengthening the Web3 educational level in our region and granting the necessary tools that every participant can use to feel part of the ecosystem.

DeFi Latam has supported usage and governance for Optimism and both L2 and scalability solutions in general:

“Optimism Español” led and founded by @NicoEsp, is born from DeFi Latam (Optimism en Español - 2022 Recap) but they’re not the same communities, they work closely and do many collaborations, but they are two independent and autonomous communities.

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter

Contact info for the project or project lead


Project Name: EVMavericks (ManeNet DAO)
EVMavericks is a DAO formed from an efficiently distributed NFT-project to the most active members of the EthFinance subreddit. Its members are people well versed in the Ethereum space with experts on DeFi, Public Goods, NFTs, sharding, Layer 2, staking and more. Notable figures include: Superphiz, Polynya (OP delegate), pseudotheos (OP delegate), MinimalGravitas (OP delegate), JTNichol, Paul Brody and many more.
The ManeNet DAO’s mission is: To advance the decentralized Ethereum Web3 ecosystem by aligning shared member incentives with funding, developing, and promoting public goods and education.
A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack: Have donated treasury funds to Gitcoin grants and hosted podcasts educating people about different projects, incl. projects on Optimism. Members of the DAO have pioneered and tested many projects on Optimism and beyond.
Contact info: @Stewards in the EVMavericks Discord


Project Name: Optimism Arabia
A description of how the project has supported development and usage of the OP Stack
We launched the optimism academy and optimism news website in Arabic, this will help to spread knowledge and educate Arab users about optimism to bring new users and help them to involve into optimism ecosystme.
The academy will be specialized in disseminating knowledge about blockchain and about optimism for Arabic speakers.
The website will be specialized in publishing translations and articles about optimism in Arabic.

A link to the project’s GitHub or Twitter

contact info for the project or project lead : MostafaGamal#5952 - Discord