Council Intent Budget Proposal Template

Council Intent Budget Proposal Template

We welcome feedback on the below proposal template. Examples are illustrative only

S4 Intent: Innovate on Novel Applications (Intent 2)

Proposed Intent Budget: X OP

Proposed Council Lead: Name

Contact info: Handle

Please link to any previous work or qualifications to be Council Lead:

  • Link to community contributions (Forum posts, voting history, delegate communication threads, attestations, etc.)

  • Link to relevant work experience

Please explain how the Council will help accomplish its Intent:

- Example:

  • The Grants Council will fulfill its intent to Innovate on novel applications by:

  • Processing and evaluating grant applications that innovate on novel applications

  • Providing feedback to builders in the ecosystem working on novel applications

  • Publishing requests for grants that innovate on novel use cases, increasing visibility that Optimism wants to support these types of applications

Council Charter:

  • Link to last Season’s Charter

  • Link to proposed Season 4 Charter

  • Please outline major proposed changes below:

  • Adding

    • List changes
  • Updating

    • List changes
  • Eliminating

    • List changes

Breakdown of Intent Budget:

  • Example:

    • Reviewers = XXXX OP

    • Lead = XXXX OP

  • Operating budget (requires USDC)

    • Establish LLC = XXX USDC

    • Notion subscriptions = XXX USDC

    • Website hosting = XXX USDC

How should Token House delegates measure the Council’s progress towards its Intent:

  • Benchmark Milestone 1 (please include expected completion date for each)

    • Example: Process +100 grant proposals
  • Benchmark Milestone 2 (please include expected completion date for each)

    • Example: Response rate of 100%

How should badgeholders measure the Council’s impact?

  • KPI 1

    • Example: NPS score from proposers > X
  • KPI 2