Season 4: Grants Council Renewal Process

This was orignally posted as a comment under the Council Framework.

Season 4: Grants Council Renewal Process*

The Grants Council was introduced by the Foundation in the Reflection Period preceding Season 3 to experiment with restructuring the Governance Fund grants program. In line with the Council framework outlined above, the Council Lead was appointed by the Foundation and 8 Council Reviewers were elected by the Token House. The initial Grants Council proposal serves as the Council Charter. The Grants Council, if renewed, will be responsible for overseeing Intent #2 in Season 4.

The process to renew the Grants Council for Season 4 is as follows:

  • In Special Voting Cycle #12a:
    • The current Council Lead will put forward an Intent Budget Proposal for Intent #2 using this template . This will effectively serve as the Councilโ€™s budget.
    • The Council Intent Budget Proposal should specify a baseline funding amount required to execute operations and support high quality membership. Council members will receive a portion of their budgeted rewards at the end of each Voting Cycle. At the end of their term, Councils will be assessed to receive retroactive rewards for positive impact above and beyond the baseline rewards requested.
    • The Council should look to the initial Charter as a guide. Changes to the Charter may be proposed, but should include a summary of the differences with the original Charter. If a small operating budget is necessary, it may be supported by a public request to the Foundation.
    • Any other community members that wish to run to be Council Lead may put forward their own Council Intent Budget Proposal, according to the above specifications.
    • Council Intent Budget Proposals must have 4 delegate approvals to move to a vote.
    • The Token House will vote on all valid Intent Budget Proposals. Delegates should only vote to approve one Council Intent Budget Proposal. The Council Intent Budget Proposal with the highest proportion of โ€œYesโ€ votes will be approved. Delegates are effectively electing the Council Lead that has authored an approved proposal.
  • In Special Voting Cycle #12b, contingent on Council Intent Budget Proposal approval:
    • If a Council Intent Budget Proposal is approved, Reviewers must be elected following the same format and voting mechanism as Special Voting Cycle #9b (details here.)
    • All elected Council members will receive an Attestation to indicate they are a Council member (Council members from Season 3 will also receive an Attestation).
    • This Council renewal process will occur as part of the Intent Budgeting process , which is to occur alongside RetroPGF rounds, if continued beyond Season 4.

What Does This Mean for Delegates?

Delegates will vote on all Intent Budget Proposals in Special Voting Cycle #12a. Approving a Budget for Intent #2 effectively renews the Council and elects the approved proposal author as Council Lead. If a Council Intent Budget is approved, delegates will vote to elect Reviewers in Special Voting Cycle #12b as outlined here.