GovScore Updates (Hedgey RPGF Re-Grant Winner)

GovScore was 1 of 4 winners of the Hedgey RPGF Grant program for projects going zero to one while building on Optimism. This thread will be used to provide bi-weekly updates for 3 months to give the Optimism community a look into our platform and progress.

For context on our initial release, you can view our project submission here.

@ncale.eth and I look forward to this journey and are excited to continue building on Optimism!


Introducing Vote with Reason

Time to expand GovScore! After returning to the drawing board and evaluating our goals and feedback, we discovered 2 things:

  1. First, we like where the score is, but we think increasing the complexity can meaningfully improve the signal
  2. And second, of the available data, vote with reason stood out as the most impactful indicator to add right now

While voting technically shows a directional preference, we think delegates are not doing the most they can in stating an opinion unless they defend their position. This also does more to avoid situations where delegates simply follow the crowd. We think, in every case, having a written thought process should be standard.

For the rollout of this feature, we’re attributing voting with reason on the most recent 10 proposals a weight of 10%, and we’re decreasing normal voting from 50% to 40% to make room.

We are making various tweaks and bug fixes before announcing this change on socials.

Various Updates

  • Added UI hierarchy and improved visual indicators
    • We heard a lot of feedback that indicated the UI was not telling a clear story. To improve here, we did 3 things:
      1. Adjusted colors to add hierarchy / primarily focus on GovScore
      2. Added icons indicating where there are external links
      3. Added styling on hover
  • Added users’ OP balance
  • Added sort functionality
  • Added feedback button

Great one. Sharing opinion with voting brings a great rational to the vote. On chain Identity creates awareness of who the person, but making it point based it also killing anonymity. A good delegator background is fair in Agora for this.


I fully agree that major delegates should inform the community how and why they voted a certain way. I would give voting with reason a higher weight than on-chain identity though seeing as it currently isn’t an optimism ecosystem native feature.


Re-evaluating Nuanced Scores & Improving Usability

May 24th, 2024 (v1.1.2)

Removing Nuanced Scores

In the aim of creating the most simple and straightforward user experience, we’ve opted to roll back the recent changes made to nuanced scores. While there are important details communicated in both how active a delegate is, and how powerful they are, we think our position in the space is mostly to shine light on underrepresented delegates rather than trying to be the defacto solution for ‘delegate quality’.

Due to this, in addition to rolling back to our previous score calculation for simplicity, we also added a 2-sentence blurb to the top of the page meant to explain GovScore to unacquainted visitors. We think this solution best captures the value we’re trying to deliver with the project.

Other Updates (sorted by impact)

  • Changed rank to sort by GovScore rather than voting power to avoid confusion
  • Moved user info to more intuitive locations, e.g.
    • ENS name and OP token balance is now shown in the top right
    • ‘Your delegate’ is now available as a filter rather than shown by default

  • Updated FAQ for simplicity and to address more commonly heard questions
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