Hedgey RPGF grants final project updates

Hi Everyone,

Last month we kicked off the first round of Hedgey’s RPGF grants. The idea was to use the 50k OP Hedgey received from Optimism’s last RPGF round and forward it on to 4 teams launching new, novel products in the Optimism ecosystem.

Over the last month several teams have been giving weekly updates on their progress (link to the post here.) There are also several projects that have been participating in season 3 of Backdrop that may not have posted their projects and updates yet.

I’m creating this post for each team to share a final project update, as well as share timelines and ways the Optimism community will be involved in the final selection of 4 top projects to fund over the next 3 months.

March 21st-March 28th: Teams participating in this program will share their updates on this thread using the template shared below.

March 29th: 10-15 projects that actively participated over the last month will be chosen and added to a public vote taking place on JokeRace.

April 1st - April 7th: A public vote selecting the top projects will take place on JokeRace.
Optimism badge holders and previous recipients of RPGF will be able to select projects they want to see receive funding over the next 3 months to continue building.

April 8th: The four top projects will be announced and their streams will begin.

Template for final submission

Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it. (feel free to include a loom video)

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?"

If you win, how will you use the funding?

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.

Anything else we should know? Share it here.


Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it. (feel free to include a loom video)
Hello, I’m Igor! A Web3 engineer with experience in developing high-load Web2 projects.

This month, I managed to develop the ClickCaster platform for traffic exchange and analytics for Frames, mini-applications in Warpcast. I chose this project because, at the moment, thanks to the growing Frames platform, you can create mini-apps that bring benefits to the Web3 ecosystem.

But personally, as a developer, I lack opportunities for promoting my Frames. From my experience, many developers face a similar problem. Therefore, thanks to ClickCaster, developers will be able to unite into a network for mutual promotion of their applications, leading to increased engagement in Superchain-based products.

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?
This month, a lot has been accomplished to make ClickCaster user-friendly yet secure. For example:

  • Authentication through Warpcast
  • Cryptographic verification of traffic
  • All system components are covered by tests
  • Introduction of frame authorship verification

and more. I started ClickCaster only as a traffic exchange platform, but later it became clear that it would also be useful as a traffic analytics platform. The traffic accounting system has been tested on real Frames with real people. Also, negotiations are underway to connect new Frames to the system.

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

  • Connected own Frames with a total user base of more than 1000 people.
  • Received inquiries about the possibility of connecting to the system
  • Negotiations are underway with popular Frames for connection

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?
Farcaster and their Warpcast product are native in Optimism and have Superchain support. Since ClickCaster is focused only on technology applicable in Superchain, the product is native.

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?
Thanks to the traffic exchange between Frames:

  • Increased engagement in Superchain products
  • Developers will be motivated by real users to create new products on Optimism/Superchain.
  • High activity and low entry threshold will attract new developers to Superchain.

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?
The ultimate goal of the project is to form a DAO from active traffic contributors in ClickCaster. With the help of active system participants, it will be decided how to develop the project and distribute excess traffic.

One of the important directions I would like to develop is the distribution of traffic surplus in the form of grants for developers of useful Frames for Superchain.

I would also like to separate the centralized accounting database and transform it into a distributed system. This will allow the system to remain transparent in the long term.

If you win, how will you use the funding?
Funds will be used to develop missing parts of the system and to stimulate developers to connect to ClickCaster.

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

  • I will create a TypeScript SDK for quick connection of Frames to the system.
  • I will form a transparent DAO in Warpcast for voting on proposals.
  • I will create a system for the possibility of permissionless traffic verification.
  • I will improve the mobile experience with ClickCaster.

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.


Thanks Lindsey! Just want to make sure we don’t miss the deadline for submitting here. We have until the 28th to fill out this deadline? I’m working on getting our project launched on Backdrop by the end of the day today but have run into an issue. I want to make sure that we don’t miss this deadline and that we still qualify if I can’t get our backdrop launch up.


That is correct! Good luck completing everything and looking forward to seeing your submission!


Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it. (feel free to include a loom video)

I want to help accelerate the expansion of consciousness.

Culture Blocks is building tools to co-create memes that can be linked together and grow into complex cultures and social graphs.

The first piece of the project - built for this grant - is a method for co-creating a Block/meme which is called a Swirl. To expand:

  • Gather, Focus, and Merge Perspectives
    • A Swirl can be created by anyone as a Farcaster Frame.
      • It can optionally include a theme comment which sets the context, and a modifier comment which directs AI’s output.
    • Once created, the Frame collects comments from six users on a first come first serve basis.
      • All existing comments are displayed before a user can add a new one.
      • This keeps comments related without censoring or restricting input - if I say “taco” the first thing you think of is probably not “polar bear”.
    • The complete collection of responses is fed to AI to generate the Block content.
      • Currently it only generates text, image generation should be up within a month.
  • Balancing and Feedback
    • Everyone has the same character limit and can reply only once.
    • Ratings of 1-4 can be applied to Blocks by anyone.
    • Average ratings for participants and everyone else are displayed.
    • Blocks should be mintable within a month.
      • Together this data allows crowds to iterate memes towards interesting/useful and away from boring/useless.
      • Minting blocks also creates a graph that opens up more complex analysis and opportunities for autonomous connection and meme/culture formation.

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

  • The last month has been intense. I hadn’t touched typescript or react until this month and have learned a ton. I really like the Frame format for a Swirl, I’ve managed to cut it down to two buttons plus text inputs and feel like it matches my vision well.
  • I was originally inspired by the field of memetics - digital memes can address some major weak points with the theory - but have steered away from the term thus far. Decided it’s a good time to try and play with it. The Swirl concept was already quite developed otherwise, and this was mostly learning Farcaster and expanding my coding skills.

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

  • I haven’t had any yet, the Frame was 95% built about 10 days ago but I hit a bug that made it unusable and had to trace out a lot of code to figure out why it was happening. Finally got it sorted today.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?

  • Yes

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

  • Culture Blocks aims to provide an engaging way for people to share what matters to them, be heard, connect with others, and evolve ideas together. It is designed to work at the base level of society - culture, communication, connection - so hopefully it can move many things forward, including Optimism.

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?"
I want to build a Macro UI structure as a Farcaster App. These are the core design features I’m considering:

  • Accounts
    • Proof of Individuality to create a bot free user base.
    • ZKproofs may be implemented for anonymity
  • Soulbound voice tokens
    • Designed to counter centralized influencers and app addiction
    • Required for all in app actions
    • Daily base rate dripped to all users
    • App controlled market for dynamism
      • Users can buy more voice at slowly, but exponentially increasing, cost.
      • Profits support a base sell rate and are distributed evenly to all sellers as available.
  • Find a Swirl
    • Swiping (Tinder style) will make engagement random-ish and easy
    • Bird’s eye graph view will offer greater depth and control
  • Cultures
    • An unlinked Genesis Block is the start of a Culture
    • New Blocks grow the Culture as a directed acyclic graph
    • Swirls can only be started at existing Blocks which contextually links them
  • Mintable Block NFT’s
    • Access - Owning more Block NFTs in a specific Culture will unlock discounts, abilities, connections
    • Autonomous growth - Mint data will be used to create new Cultures and connections autonomously where significant overlaps exist (if 10 people own the same six Blocks from different Cultures, make a new Culture).
  • Survival of the Attended
    • Daily token allotment is use it or lose it
    • Maintenance fees for Blocks and connections will naturally trim low value content

If you win, how will you use the funding?

  • Twelve months cost of living to get the app live
  • Handful of business expenses (AI, VPS mainly) which will probably grow.
  • Crypto event if it would catalyze the project.

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

  • Ugly MVP with the components listed above. Intention is to cover ground fast, not look good or work well.

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.

Anything else we should know? Share it here.

  • Tacos are tasty.
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Really glad I am part of this experiment for usage of Hedgey’s RetroPGF funds! Especially like how Lindsey has basically zero discretion in choosing which projects receive a grant :clap:

I am an investigative reporter by training, currently working on a retroactive funding model for in-depth journalism that creates tangible impact beyond eyeballs or clicks.

Very briefly, we allow journalists to mint positive outcomes from their stories as Hypercerts on Optimism (a standard for impact certificates that creates a feedback loop between impact creation and funding). Donors can either support these newsroooms by directly purchasing their Hypercerts or giving to a central pool of funds that is distributed programmatically to purchase Hypercerts according to the quantified impact of each cert (using the benefit cost ratio metholodogy developed by Robin Hood Foundation).

I saw the need for investigative newsrooms to have impact = profit after working with the journalists behind the Panama Papers investigation and citizen journalism media outlets in India, who had to devote considerable time to fundraising and writing grants despite the self-evident impact of their stories. Letting them sell positive outcomes from their stories as Hypercerts, with a public blockchain ensuring only a single sale of that impact, starts a virtuous cycle where they get money for their next story, whose impact can again be sold ad infinitum.

Demo video here:

In the one month sprint, we managed to launch on Sepolia testnet! As one of the first dapps to launch with the Hypercerts marketplace, we had to build the UI from their smart contracts, develop a methodology for using LLMs to quantify impact and create a content management system from the open source tool Directus for us to upload impact reports.

Demo link: app.voicedeck.org
Photos of our UI

We have pre-orders for several of the certificates once we go live! We received extensive feedback during EthDenver, where many said they appreciated a system where they donated based on not just the reputation of an organization but on the specific impact that they like, such as the Hypercerts we created for women being allowed to pray at a temple after 400 years of being denied or media outlet stories resulting in arrest of ‘witch killers’ in rural India.

The 3 citizen journalism newsrooms in India we are working with for our pilot (Video Volunteers, CGNet Swara and Gram Vaani) are quite excited about coming onchain and putting their foot in our world. They have a private database of impact from their stories (over 10k entries) that they have been curating over 10 years and are super excited about porting over to Optimism.

We see a cultural alignment with Optimism as we are building a new form of RetroPGF that takes it out into the real world. Many of the smart contracts we use, such as Hypercerts and Deresy, are only on Optimism. So we see the superchain as our base and ground zero, now and in the future.

We are creating a fundamental new use case for Optimism, which lets people own journalism impact that they like. We anticipate this will create positive buzz around Optimism and also generate some sequencer fees from purchase.

We also expect other projects building on the Hypercerts marketplace after it is live to fork our open source repo


We want to bring the Panama Papers onchain! The reporters I spoke with who were involved in the investigation asked us to do a pilot, which we are currently doing with citizen journalism newsrooms. If that goes well, I hope to bring the impact of the Panama Papers to Optimism as Hypercerts.

We are currently on Sepolia testnet, with a mainnet launch expected this summer.

With the funding, we will

  • Register a legal entity
  • Integrate our evaluation system with the DeReSy smart contract, as quantifications are currently done offchain in our CMS.
  • Build out a new strategy on the Allo protocol so that any funds raised through QF, direct donations, Octant Staking, RetroPGF and other mechanisms can programmatically purchase journalism Hypercerts from highest to lowest Benefit Cost Ratio.
  • Reach out to contributors and well-wishers for purchase of journalism Hypercerts after launch on OP Mainnet in the summer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoiceDeckDAO
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/B7Gs95naev
Website: voicedeck.org
Twitter post announcing testnet launch - https://x.com/TheDevanshMehta/status/1771551794096705839?s=20
Twitter Post laying out problem statement: https://x.com/TheDevanshMehta/status/1644417910713065500?s=20


Final Submission

Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it.

Fractal Visions is utilizing the public goods ethos of Optimism with a retroactive rewards mechanism generated by the marketplace fee from sales to attract authentic artists, musicians, and developers to build on the OP stack. Additionally a grants program for builders on Optimism & Base network attracts talented project teams to the Superchain ecosystem.

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

The past month has been absolutely amazing. We have pushed forward with our development and things are coming together very quickly now. Onchain transactions are just around the corner for our Dapp which is something I thought may take a little bit longer to achieve. Thanks to the v3 cohort for keeping us motivated to build… !

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

:point_right::point_right: V3 DEMO VIDEO :point_left::point_left:

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

We have gained a serious amount of traction on the development side of the MVP for our project which is nearly completed. Along with a small amount of rewards from Retro PGF we should be able to make it into production mode here in the coming months ahead but are still seeking funding for the future development of the project.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?
Yes :raised_hands:!!!

We are highly dedicated to Optimism & the Superchain… Our plan is to focus on Optimism & Base at first and then expand to other networks that are also a part of the OP stack and help contribute towards the “Law of Chains”…

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

Our platform helps solve the problems that we observe in the space with open permissionless technology allowing anyone to access marketplaces such as Opensea where it can be very hard to find creators who make an impact in the world. We will help highlight the creators in the space who are leading visionaries and change makers who help contribute to the growth of the public goods sector. Along with the ability to help drive innovation forward through laser focused impact initiatives we are also helping to support builders through our own grants program on Optimism and Base.

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?"

To create a new “Meta” in the space that inspires others to do the same thing by helping support others through regenerative financial and agricultural practices. Together we will spiral upwards together.

If you win, how will you use the funding?

We will use the funding for the development of our platform over the course of the next few months with the intention to build something of meaningful value for others creators in the world. The funds will also be allocated towards small grant funding opportunities utilizing the Gitcoin Grants Stack.

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

Final beta testing & a full code audit prior to public launch. :rocket: Hosting our own grants round on Optimism & Base for other builders.

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.

Fractal Visions MVP




Official Warpcast Channel

Anything else we should know? Share it here.
We love :heartpulse: the Optimism network and have dedicated our whole entire life to building on the Superchain …!


Hey @Lindsey was going to post my article but I have many links and several embeded video and the forum says that as a new user I can only have at max 2 links and 1 embeded video

Any way to get around this ?

@wighawag from our experience here you might have to go into the Discord and ask in one of the governance channels.

You will see right when you get in the Discord a role category where you can get the governance role and contact someone in the “gov-general” channel.


Final Project Update: Onchain Clarity Co

Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it.

  • Meet the Team

  • As a part of this program, Nick and I started Onchain Clarity Co in an effort to make crypto feel more multiplayer. We feel like the modern day crypto UX is lacking rich contextual information about a user’s identity and social graph, so we did something about it through two projects:

    1. GovScore.xyz - A score on Optimism delegates based on their consistency, voting power level, and transparency through ENS
    2. BasedFriends.xyz - A friends list unique to you based on your Farcaster social graph to see who is online and onchain (on Base)

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

  • Hard but Satisfying, just prior to the program, I left my previous position as Growth Manager at Layer3 and Nick left his job in Business Consulting. This program acted as a bootcamp for us to develop the skills necessary to launch products end-to-end. We worked and grew immensely through this program
  • I learned many things about product, front-end development, design, and marketing, while Nick learned product and full stack development.
  • We 100% plan to keep building, we’ve been exploring more ideas around DAO governance and look to continue building new products that highlight the features of a decentralized governance

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?

  • Yes, we built on OP Mainnet and Base and will continue to build on the Superchain

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

  • GovScore looks to highlight the underrepresented but strong delegate who cares about the Optimism ecosystem by providing token holders with insight as to who the great delegates are and decentralizing the voting power distribution
  • BasedFriends provides a fun look into who is active onchain, allowing you to see what your friends are up to and promoting more Base activity

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?"

  • Onchain Clarity Co looks to continue feverishly building much like we have in month one. Our big vision is creating a suite of many tools like GovScore called The Governors Toolbox, where delegates and token holders can view holistic information about the social layer of the DAO

If you win, how will you use the funding?

  • If we win, an initial payout to cover expenses incurred related to the company will be issued and the remaining funding will be distributed in OP via a 5 month stream to Nick and I to continue building Onchain Clarity Co

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

  • Upon release of Agora’s API, want to make the following improvements to GovScore
    • Change the data source and clean up the backend
    • Add a new field to the Transparency Score: .5 points for users having a connected Farcaster Account
    • Add a Star for users who “Vote with Reason”
    • Add a sort for “GovScore”
    • Add a filter for “Votes with Reason”

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.


Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it.

Hi, I’m Alex, a freelance IT consultant. I’ve been interested in Web3 for a long time
and have been grappling with the question of how to trade and protect text and, more generally,
intellectual property on the internet for years. That’s exactly what my project is about:
We combine AI and Web3 to create a new market for the trading of intellectual property.
– And we begin with ebooks.

The idea has evolved significantly over the years, and now, with the advent of LLMs,
entirely new possibilities through AI are emerging.

About me personally: I’ve been working freelance on a project basis since 2007.
However, it has always been my dream not to sell my labor but my ideas. I have many,
and you should help me realize them. It’s definitely worth it.

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

I participated in Backdrop Build and
was fortunate to quickly gain a collaborator, namely Krystian from Poland. He helped
me create an initial frontend where you can trade eBooks as NFTs.

Our idea has since developed significantly. The exchange with other participants has
also advanced us a lot. I developed some services for our backend, with which you
can create AI-driven author biographies and blurbs for eBooks. We use free eBooks
from the Project Gutenberg to illustrate our ideas.

Although we did not make it to the finalists at Backdrop Build, we both still
strongly believe in our shared idea and are doing everything we can to continue.

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos,

For the competition, we made an initial
video. In the process, a division of
labor has emerged: Alex on the backend, Krystian on the frontend. Both aspects are
now to be rapidly developed further. Here is the current state

Next, the generated blurbs and author biographies are to be integrated. Absolutely
crucial, however: We want to use an LLM so that you can talk with our books. You ask,
the LLM answers. This provides us with an ideal approach to make texts available
online, allow a sort of preview, and at the same time keep them as a protected asset.

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

The enthusiasm has increased rather than decreased. It has become clear that the
potential of combining AI and Web3 is nothing short of incredible. We have tried and
integrated various things. (E.g., signing up via MetaMask, eBook sales, etc.)

At Backdrop Build, there were many exciting discussions, and we learned about how
others are approaching their projects. The creativity in the fields of AI and Web3
seems to be enormous worldwide, and we also want to combine the two. This opens up
endless possibilities, but also the risk of losing focus. We want to integrate the
most important suggestions we’ve received while initially focusing on the essentials.
Prioritization will be the next important step.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?

No, we are not Optimism/Superchain native. We initially launched on Polygon and
now also support BASE. On both chains, we have an ERC20 token and an ERC721 NFT
smart contract. This is the foundation we want to build on.

However, we were both deeply impressed by the possibilities that Optimism could
offer us specifically. That’s also the reason why we’re applying here.

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

Our concept can be very easily generalized. Then it’s not just about book catalogs,
but about product catalogs in general.

The approach is then: We migrate product catalogs to Optimism and thus open up free,
international markets for companies from various sectors.

If you think this idea through further, the possibilities seem almost endless. We
just want to find out how far our own feet can carry us.

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?"

As hinted at above: We migrate product catalogs into the Web3 world.

  • Trading through our WRT-Token
  • Markets and the associated rights and shares are represented through the
    NFT standard

We aim to break down the barriers of national markets by enabling companies
to be successful in a DeFi world without being overwhelmed.

If you win, how will you use the funding?

  • Hosting costs
  • Salaries
  • Acquisition costs
  • Administrative costs such as decent accounting
  • Consultancy fees

We’re not about getting rich quick. We want to grow an idea into something big.

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

First, the POC needs to gain a broader range of functions. The integration of
AI-generated content is a high priority. At the same time, we must start with
customer acquisition. Our first target group are publishers. If we managed to interest
a first customer in our approach, that would already be a success.

At the same time, it’s about consolidating our internal processes and accelerating to
the point where we can generate revenue by the end of the year.

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc.

More links where not allowed by the forum software. Sorry.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.

See above!

Anything else we should know? Share it here.

We are very responsive! Ask!


:red_circle: TL;DR

Hey OP community :wave: My name is Cam and I’m building Contxt. You can learn more about the project from the Build V3 Launch video.

I’m building Contxt to be your home for the quotes, quirks, jokes, isms, and interpersonal lore you have with your favorite people. Contxt is a web2 app with and I’m looking to use the OP Grant to fund Contxt’s web3 monetization and governance add-ons.

:red_circle: Background

About Me

I’m a non-technical founder based in Oakland and am part of a growing cohort of entrepreneurs: Community managers → founders

My career has revolved around community management & customer success, starting in augmented reality, then customer success at Clay, recently as Director of Member Experience at Kift, and today as Head of Customer Ops at Forecast, the first community-based AI image generation platform.

I take a community-first approach in everything I do, and Contxt is no exception.

Why I’m Building Contxt

From cave wall drawings to Substacks, there have always been documentarians who preserve the context of their time. Scribes, photographers, and orators have served the invaluable role of observing the world and sharing their art with others. Within this group of documentarians are those I affectionately call Quote Keepers. If you enjoy writing down funny, notable, and insightful things people around you say, you’re one of us. Making people feel seen, heard, and appreciated is our love language and I’m building a social platform to help make our practice more shareable, simple, and impactful.

In the 21st century, Quote Keepers have been limited to notebooks, Word & Google Docs, Notion Pages, and random Apple Notes to store our quotes. These methods are usually disorganized, solitary, and labor intensive. I’ve been keeping quotes since 2017 and decided to build a social documentation platform that empowers a new era of multi-media documentarians. A platform for those of us who are invested in the quality of our friendships, not quantity of followers.

:red_circle: Build Update

This month has been everything I needed it to be. I learned a ton about DraftBit, the no-code platform I’ve been using to build Contxt and feel very comfortable with navigating the app and working with my Expert Sefa (major s/o Sefa, he’s been a dream to work with). I started the month with a barely-functioning prototype and am ending with a working MVP that I can start testing with my initial Quote Keepers.

I’ve been getting supportive feedback throughout the Build program and Contxt and was also selected as 1 of 43 finalists from Build V3 out of the 1,300 that got accepted.

:red_circle: Contxt Today

The best place to see a full walk-through of the app is from the Build V3 Launch video. It’s a very simple MVP that allows you to record quotes for the contacts you import into Contxt. It’s a big first step towards creating a text-based social platform for documenting and appreciating IRL moments. We’ll add images, video, and other media once our community has made it clear that it’s needed.

:red_circle: Traction

As Contxt just launched as a Private Beta, I’ll be onboarding the first users this week with a goal to reach 20 Quote Keepers by the end of April. However, before Build, I interviewed 30+ Quote Keepers and found a consistent need for what I’m building and have started onboarding them into the Private Beta.

Quotes as a social platform are already very popular online. Overheard LA (1.6M followers), NYC (1.8M followers), and SF (336k followers) have established large brands powered entirely by volunteer Quote Keeper submissions. Further, each Quote Keeper that submits a quote is tagged in the post’s description, so these Instagram accounts will serve as my main lead generation source once I’m ready for my next cohort of Quote Keepers. These IG accounts validate the existence of Quote Keepers and the desire people have to read quotes. Yet, unlike Contxt, these accounts are often sarcastic or deprecating towards the culture they’re about, not celebratory or appreciative of it.

Contxt is poised to ride this existing momentum in social media by providing a home for social documentation with a suite of tools to help Quote Keepers do what they already do best.

:warning: Side Note :warning: If you know any Quote Keepers in your life, it’d be amazing if you could share this link with them. Filling it out will set them up to get a 1-1 onboarding with me as part of the first 50 people to use Contxt.

:red_circle: Optimism Native?

Today, Contxt is a web2 app. After operating in the web3 space for the past 3 years as a participant & Steward at Cabin & leader at Kift, I’ve come to see blockchain as a tool that is most effective as an option, not a requirement, to benefit from a product.

My aim is to use the OP grant to develop two opt-in web3 features powered by the Superchain that greatly enhance the core web2 experience. The first two on-chain initiatives are:

  1. Collect Quotes - Users can collect each other’s quotes by minting them from a Farcaster Frame that embeds the Contxt quote for anyone else to mint. Doing so automatically stores the quote as a “Collected Quote” in the purchaser’s Contxt profile.
    1. You can only collect other people’s quotes, which reinforces Contxt’s value of mutual support and appreciation while simultaneously enabling Contxt users to financially benefit from their everyday genius.
  2. Community-Centered Product Development - Issuing a “proof of time” token to track efforts to support and grow Contxt, which will be used to participate in JokeRace competitions to prioritize features, Coordinape to organize work & contributions, upcoming product initiatives, investment opportunities, etc.
    1. Austin Robey said it best: “The real innovation comes from organization design, coalition building, shared ownership models - and then pairing that with tech”. In short, I aim to develop a new blueprint for community-centered product development for bootstrapped founders building products for passionate & under-served niches.

I’ll go into more depth on each of these in the Timeline section below, but the TLDR is that this OP grant will make it possible for Contxt to go on-chain with genuinely useful features with the invaluable financial and communal support of the OP community.

:red_circle: Advancing Optimism Ecosystem

As I’m building Contxt as a web2 platform with opt-in web3 features, my aim is to have new users discover the web3 features when it makes sense for them as their needs evolve along their user journey (ie, user sees a quote they want to collect → they create their wallet - or - a new user does a 1-1 onboarding with me → they automatically receive a Contxt token to a pre-created wallet etc).

Too often, web3 brands try to explain to non-web3 folk why NFTs or the blochain are valuable. My belief is that it’s more effective to build a stellar web2 app that has additional awesome functionality that is only possible using blockchain technology; the web3 functionality should be so great that it’s a no-brainer for the user to use without understanding blockchain or crypto at all.

For example: if I collect a friend’s quote but my friend hasn’t activated their “Collect” add-on yet, they’ll get a text saying “Cam just collected your quote on Contxt for $0.99! Claim your $0.99 by clicking the link below.” They don’t know blockchain is underlying this transaction, but they’re incentivized to sign-up due to the economic activity that’s powered by Optimism.

I aim to only use blockchain when it’s a no-brainer. Due to Contxt’s simple nature, I see it becoming a gateway app that brings a consistent flow of non-web3 folk into the space.

:red_circle: Big Vision

I’m building Contxt to be a consent & privacy-focused multimedia interpersonal wiki. Your place to preserve the context of your relationships: the moments, digital artifacts and tid bits that remind us why we love and appreciate our people.

My vision is to create a social documentation platform that fosters genuine connection and appreciation in order to mend the societal fabric that’s been torn apart by systems that benefit from (and therefore, propagate) polarization, isolation, and hyper-individualism.

To do this, I’ve borrowed from Cabin to develop Contxt’s 3 Obvious Truths:

  • Our attention is sacred
    • I believe one of the biggest techno-social blunders made in the 21st century was Facebook’s 2006 decision to switch from posting on each other’s walls to posting into an algorithmic Newsfeed. The trillion-dollar attention economies that this decision spawned has fueled genocides, mental health crises, and a global isolation epidemic. Contxt is building an alternative economy, one I like to call the Appreciation Economy, which thrives when we listen to and celebrate those around us.
  • Words matter
    • We love words and believe they should be preserved and compensated when arranged in intriguing, funny, or meaningful ways. Because words matter, consent is a cornerstone around all documentation that happens within Contxt. This is pivotal to avoid the privacy and data issues that have plagued the social era.
  • Appreciation leads to connection
    • When you feel appreciated by someone, it’s nearly impossible to not feel connected to them. Once you feel connection with someone, it’s way easier to find something to appreciate about them. We’re designing Contxt to catalyze an unstoppable flywheel of collective appreciation and connection to heal the deep wounds of hatred and isolation we see today.

Contxt Business

Similar to how Instagram made everyone a photographer and Twitter made everyone a journalist, Contxt aims to make everyone quotable.

If quotes have been relegated to those of prominence and in the public sphere, what happens when everyone is quotable? What if your friend sees the quote on your profile, loves it, and wants to collect it for their own profile? Are publishing deals necessary if you earn $0.99 every time someone wants to collect a tid bit you’ve said? And what if that quote could also be put onto stickers for a lil surprise, or a note card for your birthday, or a dad hat for a friend? And what if you chose to list that same dad hat design on your Contxt profile so that when a friend says, “hehe, nice hat”, you can send them a link to buy it directly from your Contxt profile? And what if in all of these blockchain transactions, a percentage is donated to causes the Contxt user selects?

In short, I see NFTs and e-commerce converging within Contxt to foster a user-generated market fueled by appreciation and shout-outs that fund real-world impact.

Contxt Impact

If we take a moment to zoom out, it’s clear social media and algorithmically-driven digital spheres have led to a isolation and loneliness epidemic that needs serious investment, innovative programs, and creative solutions to address.

The problem is that the real solutions to loneliness (hyper-local IRL community building and support networks) typically aren’t great businesses or get corrupted once money is introduced. In the absence of sufficient government funding to address this monumental problem, I believe a new vanguard of pro-social organizations need to invest their profits into funding grassroot initiatives to help reinforce mutual interdependence. I want Contxt to be part of that vanguard by setting up a non-profit that ensures Contxt adheres to its values and mission while also receiving profits from Contxt to fund local communities and clubs as a public good.

I can talk about all the potential and possibilities for hours, but for now, I’m laser-focused on building the best app for quotes n jokes, and the OP Grant would play a massive role in enabling me to reach the loftier goals I’ve highlighted above.

With that in mind, let’s dive into how I’d use the OP Grant over the next 3 months.

:red_circle: Timeline

:small_red_triangle: April - Contxt 1.0


Contxt is a great 1-player tool for Quote Keepers. It’s an amazing multi-player platform for anyone the Quote Keeper hangs out with. The MVP was designed to validate single-player mode and April is about building multi-player functionality that will establish robust network effects:

  • Notification systems
  • In-depth onboarding experience
  • SMS notifications for non-Contxt users
  • Sharing quotes to external social apps
  • Profile management (friending, blocking, deleting, etc)
  • Home screen optimizations
  • Onboard first 20 Quote Keepers


  • Find values-aligned lawyer
  • Incorporate as an LCA
  • Trademark
  • Open bank accounts

:small_red_triangle: May - NFTs


The “Collect” feature positions Contxt to not only have a viable revenue generator, we’ll also have a web3 identity system to enable a decentralized future for Contxt.

  • Web3 integration
    • IndieDAO to execute:
      • Farcaster Frame minting
      • Privy integration & identity system setup
      • Collected Quote UI
      • Additional UI modifications as-needed
  • Lists & filters
    • Adding ability for users to create lists (favorites, things that are underrated/overrated, hot takes, gift ideas, etc) for their contacts
    • Database reconfiguring to accomodate many forms of media & moment stems

:small_red_triangle: June - Membership

After launching the minting feature, we’ll dive deep into bug-squashing and community development, as the end of June will introduce a Patreon membership for Contxt users who want to directly support the project and get access to deeper levels of participatory product development.

SaaS products prioritize requests from their high-paying enterprise clients, so I’m doing the same for a free social product via a membership for Contxt’s most dedicated Quote Keepers.


  • Launch Membership tiers:
    1. Supporter ($1/month)
    2. Participant ($5/month)
    3. Contributor ($20/month)
  • Setup points/coin/token system and strategy for participatory development (JokeRace + Notion)
  • Establish transparent financial operations to provide consistent updates to the OP community on usage of funds


  • Debug and improve web3 integration & lists
  • Design & scope future product features
  • Recruit contributors

:red_circle: Use of Funds

I’m building Contxt for the longterm. I’m invested in ensuring Contxt grows at the pace it’s meant to, not the hyper-growth many seek for the sake of getting millions of users as quickly as possible. My favorite apps (Linear, Notion, 1Password, Superhuman, Arc) have built outstanding platforms by patiently crafting their product to make millions of dedicated user’s lives fundamentally better, every day. While I’m not opposed to raising money for Contxt, I want to it the right way: with consent from the invested community of contributors via collective governance because we believe it’s what’s best for the community and product.

I enjoy my job at Forecast and my part-time income pays for all my expenses and Contxt’s costs. Over the last 4 months, I’ve invested 400+ hours and $5k of my own money to build the Contxt MVP. I wake up at 6am most weekdays to put 2-3 hours into Contxt before work, which means having values-aligned funding from the OP community would be a godsend to ramp up development efforts and find additional help to rapidly build a product powered by Optimism.

See the image below to get a month-by-month breakdown of how I’d use the OP grant over the next 3 months:

  • Note: Besides DraftBit, these are all estimates

:red_circle: Progress

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

The Build V3 page for Contxt and our Github repo are the best spot to review the past month’s month’s updates.

I also discovered Lindsey’s OP post a bit late in the month, but I did share a synthesized 3-week update here.

:red_circle: Links

You can follow me and Contxt on Twitter.

Checkout the Contxt website here and please send this link to any Quote Keepers you know.

:red_circle: Final Thoughts

Writing this post was a fun and helpful envisioning and planning exercise, I hope you enjoyed reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

If you have any questions or comments after reading this post, please email me (cam@contxt.wiki) and I’d love to discuss whatever came up for you.

Thank you,

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Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it.

gm guys! I’m Jaris James, the founder of daospace and a dedicated DAO enthusiast, my path from seeking financial freedom through active involvement in DAOs, led me to create daospace. The catalyst was my ongoing role as a delegate at the Rari Foundation, where I saw firsthand the challenge of needing to rebuild one’s reputation with each new DAO endeavor. The idea for daospace came from the desire to allow DAO contributors to seamlessly bring their reputations and achievements with them across communities, making their contributions easily verifiable in a trustless manner. Aimed at addressing the fragmentation in the DAO space, this platform is designed to recognize the efforts of contributors in the web3 space, while increasing discoverability for members with high reputations, to bring more lucrative opportunities to them.

Brian Adam (Sixty) is the daospace project manager and co-founder. He has been an active DAO participant in DAO governance for the past 3 years and has been part of DAOs like Index Coop, Prime DAO, Push DAO, and more. His experience in governance has allowed us to highlight many of the inefficiencies and shortcomings in the operations of DAOs.

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

The last month has been very productive. We scraped over 300,000 total forum posts from 100 DAOs within the Ethereum ecosystem and stored them in an SQLite database, which will soon be migrated to Ceramic via OrbisDB, in order to have an open and composable database, which will function sort of like an Etherscan for DAO reputation. We also shipped an algorithm that distributes points to DAO contributors based on the level of engagement they received on the forum, in order to identify the members that brought the most value to the DAO throughout its existence, but can be filtered by various timeframes as well.

I learned how to push code to GitHub and much more about cloud computing since our net big rock is to automate the entire scraping operation, to scrape Discourse at scale. I learned how to create a Docker image during this time to push the scrapers to GitHub, so we can create an SDL file, which will be utilized on Akash Network, one of the primary platforms for decentralized, peer-to-peer cloud computing to handle all the scraping. We’ll be using Akash for fine-tuning the open source LLM, Mistral 7B to create a custom AI model from the 300k+ forum posts in our database, so our users can communicate with it, like Chat GPT, but this AI model would be tailored made to understand the DAO space and all the accompanying nuances.

Our idea for the point system evolved from a simple logic document to creating a fully functional algorithm, available on GitHub. This algorithm allowed us to identify the top 5 contributors to the Optimism forum based on engagement. We have listed them in order of activity below:

  1. Gonna.eth: 12490 points
    (Topic Likes): 373
    (Regular Post Likes): 1082
    (Aligned Topic Replies): 374
    Aligned Regular Post Replies): 99

  2. Michael: 12023 points
    (Topic Likes): 586
    (Regular Post Likes): 711
    (Aligned Topic Replies): 268
    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 46

  3. 0xJohn: 11533 points
    (Topic Likes): 206
    (Regular Post Likes): 53
    (Aligned Topic Replies): 471
    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 0

  • 0xJohn is currently ranked this high because of this one viral post, that received 599 replies.
  1. ben-chain: 11076 points
    (Topic Likes): 527
    (Regular Post Likes): 204
    (Aligned Topic Replies): 279
    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 11

  2. jackanorak: 9906 points
    (Topic Likes): 269
    (Regular Post Likes): 1194
    (Aligned Topic Replies): 288
    (Aligned Regular Post Replies): 131

Note: These are only top contributors in terms of forum activity and engagement. This is not the only metric that makes someone a valuable contributor but we had to start somewhere.

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

Here’s the current state of daospace outlined in our Backdrop V3 submission videos:
Backdrop Launch Video

The UI currently has a functional search engine. You can perform any query, and if it was mentioned within the 300k+ forum posts stored in our database it will be displayed on the front end. We also made the interaction buttons such as “Likes” and “Replies” functional, so once clicked, it reveals the members that engaged with the post. We’re in the process of creating a public front end that will allow anyone to access data from all of the DAOs discourse forums on our platform.

We also have our algorithm that ranks contributors and provides points based on forum activity.

Tell us about any traction/adoption you’ve had over the last month.

We had the pleasure of presenting our project to the Rari Foundation. They would like to use our point system for their Delegate Incentive Program, to provide more context about all delegates, so large token holders can make an informed decision on who they would like to delegate to since we can provide even more information about them beyond their forum activity score, we’ll be able to highlight the top keywords associated with them, and most engaged topics, for example, but the data to present is ultimately up to the Rari Foundation. They also asked if we could showcase Tally data, so I built a Tally scraper from scratch as well. Here’s an image of the Tally data stored in our SQLite database:

We will also be working with the OrbisDB team, to migrate our database to Ceramic. They have great interest in the data sets we are currently working on, and they believe it is valuable data to be stored in an open and decentralized manner.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?

Our product intends to distribute achievement badges on-chain, these badges will be NFTs that will live on Optimism. Contributors will be able to connect their wallet address to daospace which will allow them to link their address to all the Discourse accounts they own.

daospace also plans to focus on onboarding all the DAOs built on the Optimism Superchain, allowing all contributors in the OP ecosystem to benefit from the use of daospace.

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

We will allow under-recognized contributors in the OP DAO, and DAOs built on Optimism to have greater visibility, and since we’re providing context about each member, we can provide much more information about current delegates, so large token holders can make a much more informed decision on who they would like to delegate to. This will provide an extra dimension of information to delegators, who can choose delegates based on merit instead of popularity.

Another way we intend on moving the Optimism ecosystem forward is by creating a custom AI model, with all the data from the Optimism forum. We can use this model to summarize proposals, and assist in automating governance by applying alignment scores to topics/proposals posted on the forum, based on the values of the DAO, and explain why it gave this score. This will allow for the original poster to make edits, and tailor their post, so it aligns well with the DAO to speed up the governance process for all involved. Community feedback is still crucial, but at least the back and forth between the proposal author and core members of the DAO can be greatly reduced, while receiving more aligned proposals, which are better suited for the DAO.

Also, Pre-token teams can identify the most active OP DAO members, and decide to include the top X members for airdrops, to incentivize them to become active participants in their DAO governance as well, and vice versa, if Optimism decides to do a future airdrop, they can identify the top members of other DAOs such as ENS, Rocket Pool, Aave, etc, based on forum activity, and airdrop $OP tokens to them so that they can become active within governance at Optimism as well.

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?

The vision for daospace is to become the coordination layer of the DAO space, ultimately replacing Discourse and Discord as the standard for DAO contribution. We believe that DAO contributors should always have something to show for all their contributions in the space. If a DAO happens to shut down, and no longer continue their Discourse subscription, then all the data shouldn’t be lost, which is what happened to Gro Protocol (their forum has been shut down).

If DAO contribution, such as forum participation was stored on a Ceramic powered database, then the data will always be open, and owned by the contributors, as is the case with daospace. DAOs also don’t have to start over from scratch when it comes to using daospace as their native forum since we already scraped all their posts along with each metric, which will be displayed on our platform, it will be a seamless transition, and they’ll be able to link all their forum accounts to one wallet address, eliminating the need for creating a new discourse account over and over again each time they join a new DAO.

If you win, how will you use the funding?

Funding received from this program will be used to decentralize the data on daospace, build a custom AI using DAO data, and fund the design and development costs of the platform. A list of some of our immediate priorities are listed below:

  • Data Migration from MySQL to an open decentralized database on Ceramic via Orbis DB so the raw data can be publicly viewable.
  • Build an automated solution to scrape DAO data at scale on top of the decentralized cloud computing protocol Akash Network.
  • Create a custom AI model by fine-tuning Mistral 7B with our dataset. This open-source AI model trained with rich DAO data will allow for concise proposal summaries, assistance with proposal creation, friend suggestions, and BD automation.
  • Onboard a full-time designer to ensure daospace stands out visually and has an aesthetically pleasing UI/UX.
  • Onboard extra developers to daospace (Full Stack developer and a Smart Contract engineer).
  • Fill in any extra gaps in talent (e.g Business Development, Growth and Marketing etc.)

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

What we will focus on in the next three months will be similar to the uses of funding highlighted above :point_up_2:. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Pull additional data from all the DAOs that are currently built on top of the OP ecosystem / Superchain.
  2. Migrate the database to Ceramic, and acquire a Ceramic Node to make the data in our database publicly available and composable, allowing the contributors to own their forum data.
  3. Automate the scraping operation, by setting up the scrapers on Akash, so we can pull real-time data from all the DAOs in our database.
  4. Fine-tune the search functionality, and add advanced search methods, such as filters to be applied to the search bar.
  5. Onboard a designer to design and enhance daospace brand assets, and create the UI / UX elements to create an aesthetically pleasing front-end.
  6. Create the AI model, by fine-tuning Mistral 7B with our dataset on every forum post ever made by all the DAOs we have in our database.

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.


Thanks! Just curious. What time tomorrow is the deadline? Midnight PST?


That works for me :+1: Try your best to get it in before that time - If you’re past the deadline by a few minutes no worries

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Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it. (feel free to include a loom video)

I am Ronan Sandford, founder of Etherplay, a games studio founded in 2016 set to explore the unique possibilities that blockchain can provide for games. We released several games in the past 8 years, including Tug of War, our first fully onchain game in 2017, Ethernal, our first attempt at creating Autonomous Worlds in 2019, an onchain infinite dungeon-crawler whose rooms are generated by players as they roam and battle monsters and Conquest.eth, a fully permissionless and persistent game of diplomacy that we started to work on in 2020 and is now running for eternity on Gnosis chain.

In a nutshell we are building autonomous worlds, we are fascinated by the possibility of launching worlds that evolve on their own, permissionless and persistent, made possible thanks to smart contracts. Our latest is Stratagems and this is what we have been building as part of the 3 Backdrop build cohorts.

Stratagems takes a lot of inspiration from our previous game “Conquest.eth” but takes a different route and attempts to solve some of the issues encountered around player engagement and gas use.

Stratagems also explore a new way of building autonomous world. In some way Stratagems is just the seed of an autonomous world. it is designed from the get go to be extended. The basic rules make players create a world map while they fight for the value they stake. And this onchain world map serves as the foundation for new game rules to be built by anyone: Permissionless Composability.

We are excited to see how this will play out and how players and builders are going to expand the initial rule-set with new fascinating ones.

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

We have been in all 3 Backdrop build cohorts so far and the 2 previous cohorts was each an opportunity to build the missing pieces and make overall progress. But it is in the last cohort / month that we could finally put the whole thing together and launch a first alpha. There is of course still a lot to improve but the game is finally playable, live on Base mainnet: https://alpha1.stratagems.world/. This mark a huge milestone for us.

We are already learning a lot as we interact with our players and discover what excite them about our game. There is nothing that beats launching on a real network, especially on blockchains as game that thrive in this environment are not the fast pace game that you can easily play among a small set of friends in a living room, they are the game that play in the social interaction among player from over the world (we are building on a world computer for a reason). Launching a game like that also allows us to test our assumptions and discover things we did not know player would enjoy. This is still early to make conclusion but we hope in the next month to have a better idea to what comes next for Stratagems

The idea for Stratagems has evolved already over its initial conception. it started as an abstract game (we won the Arbitrum hackathon in Bogota in 2022 for it) with no much thoughts about its composability (though we started to think about it already with Conquest.eth). Then we added a theme. This was actually done to help visualize the state of the game. Keeping the game abstract made it more difficult to explain the rules by visuals alone. It was also at that time, that we realized the potential for composability in Stratagems, especially thanks to Stratagems simple rules. After that and especially in the last month, it was just a matter of putting all pieces together and ensure to provide a fun experience to players.

What does the product/idea look like today? Share videos, images, demos, and anything else that helps people see what you are working on.

Here is our website

Here is a map example, created by player while attacking each other

here it is with the UI:

And here some screenshots from the alpha live on Base mainnet

Here is our Backdrop build demo video (which includes a trailer at the end)

And here the earlier trailer pre-announcing our launch

This should give you an overview of what the game is about.

For builders, the best places to get a sense of what is possible to build on top of Stratagems is

Tell us about any traction / adoption you’ve had over the last month.

We just launched few days ago so in term of traction it is hard to tell , but we got more than 100 new members in our Discord and around 50 players who joined in with tokens to play since the launch last week. The alpha will last 2 months and we designed it in a way that players can join any time in the first month without much disadvantages. So we hope for more players to join in.

It is also worth pointing that even though the gas fee have spiked on base, players have continued playing and paid more than 30$ each for it. This is great news for us as the game will require real stake (in the alpha, the staked token is fake) and knowing that player are happy to pay such high gas fee just for fun is a great sign.

Is your product Optimism/Superchain native and will it continue to be?

We are a fan of Optimism approach in building its community and ecosystem. While Stratagems has no allegiance to any network. It is after all fully open-source, we aimed to focus on this community and leverage its unique features. We are currently live on Base but would like to also launch it on Optimism itself. Stratagems is designed to have a fixed gas cost per stake, which make it possible to launch on any network by just scaling the staking amount. We could technically even launch on Ethereum mainnet but the demographics will be quite restricted due to the high stake required.

We are also considering other network in the OP-Stack world, including Ancient8 a OP-stack chain focused on gaming with data availability provided by Celestia or redstone, a new take on Plasma chain by 0xPARC using OP-Stack. In some way, with all these choices we do not see any reason to leave that community

How will your product/idea move the Optimism ecosystem forward?

Stratagems is unique in the space, even in the autonomous world space, because it takes permissionlessness seriously. It is not just vapour words. Stratagems is designed to be played in the most harshest environment with bots and sybil. It does achieve this feat like our previous game (conquest.eth) did: by requiring player to stake and to never give extra power unless there is an equivalent risk taken. In some ways Stratagems and, Conquest before hand, are like game protocols. They are uncensorable, persistent and permissionless and we believe this is the only way forward for games that make use of blockchain technology. After all, what would be the point of launching a game that can run on a centralised server in the first place. As such Stratagems set an example for fully onchain game and we believe this will have a huge impact on the communities that embrace these games.

Furthermore Stratagems is fully open-source. This include the smart contract of course, but also the frontend, the tooling and libraries. Everything is available on github as a mono-repo. You can even play from the downloaded repo directly if you want. We hope this will inspire other to build games like ours.

In term of tooling and libraries, we have build several innovative technology that can be used by anyone. We are working in particular on hardhat-deploy v2 (Optimism network was deployed with hardhat-deploy), FUZD (a commit+reveal system ideal for hidden information mechanics) and ethereum-indexer, a indexer that run entirely in the browser, removing the need for backend entirely. We believe these tools will be a huge asset for any game dev that want to push the boundary of the possible. Our list of tooling do not stop there. We have helper services like messaging system and cross-device sync.

What’s the big vision of your product/idea beyond what it is today?"

So right now we have the base rules, that set players against each other in a fun game of strategy. And we are thrilled to see it in action today with players coming each day to make new actions.

At the same time, while players focus on their strategies, they are also creating a world map, composed of 5/6 different factions and a set of attributes. This form the foundation for new games to be build!

Indeed out big vision is to create new experiences on top of Stratagems world map and explore the crazy intereactions among all of them. We call this “Natural Composability” and we believe this is the killer feature of crypto networks. We see this in Defi with the like of vampire attacks but games will explore this in far more complex and interesting ways. We can’t wait to see worlds evolving through the community.

If you win, how will you use the funding?

The funding will be used to continue building Stratagems and this can be broken down in several components:

  • polishing existing tech (FUZD, ethereum-indexer, mentioned above) to make them more reliable. They are all individual projects, each a public good on its own.
  • Polishing Stratagems experience and look. While this is mostly focus on Stratagems, we expect many of the implementation to be useful for future games
  • streamlining the experience of building on top of Stratagems. We expect here that most of this work will be extremely useful for any game that want to be composed. We want to break down the component behind Stratagems so other can build new experience top with minimum extra requirement and as such many of the architectural design around this will be shareable across other games

And to make these a reality we would like to fund other helping us. We want this to be a community driven initiative. This is the main reason we are building open-source. This is public good and something we expect other to want to participate. We would love to use the funding to help devs join us in this adventure.

If you win, what are you focused on over the next three months? What do you want to accomplish?

In the next 3 months, we will do 3 things:

  • continue to refine the experience
  • Work on an example of game running atop the Stratagems world map.
  • Improve the developer experience to build such extended game

Share links to any updates, forum posts, tweets, etc. that document your active work over the last month.

Most of the work has happened on our github repo : Commits · wighawag/stratagems · GitHub

We have few tweets too :

Share any links to your website, socials, etc.

Discord: https://community.etherplay.io

Website: https://stratagems.world

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stratagems_eth

Anything else we should know? Share it here.

If anyone want to help build Stratagems or new games on top of it, let us know!

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@Lindsey I posted my submission but it lacks the image / video and links.

No way you could give me the right to post more links/images/videos ?

As @FractalVisions mentioned, I reached out on Optimism Discord but no concret answer yet.

In the mean time I linked to an extrernal url that contains the whole thing : Hedgey RPGF grants: Stratagems - HackMD

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Tagging @Gonna.eth here as someone who may be able to help or contact the right staff member to give permissions for those in the grants forum to allow multiple links. :link:

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:purple_circle: Final update for PlayMini :yellow_circle:

Hey there — excited to share our final update with the OP / Hedgey community.

:wave: Background

About me

  • My name is Phil ‘PJ’ Murphy, I was designing, coding, and telling stories about games & crypto products for the past 10 years. Most notably I led product at SuperRare as a Dir of Product, led web3 experiments at Medal (3M MAU), founded my own interactive livestreaming company FrameNinja (we built shows on Twitch), and helped to design products from 0-1 at a handful of stealth startups.

What is PlayMini and why I’m building it

  • PlayMini is a platform with simple skill-based social games where players compete in tournaments with shared prize pools (1v1 and Group Elimination).
  • We believe that there is an opportunity to create an experience between simple social games (e.g., quiz, reaction time button clicker, wordle, minesweeper, etc) and financial components that make it more thrilling (tournaments with shared prize pools, wagers, item trading).
  • I was dreaming of building it for a few years now, and I think it’s perfect timing in terms of opportunity, market, and needs. Here are 3 reasons why:
  1. I built multiple interactive liveshows on Twitch in the past with over 50,000 unique viewers/players and learned first hand that people love to participate in social games even if they need to spend money to play. As long as it’s fun and you can hang with other players, this experience is so novel to many people that it makes people stay (retention went up 2x), pay (revenue went up over 60%) and come back (at least 1/3 of players returned).
  2. The reason people love social games is that we’re inherently lonely. Over 61% of adults in the US said that in recent polls, and simple social games is one of the best solutions as it allows you to meet new people, bond with friends, and create memories.
  3. The reason it wasn’t built before at the worldwide scale is because it’s hard to integrate financial components using traditional financial systems. Without crypto, it’s virtually impossible to connect people between different parts of the world (arguably the biggest use case for web3). But crypto wasn’t efficient, cheap, and accessible enough until recently → so now that infra is there and consumers more educated, it’s a perfect time to create a social experience with the crypto in the back.
  4. Extra point: I WANT TO PLAY IT MYSELF!!! :sweat_smile:

:purple_heart: Last month update

Product Today. What we did?

  • Juggling between this and other projects, we knew we only had time to create a simple prototype that would show type of games and experiences we’d like to build should we have more time & resources, as well as put together a plan for the next few months.
  • We built a simple quiz game in <1 week with crypto-related packs, leaderboard, and NFT rewards on Base.

Watch our Pitch + Demo:

What we learned?

  • Multiplayer is always better than singleplayer. Our current demo and initial plan was designed around single player experience with a global leaderboard. But we quickly learned that the most fun playing those games comes from either 1v1 or full lobby games with handful of players → so now we’re focusing on designing a new version.
  • It takes more time to do game design than to code it. From now on we take a more creative approach with testing gameplay ideas first, and then moving to full-fledged implementation.

How has the idea evolved?

  • 4 weeks ago, we started this program with only one thesis in our head: “Simple social mini games with real money rewards” and nothing else.
  • Since then we turned it into a full-fledged platform concept with multiple social multiplayer game ideas and unique powerful financial components no one is utilizing today. Designed + implemented MVP and started designing v2.
  • Now we believe we’re onto something big and we’ll make this platform a reality whatever it takes :hugs:

Plans on distribution / current traction

  • Since we haven’t launched the game publicly yet, we wanted to focus on our distribution plan down the road. At the of the day distribution is key.
  • We want to target a crypto community first as we learned many people enjoy social experiments and games in general. So we started building out our community on Twitter (with upcoming Farcaster hub too) using our existing network, as well as meeting our future players on GDC 2024 in person & building out our waitlist + getting early feedback on gameplay.

Is it OP native and will continue to be?

  • We’re building many financial components on OP/Base as we believe this is the only reason our project could exist today.
  • OP stack gives us much more efficient transactions both speed and cost wise. And since we’re aiming at making people transact on a frequent basis (nature of the game), Optimism/Base is the only brand that people trust today, and the only tech that we found to be efficient to work with.

:brain: Big vision

What PlayMini will become?

  • Long-term, we want to become a social game hub where people from all over the world come to make memories together. We want to help people stop feeling lonely and give something fun and entertaining (social gaming is the cure!!!).
  • Short-term, but as a next step, we want to build a platform with a few games that would let people play 1v1 and participate in weekly tournaments with shared prize pools.
  • We’re inspired by the overwhelming success of existing social games such as Chess. com, GeoGuessr, and most recently Crypto: The Game. We believe that we’re entering a new era of social games and we want to be the biggest player in this market.

How will we use the funding?

Our main goals for next 3 months are:

  1. Redesign + Release the first public version (add 1v1 mode with a new game, tournament system, and improve reward system)
  2. Leverage coming user feedback to find our “secret sauce”
  3. Continue fundraising process so we can scale up operations

To be able to complete this plan, we’ll use funds from this program across a few areas:

  1. Expand the development team. We want to get a few killer engineers/designers on board who can help us deliver the product we want.
  2. Server + DevOps cost. We’re building multiplayer based game with many blockchain components, so it requires intensive testing and resources.
  3. Operations + Legal. As any projects, we’d have to deal with some operational and legal cost to ensure we’re providing the best experience.

:speech_balloon: Helpful links

Website + Socials

  • twitter. com/playmini_
  • playmini. co

Past updates

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Note that our full submission will be over multiple posts because this forum is giving us the following error: Multiple errors occurred: 1) Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post. 2) Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.

Tell us about yourself, what you are building, and why you chose to work on it. (feel free to include a loom video)

We are an artist & technologist who explore how novel blockchain mechanisms & system design can be made into art. We are building Base →D[erivatives] (pronounced Based Derivatives). Base →D[erivatives] is an art project on Base, that explores the concepts of composability and remix culture in the world of NFTs. It allows users to create unique derivative NFTs by combining their existing NFTs with various accessories, while tracking the provenance of each change made to the derivative.

Here are just some of the features we were able to implement:

  • NFT Remixing: Users can select any existing NFTs they own and add accessories to create a new, unique derivative NFT.
  • Accessory System: The smart contract supports the use of other NFTs as accessories. These accessories are whitelisted. They can be configured to pay royalties to the accessory owners when used in a derivative. For example, an artist may be commissioned to create a hat accessory and if a user adds it to their derivative NFT a royalty may be passed to the artist. Accessories can also be gated. For example, a user may need to own a certain ERC-20/ERC-1155/ERC-721 token in order to use an accessory.
  • On-chain SVGs and IPFS: The project utilizes on-chain SVGs and IPFS to enable users to edit their minted derivatives without the need for re-minting. Users can move, add, or remove accessories from their derivatives at any time.
  • Royalty Payments: The contract includes a Payout struct and handles the distribution of royalty payments to accessory owners and the beneficiary address. This ensures that creators of accessories are fairly compensated when their work is used in derivative NFTs.
  • Customization: The contract includes functions to toggle the visibility of accessories and update the preview image URL, allowing users to customize their derivatives even after minting. This gives users the freedom to adjust their creations as desired.

Here is a short demo video:

How has the last month been? What did you learn? How has your idea evolved?

The last month was great. We really made a lot of progress on our project and were highly motivated by both Backdrop Build and this competition.

We learned a ton about building on-chain SVGs and mixing IPFS URLs into them. We ran into a lot of issues with getting OpenSea to display this content and it took us a long time to figure out workarounds.

Our idea evolved in many ways but we want to highlight two:

  1. We came up with an amazing idea which we have not yet had a chance to implement. Because you can edit your Derivative NFT without re-minting it, we want to create a solidity library that tracks all the changes to the SVG so that one can have a visual provenance! Imagine being able to view through how each transaction has changed the image of the NFT.
  2. How the Royalty Streams work. Each Accessory NFT will be designed by an artist. The owner of that NFT will have royalties streamed to them when any user pays to add their accessory to an NFT (note that some accessories will be offered for free.
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