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OP Bulletin: deliberative processes experiment and introducing backstop grants | May 2nd

TL;DR - top news of the week

  • Redstone is live on Mainnet
  • Article: 336K+ creators on the Superchain
  • Nym <> Superchain
  • Code of Conduct Council amends Internal Procedures
  • GovScore adds Vote with Reason
  • Discussion: Individual Contribution Logs
  • Deliberative Processes Experiment in the Collective
  • Introducing Backstop Grants
  • Retro Funding 4 livestream

:globe_with_meridians:Ecosystem News

Redstone is live on Mainnet

Built and developed by Lattice, Redstone supports autonomous worlds and MUD applications. Redstone marks the first OP Stack chain to deploy with Plasma Mode, an alternative data availability protocol and a key feature for the OP Stack developed by Lattice and OP Labs.

“Historically, OP Stack Chains have relied on the Ethereum Mainnet for data availability. Now with Plasma Mode, anyone can deploy an OP Stack Chain with the data availability layer of their choosing, greatly reducing transaction costs while maintaining security.” Read more in the Optimism Collective Article.

Article: 336K+ Artists & Creators Now Call the Superchain Home

Optimism revealed an article showcasing the impact that We :heart: The Art has had on the Superchain. Since the beginning of the event on November 3K+ first-time creators were onboarded, 184K+ creators created art on the Superchain, and throughout 2024 unique creators and NFT minting has consistently grown. Read the article

Nym <> Superchain

Nym will now offer early access NymVPN to the Optimism Ecosystem. NymVPM is built on the Nym mixnet and offers privacy protection. With its ZK infrastructure and other features like multi-hop default routing it ensures your online activities remain secure and anonymous.

Nym will be part of the Superchain Demo Day on May 9th, live on the Unlonely app and via Optimism’s X account. Join the session to learn more about Nym and its tech!

Read more

:newspaper: Governance News & proposals

:exclamation:We are in Voting Cycle #22 Voting Period

Code of Conduct Council amends Internal Procedures

Amendments on the Internal Procedures include: details on addressing, notifying and evaluating a report, procedures on reported parties subsequent violations, among others. These aim to clarify the original procedures outlined for the CoCC.

Check out the updated Internal Procedures of the CoC Council and leave feedback on the new amendments.

GovScore adds Vote with Reason

GovScore, the platform that helps token holders find Optimism delegates based on their onchain history, has added ‘Vote with Reason’ to its aggregated metric calculation. GovScore is now computed taking into account your recent voting history, voting power level, having an onchain identity and justifying their reason behind their vote casting.

Check out GovScore | Read more

Discussion: Individual Contribution Logs

@lovegrovegeorge proposes incorporating individual contribution logs as a way to record an individual’s contribution efforts and its potential benefits to the community. These advantages include improved contribution verification, performance based decision making, improved identification of impact, more accountability, among others.

Read more here

:ballot_box:Voting Reminders

No active proposals at the moment.

:dollar: Grant News

New Deliberative Processes in the Collective

During Retro Funding 4, Optimism will experiment with deliberative processes by randomly selecting 50 voters to discuss a topic relevant to the round. The topic will be facilitated by rnDAO and Missions Publiques, who are specialized in designing and running such processes.

Selected voters will participate in plenary and subgroup settings across 2 sessions on May 30th and June 6th. Between sessions, the community will be able to comment on the draft output of the deliberation. Additionally, the plenary sections will be opened to the full set of voters.

The Citizens’ House will ratify the output of the deliberative process before Round 4 voting begins and after it will be incorporated directly into the Retro Funding 4 voting mechanism.

More details to be announced before the random selection of voters begins.

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Introducing Backstop Grants

Backstop grants provide a path for teams to commit building in Optimism full-time. In instances where the Foundation would make a Partner Fund grant, a milestone-based backstop grant can be made for a token amount over a specified time period and specified scope of work.

Target grantees : builders dedicating all or a majority of their work to the Collective.

How it works
Selected grantees will be encouraged to participate in Retro Funding rounds that match their contribution. If the grantee receives a lesser amount than their grant, the Foundation will cover the remainder to meet that amount. If the amount is met in the round, the grantee will not receive any additional tokens. Amounts for backstop grants will not be disclosed so voters can assess a project’s impact without its influence.

Backstop grants don’t replace Retro Funding, which still remains the long-term source of support for teams.

Read the announcement

Retro Funding 4 livestream

On Tuesday, @Jonas, @bobby and other builders of the community participated in a livestream answering questions and giving tactical advice about the round. If you missed it check it out.

Upcoming Calls

  • Grants Council Office Hours [Monday, May 6th]
  • ACC Office Hours [Tuesday, May 7th]
  • [BADGEHOLDERS ONLY] Retro Funding 4: Impact Metrics Workshop [Tuesday, May 7th]

You can add Optimism governance calls to your calendar here.

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