Lefteris' RPGF Impactful Opensource Project list

Hello fellow Optimists,

As my entire career has been based on opensource projects I have been ask to create list of positive impactful opensource projects for RPGF.

version 2: Retro PGF
version 1: Retro PGF

Disclaimer: Author of the list is also founder of rotki, which is a project satisfying the requirements and is part of the list.


This is a list of projects that create opensource code that is here to stay and is not limited by any business source license or other limitations. The code must be truly opensource and not depend on any single company to exist in order to maintain its impact. The project must have had a measurable impact on the ecosystem.

No specific funds recommendation given. Badgeholders should use their own due dilligence and opinion there. The list simply divides 30m $OP by the number of projects in the list.

Version 2 is more lax on the impact as it just tries to find projects meeting the requirements. Mainly from projects that contacted me.

Impact evaluaton

The impact was evaluated by:

  • Checking that the project produced truly opensource code. The definition of opensource is that of FSF and OSI. Anything else is just source available and not opensource.
  • The impact of the code must be measurable and applicable even if the company/team behind it ceases to exist. Otherwise it’s not really a project creating opensource code as a gift to the world but just using the term opensource as marketing. For v2 the impact evaluation was not really measured much. Mostly the opensource + funding requirements were looked at.
  • If the project is bootstrapped and has raised no VC funding then extra points are given. As this means that it is harder to be captured by external interests and remains truly owned by its users, by its community and the world.

For v1: almost all of the projects listed I have either somehow used them and measured impact myself, or have seen trusted friends and/or colleagues use them and heard positive feedback.
For v2: I focused more on opensource and funding requirements and included projects that contacted me and satisfied the requirements.

Further updates

This is just the first version of the list. It’s possible I will create more if I find more time and more interesting projects pop up in my radar. If I do so I will add further links to new lists and also provide the diff between each version.

Edit: I added more. Check next posts for the diff.


I hope this list can guide some badgeholders to support opensource projects that have created impact for our ecosystem and need the funding help.


I created a v2 of the list: Retro PGF

The 2nd version is a superset of v1 adding more projects. I added projects that I missed in v1 and projects that approached me and asked to be included. For projects that directly asked me and I did not have enough information I did the following evaluation:

  • Checked it’s fully opensource.
  • Checked it’s bootstrapped or in any case not extremely well capitalized.
  • Checked it’s a public good.

I did not go too much into impact evaluation as the v1 list focused more on this. So keep that in mind when comparing v1 and v2.

The added projects are the following:

smoldapp - Retro PGF – missed in v1
fe - Retro PGF
solady - Retro PGF
whatsabi - Retro PGF
synpress - Retro PGF
optimistic indexer - Retro PGF
nethermind - Retro PGF – mised in v1
hildr - Retro PGF
ipsilon/ewasm - Retro PGF
streameth - Retro PGF
Scry - Retro PGF


Ty for including Scry, appreciate it


Appreciate this initiative to be fair minded and just.

Requesting you to consider Kromatika Finance for your list.

It fits all three criteria:

  • open source
  • self funded, no VCs, no ICO rounds.
  • products are definitely public goods.

We were the first DEX to deploy limit orders when Optimism was in beta.
Kromatika is perhaps one of the only DEXes that has automated Uniswap V3 tech for its unique “fees earning” limit orders on Optimism network. It has been battletested throughout the bear market and has a user-return rate of upto 60% !

Also, we offer a powerful swap aggregator that source quotes from 0xProject, 1inch, Sushiswap for best instant rates.

FYI, last year Kromatika won a 300k OP grant and have been further contributing to its growth and development.

Additionally, there are no founders in Kromatika. We are a DAO.

So yes, Kromatika is a public good - for the people and by the people.

Here is our application: Optimism Agora

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Hey Lefteris,

Thank you for making this list and all your awesome work with Rotki!

Our application for Optimystics meets all of your impact evaluation criteria and we’d greatly appreciate if you add it to your list. You can see our application and a brief overview below:

  • All of our code is truly open source, as you can see in our repositories. You can learn more about our open source tools here.

  • The impact of the code is measurable and applicable even if our team ceases to exist. In addition to the impact shown in our application, you can explore this article and list of communities playing our games to see how we’ve enabled hundreds of experienced Web3 builders who are deeply enthusiastic about fractal democracy to develop on Optimism.

  • You can see lots of positive feedback about our tools in videos of live events that are facilitated by our software. You’re also very welcome to join Optimism Fractal weekly events on Mondays to experience using the tools in a fun meeting with a community of great builders.

  • Our project is bootstrapped and has never raised VC funding. Our team has been volunteering to build these open source tools for over two years on a minimal budget and our software is created for the benefit of all.

Please see our application below and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. We really appreciate your consideration. Thank you! :pray:t4:

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Hey Lefteris! Thanks for doing this, and for always being a high integrity member of the community.

Please consider adding Umbra to your lists. The project definitely meets your criteria.

We’ve never raised VC funding or launched a token, despite having ample opportunity (and in fact pressure) to do so during the bull market. All our funding comes from grants. The project is a fully open source, and a true public good anyone can build on.

What’s more, we’re taking everything we’ve learned from Umbra and channeling it into two EIPs to standardize stealth addresses on the EVM. Thanks for your consideration!


Hey Lefteris! Thanks for doing this,Thank you so much for contributing to open source and optimistic visions!
Hope you’re well! LXDAO is an R&D-focused DAO in Web3, and it will be a solution for supporting valuable Web3 Public Goods and Open Source sustainably.
We’re strong movers and shakers, and in the past year, we’ve given birth to more than 14 projects, most of them public goods.
We’ve entered theRPGF3 funding round but are facing a challenge with global outreach, as our primary influence is in China and APAC.
We are ranked 61st in OSS analysis for monthly github activity.

Thank you for following us. and Thanks for your consideration!
our vote:

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