6th Optimism Fractal Event & RetroPitches!

Hey Optimists,

You’re welcome to join the sixth Optimism Fractal meeting for joyful event of public goods games! :stadium:

Optimism Fractal features innovative consensus games to award public goods creators and foster collaborations on Optimism. We play the Respect Game on Mondays at 17 UTC and this week we’re also playing RetroPitches at 18 UTC. The full event is expected to last for about 90 minutes and you’re welcome to join for any part.

You can join on the event page and explore the the links below to learn how Optimism Fractal grows communities. The games will give all participants time to speak and the video will be shared on social media, so it’s a great way to raise awareness for your work. We’re happy to answer any questions below or in our discord and we’d appreciate support in our RetroPGF Grant.

Hope to see you there! :sunflower: