[FINAL] Thank Optimism - powered by ThriveCoin

Hey. I skimmed through the discussion here. In full transparency, I had the chance to speak with the ThriveCoin team in a call about what they are building (they reached out), and one thing I really appreciated about this product is: the effort to mitigate the inevitable attempt to game an incentive system, and the thoughtfulness in trying to create something that funnels people towards real engagement in the Optimism ecosystem, as opposed to engaging for the reward and then unengaging. I think they are going about it in a very thoughtful manner.

Because this proposal already has enough votes for approval and I have confidence in the team (as well as the delegates who have taken the time to deeply engage here on the forum), I probably won’t go through the entire discussion deeply (at least not for right now).

However, I did see something in the discussion about concern for only being able to reward contributors after the 1-year lock up. My understanding is that, since 114k OP is ONLY for distribution to contributors through the protocol, that this 114k OP actually is subject to the no-sale rule, instead of the 1-year lockup. Which means it can be distributed instantly (similar to how Growth Experiments grants are distributed instantly). Please correct me if I’m wrong @lavande