[DRAFT] Unitap: Join the Optimistic future NOW

Mission Proposal

S4 Intent: Spread Awareness of the Optimistic Vision (Intent 3)

Proposed Mission: Join the Optimistic Future NOW program.

[Proposal Tier](Collective Trust Tiers - #2 33): Ember

Please verify that you meet the qualifications for your Tier: I am a new community member that has not worked with or for the Optimism Collective before

Baseline grant amount: 90k OP

% of total available Intent budget: 9%

Alliance: Unitap

Alliance Lead: Ali

Contact info: Telegram: @alariarch Email: team@unitap.app

L2 recipient address: 0x95F2177022e7B34D84498F2D9dd63a7457ab5793

Please list the members of your Alliance and link to any previous work:

Please explain how this Mission will help accomplish the above Intent:

TL;DR: One-stop shop to onboard into Optimism for crypto users & newbies alike. Get ETH for gas from the Sybil-resistant Gas Tap, learn about the optimistic vision, answer quizzes & perform challenges to win OP rewards on the Token Tap & get an attestation when completing the program. Everything in one place.

Important disclosure: The development of this mission has a significant overlap with the development of the Optimism governance learning by doing mission for intent 4. If both get funding, we will give back the development budget of Token Tap & Learn Tap for one grant (60,000 OP).

The Problem: More L1s/L2s, more competition for attention, less perceived differentiation, less commitment.

Blockchain ecosystems are in fierce competition with an increasing number of players offering seemingly similar solutions. Optimism is actually bringing a refreshing narrative through the Optimism Collective model, the explicit intention of allocating a large part of the token supply and future profit to fund public goods. As well as a vision where the collective eventually expands into the physical world and provides for basic human needs at scale.

However, this narrative gets buried by an overwhelming quantity of content released to the Optimsm potential audience.

Unitap & the Join the Optimistic Future NOW program may change this.

The solution: Join the Optimistic Future NOW program.

This is an active learning program designed to be an easy onboarding and learning tool for crypto users & newbies alike. With a Sybil-resistant Gas Tap to start experimenting on Optimism, a guided journey to explore Optimism, learn about the Optimistic vision, videos, quizzes, on-chain & off-chain challenges to earn rewards and eventually get an attestation of completion.

Our approach is based on 5 key elements that will make it succeed:

  1. Simple onboarding. The experience would be hosted on https://unitap.app/ a platform designed as a one-stop-shop to onboard new users to blockchain networks & dapps. Unitap will host 6 taps (Gas Tap, Token Tap, Learn Tap, Prize Tap, Stake Tap & Launch Tap)

New users can get gas to try out a new blockchain on the Sybil-resistant Gas Tap.

  1. Gamified experience. The program will have a gamified experience featuring challenges & rewards to boost engagement.

  2. Completion attestations. We will use the attestation station to certify that the user has learned about the Optimistic vision & performed a set of actions on Optimism. Many use cases may ripple out of these attestations including citizenship, airdrops, etc.

  3. $OP Incentivizes to learn & engage. OP incentives will further encourage users to learn about the Optimistic vision.

  4. Fair distribution. Unitap uses BrightID battle-tested Sybil-resistant technology to avoid exploitations & fairly distribute gas, token rewards, prizes & many other things.

The advantages of active learning over lecture style learning are well documented, according to a study by the National Training Laboratories, the average retention rate for active practice over time is 75%, and for teaching others or immediate use of the learning it’s 90%. In contrast, the retention rate for lecture-style learning is just 5% (“The Learning Pyramid”, National Training Laboratories, Bethel, Maine, USA). Practical learning also boosts engagement and participation over time.

Content & format of the Join the Optimistic Future NOW.

The plan is to work with the Optimism collective to define the most important content for the program. Here is a non-exhaustive list of resources we could use:

The format will include reads, videos, quizzes & on-chain/off-chain challenges. Some examples that we may add for Optimism are:

  • Claim Gas
  • Claim OP
  • Buy OP
  • Delegate your OP
  • Bridge to OP
  • Mint NFTs
  • Use DeFi tools.

It’s important to notice that the deliverable by September 20th will be an MVP.

One last thought by Confucius.

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”
― Confucius

What makes your Alliance well-suited to execute this Mission?

Unitap shares founders & communities with BrightID, a reputable organization in web3 with 100K+ of users. The team has been in crypto since 2016 & worked together in BrightID since 2017. Unitap inherits the expertise of BrightID regarding Proof of Uniqueness. Furthermore, it may also inherit the large user base of BrightID.

The team members of this alliance bring unique skills to execute this mission.

  • Ali will be the PM & make sure we deliver on time. He is an experienced PM and businessman helping Unitap grow.

  • Adam leads the technical development. Adam is the co-founder of BrightID, Aura & Unitap and has vast experience delivering far more complicated products.

  • Paslar is a very experienced biz-dev and will help us make our voices heard.

  • Bastin will build the smart contracts & back-end needed for this project. As well as the integration with the attestation station.

We’ve worked together as a team before, here are links to our previous work: BrightID

Please list a critical milestone. The critical milestone should be a measure of whether you’ve made best efforts to execute what is outlined in this proposal or not. If you fail to achieve your critical milestone, your grant may be clawed back.

  • Critical Milestone 1: Launch of the Token Tap. July 20th
  • Critical Milestone 3: Final design of the learning journey & incentives. September 10th
  • Critical Milestone 2: Launch of the Learn Tab. September 18th
  • Critical Milestone 4: Launch of the program with integrations with Optimism challenges & the attestation station. September 20th

How should Token House delegates measure progress towards this Mission: These should focus on progress towards completion. Including expected completion dates for each is recommended.

  • Token Tap smart contracts should be deployed & connected to the Unitap Dapp (https://unitap.app/) by July 20th.
  • Publish the “Join the Optimistic Future NOW” learning journey & incentives on the forum to gather feedback by August 18th.
  • Learn Tap should be live on the Unitap Dapp (https://unitap.app/) by September 18th.
  • An MVP of the “Join the Optimistic Future NOW” should be live & able to mint attestations from those who finish the program & engage with Optimism governance by September 20th.
  • Have 1500+ unique users* that initiated the “Join the Optimistic Future NOW” by December 20th.
  • Have 1000+ unique users* with attestations that prove the completion of the “Join the Optimistic Future NOW” by December 20th.

*We are using Sybil-resistant technology.

How should badgeholders measure impact upon completion of this Mission? These should be focused on performance and may be used by badgeholders to assess your Misson’s impact in the next round of RetroPGF.

  • Any performance beyond the 1000 unique users with an attestation of finalizing the program.
  • 70%+ attestations of users completing the program in comparison to the users starting it.
  • Positive feedback or testimonials from users, OP token holders & delegates.
  • An increase in total delegates, delegation, voting, & overall participation in the governance processes of Optimism.

Breakdown of Mission budget request:

Total budget request: 90,000 OP

Budget breakdown:

  • Token Tap development: 50,000 USD (25,000 USD funded by Unitap). We will ask 20,000 OP.
  • Learn Tap development: 125,000 USD (50,000 USD funded by Unitap). We will ask 40,000 OP.
  • Join the Optimistic Future NOW program development: 10,000 OP
  • Attestations schemas creation & integration: 10,000 OP
  • Incentives for those who finish the program: 10,000 OP (2,000 claims of 5 OP)
  • Total: 90,000 OP

I confirm that my grant will be subject to clawback for failure to execute on critical milestones: Yes

I confirm that I have read and understand the grant policies: Yes

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the Optimism Foundation to receive this grant: Yes

I understand that I will be expected to following the public grant reporting requirements outlined here: Yes


How will you get the ETH to fund the Gas tap?

I don’t think you can sell the OP for a year, do you have another source for that?

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Hi @Unitap! Wanted to make sure you were aware of the Optimism Season 4 Pitching Sessions to help find the 4 delegate approvals you’ll need by this Wednesday at 19:00 GMT for your proposal to move to a vote.

These sessions are happening in Discord on Monday, 26.06 2pm ET / 6pm GMT / 8pm CET and Tuesday, 27.06 11am ET / 3pm GMT / 5pm CET.

You can sign-up here!

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GM @griff

The Gas Tap aim’s to make Unitap a better onboarding solution to Optimism & the Join the Optimistic future NOW program. However, it’s not essential to reach the critical milestones of this grant.

Nevertheless, we believe it would be an amazing onboarding mechanism to have both Gas Tap & Learn Tap active. Therefore, we are looking to fund Gas Tap through the co-granting option of a Builders grant & we are actively looking for other alternatives to fund it.


So far all the OP ETH we’ve given away was donated by other Unitap users via the refill link.

Anyone can add ETH … so if you’re reading this, feel free to do so, and help us onboard more people onto Optimism!


We would love to get more feedback & support if you consider it is ready to move to a vote.

Pinging some awesome engaged delegates here: @MinimalGravitas @Gonna.eth @Joxes @Nelen @Oxytocin

Hey this is an interesting proposal. I am a bit skeptical of gamified experiences like these. Do you have any examples of something similar working in the past? Also, how are you going to drive new users to the site once it is built?


Thanks for the comments.

Gas Tap is already live & over 4000 unique individuals have claimed gas for different networks. We use BrightID to verify Proof of Uniqueness. We think Unitap can attract the 100K+ unique humans user base of BrightID.

We plan to work with communication partners inside & outside of the Optimism Ecosystem to keep growing the user base.

Hey team, more education & impact around onboarding to Optimism is a important cause.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power, and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote

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Interesting… If you can add in some sort of effort to do fundraising for the ETH, I would support this mission.

I’ll say the magic words here so you can get to vote hopefully in a last minute comeback, but really prefer the other proposal you have.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power , and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote