[FINAL] Optimistic Womxn Shining in Blockchain

As an OP delegate, we support this proposal, even if we do not exceed the sufficient vote power threshold. We are aware of the value of such formations for gender equality in the ecosystem. Greetings to all our friends at H.E.R. LATAM.


This is very valuable to us, thank you very much!!

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This appears well thought out (I especially like KPI 3) and the asking amount is reasonable. If we can end up with a handful of new projects building public goods then this seems like a no-brainer.

I am an Optimism delegate with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


I represent KyberSwap, an Optimism Protocol Delegate for Season 4 with sufficient voting power, and we believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


We were impressed to see the mutual support among projects in LATAM. We noticed that a beautiful ecosystem has been established, and we can say that we are envious of it.

We agree that there should be no language barrier for Optimistic Vision to reach people, and we are aware that one of the best communities to accomplish this is H.E.R. LATAM.

As ITU Blockchain, we vote in favor of this mission. If you are interested in producing content related to past RetroPGF rounds, we would like to express our willingness to collaborate with you in creating such content.


I am going to be voting in favour of this mission due to what I mentioned in my post above.


Thank you very much!

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Thank you so much! We will definitely be in touch!



GM GM! We are super excited to start the Cohort soon! Thanks for your support!

We have prepared the design material, launched a registration to the Cohort, and promoted it on Social Media!

Come join us, it’s open to everyone!




Hello OP!

We are super excited to say we have fulfilled our next milestone!

@launamu gave an amazing talk on measuring the positive and negative impact of your Web3 project + Public Goods, you can find the recording here:


Update: We have a YouTube Page now :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/7ec9LcaN6kQ



We are super excited to have completed our third milestone!

@brichis gave an amazing session on Optimism´s Governance and how to become a delegate which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HyVVd4aEpc

We have also created a Notion page where we will be including all the material: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

And we have launched the applications for our 1:1 Consultancies: Consultorías 1:1



We are super excited to have had our Third Session for the Cohort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvBcfdCCzVg

It was about the opportunities in the Optimism Collective. Remember to view all the material and additional resources on our Notion.

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Hello Hello, we are super excited to be finalizing the last part of our project, the 1:1 consultancies!!
It has been an amazing experience guiding individuals and projects into the Optimism Ecosystem, please expect our complete and detailed report next week!


Hi @teresacd!

As Season 4 draws to a close this week, we’re so excited to see how you’ve executed on your Mission! Please post an update for the community here outlining the milestones you’ve met this Thursday (9/20) by 19:00 GMT. Please include links to any final work products as we’ll create a final roundup linking to all Mission deliverables.

We also encourage you to sign-up for RetroPGF Round 3. You’ll be able to describe the impact of your Mission when you sign-up: RetroPGF Round 3 Applications Are Open

Thanks again for being part of this experiment and helping us build the Collective :heart:

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Thanks @lavande just so we don’t miss the deadline, are you referring to Thursday 21 or Wednesday 20?

Have a great day!

September 20, 2023,

Mission Optimistic Womxn Shinning in Blockchain

Final Report

HER DAO LATAM is a talent incubator dedicated to empowering people who identify as women, transgender women, and non-binary individuals in Latin America. We provide education, resources, and opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem. Our mission is to diversify the blockchain ecosystem by breaking down language barriers, fostering talent, and offering financial freedom through learning and development opportunities.

In this report, we will demonstrate how we have spread awareness of the Optimistic Vision through the completion of our mission “Optimistic Womxn Shinning in Blockchain”.

A. Cohort # 1

Accessible and Diverse Education: At HER DAO LATAM, we have developed a series of educational materials that include three live online workshops, accompanied by support material and a comprehensive summary of the content. These workshops have addressed fundamental issues such as the relationship between Impact and Profits in building Public Goods, measuring the positive and negative impact of Web3 projects, understanding Optimism Governance, and the importance of becoming a Delegate.

All the material has been published on this site, and we will expand on this point in the present report.

Optimists Learning: On average, each workshop had more than 36 attendees. People who didn’t get a chance to attend were able to access the workshop thanks to a channel created on the YouTube platform. So far, the channel has 170 views and 14 subscribers.

In addition, a special Telegram group was created for attendees and those interested. Questions are answered, and Optimism updates are shared in this group.

Material for Everyone: To accompany and guide the learning, a special platform was developed on Notion. The platform aims to host resources and additional material created by the team to facilitate the understanding of the given workshops. The special focus of the platform was to make it accessible to everyone, easy to use, and appealing. The platform has had a total reach of 66 views.

We chose Notion as the best platform for our project due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface. The platform allowed us to upload workshop videos and additional resources and make them public. In doing so, we furthered our mission to spread information, empower, and educate our participants.

:rocket:Data and Supporting Documentation can be found here.

B. Marketing Material

Active Promotion: At HER DAO LATAM, a robust marketing strategy has been implemented to promote Cohort # 1 of Optimistic Women Shining in Blockchain. Various resources have been published on Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Twitter (X)

We have prioritized the accessibility of our educational and marketing materials, ensuring they are designed in a user-friendly way to also attract people outside the Web3 world.

Newsletter: The seventh edition of our newsletter “Optimistic Blockchain: Exploring Opportunities and Scholarships” was filled with an optimistic view, where articles related to Optimism and the experience of going from zero to becoming a Delegate were included.


:rocket: Data and Supporting Documentation can be found in the following links
Supporting Documentation

C. 1:1 Consultancies

One of the most relevant points of our mission was to have that 1:1 space where we could genuinely analyze and support the community. We divided the consultations into two categories: 5 for people who have already taken the Cohort and 5 for people, communities, and/or projects that have not taken the Cohort.

Our lesson from this has been that 1:1 accompaniment is a key point for carrying out missions and actions related to becoming part of the Optimism ecosystem. Having people to whom you have direct access to resolve your doubts is fundamental, especially in your own language. In our case, Brichis, who we can consider an ambassador of the Optimism community, supported us enormously. Now, starting with the consultations given, we also consider ourselves ambassadors of Optimism, and we aim to be that door to knock on to become an active part of the ecosystem.

We realized it was important to divide the consultations into 2:

  1. People interested in becoming Delegates.
  2. People with ideas or projects looking to join Optimism.

We created the following templates to monitor the information. Due to data protection issues, we reserve the information acquired in these consultations.

Demonstrable Impact: The workshops have had a concrete impact on the community, and many were interested in participating in our proposal of 10 1:1 consultations. As a result of the workshops, five people sought support to become delegates, while five people have decided to promote public goods projects in collaboration with Optimism. The call was open to both people who received the workshop and those who were not part of it.

In the following table, we provide a recap of the topics covered in each consultation:

Type of Consultancy Knowledge of Optimism´s Ecosystem prior to the Consultancy
Community with a project idea to incorporate into Optimism Basic
Ongoing Project looking for Opportunities to grow in the Optimism Ecosystem Basic
Become a Delegate Advanced
Become a Delegate Intermediate
Become a Delegate Intermediate
Become a Delegate Intermediate
Individual who is an ambassador of a project looking to enter the Optimism Ecosystem Basic
Leader of an Ethereum-aligned community, looking to enter the Optimism Ecosystem Intermediate
Become a Delegate Advanced
Public Goods project looking to join the Optimism Ecosystem Basic

We are convinced that the most important part of these consultations was not the hours invested in them, but the proper accompaniment over time. For this reason, we commit to following up on them and evaluating them over time to confirm that they truly had an effect in getting the consultees to actively participate within the Optimism ecosystem.

D. Completion of KPIs

:rocket: Data and Supporting Documentation

E. Next Steps

At HER DAO LATAM, we plan to continue updating the content platform and maintain the Telegram group to answer questions related to Optimism. We also plan to measure our metrics for the next 11 months.

We will fulfill Objective 1. Increase in OP ecosystem contributors and objective 4. Optimistic opportunity awareness, by:

  1. Continue tracking the metrics about the number of individuals/projects that were part of the Cohort and/or consulting sessions and are now active participants of the Optimism Ecosystem
  2. Results about the goals results will be presented on Social Media and this forum 3 months after the completion of the Mission and in 11 months.

We are also in the process of submitting attestations.

In general, at HER DAO LATAM, we have demonstrated solid commitment and concrete results in spreading the Optimistic Vision. The initiatives have attracted new users, builders, and partners to the ecosystem and have significantly contributed to the promotion of a new and regenerative economic model in the Web3 space, we consider and have demonstrated in this report this Mission has been completed and executed according to our proposal.

Thank you Optimism and let’s keep shining in blockchain,

Tere, Lau, Sury, Carolyn, Ahhsun & Brichis.


I’ve been a witness of the growth of HER DAO LATAM since day 1 and I really want to congratulate the whole team and community. I’ve seen a lot of women in this community achieving their goals, becoming builders, entrepreneurs, and a really important piece of the community in Latam.

Congrats on completing this mission and I am eager to keep witnessing the growth of women in blockchain in the region!

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Thanks for the update @teresacd! Please not that all Missions will be able to showcase their work tomorrow during a dedicated Mission demo day on September 28th, at 16:00 GMT on the Discord mainstage!

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Demo Day - Mission Proposal Edition September 28th 2023 - 4pm UTC

Show off your Season 4 Mission Proposal accomplishments and milestones:

  • Each mission proposal will get 2 minutes to present
  • Summarize your mission proposal
  • List your milestones and the results of those milestones

Apply here - (Discord):

Presenter Discord Handle → must be in the Optimism Discord
Link to your mission proposal


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Quarterly Report :red_circle::sparkles:

During this period, we have conducted both online and in-person workshops. The topics covered have been Contributing to the OP Ecosystem and Applying to RetroPGF3 (Without failing in the Attempt).

Workshop RetroPGF3

Workshop Online: Applying to RetroPGF3 (without failing in the attempt) with Optimists Shining in Blockchain, an initiative by H.E.R Latam. Took place on Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 7pm Mexico time and was presented by our host LauNaMu.

-The importance of measuring and presenting the impact of your public good projects.
-Impact assessment.
-How RetroPGF can boost ecosystem growth.

You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel through Aplicando a RetroPGF3 (Sin morir en el intento)

Web3 Brunch :coffee::sparkles:

Contributing to the OP Ecosystem by LauNaMu was one of the talks that took place in the morning of Web3 in the lead-up to EthMexico. This event was organized by H.E.R DAO Latam and Wagmi Latam on October 22nd, with the aim of promoting learning, the exchange of ideas and knowledge, as well as encouraging active participation in the Web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

BitDay :zap:
Learning Day with guests from web3 communities sharing insights on blockchain, L2.
Topic: Introducción a Optimism
Speaker: Brichis
For more information visit this link

WorkShop We :heart: the Art: Learn, mint, win

Wednesday, December 6 - 4pm Mexico/Honduras
Speaker: Ahhsun
Guest: Rosa Gonzales, Sohobiit
Audience: Latin America.
Organized by Ethereum Honduras and Optimistas Brillando en Blockchain to explain how to participate in the art contest celebrating creation on the blockchain, Optimism distributes 1,200,000 OP for creators.

-Basics of OP.
-Learn the categories to apply to We :heart: the Art.
-Discover the prizer.
-Mint art to apply and fill out the form.

It was broadcasted from the Ethereum Honduras Youtube account and received 88 views.

Thank you Optimism and let’s keep shining in blockchain,

Tere, Lau, Sury, Carolyn, Ahhsun & Brichis.