[FINAL] Develop the most relevant and aligned audiovisual content for the Optimism Collective

Cryptoversidad Governance Update 5: September 20, 2023

Hello everyone! This marks our final Governance Update before the ultimate delivery of our mission objectives. Let’s get into the details.

Access all deliverables in this dedicated Notion document.

Completed Work

We are thrilled to announce that all research, scripting, feedback, quizzes, voiceovers, and graphic design are fully completed. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Scripts: 10 high-quality scripts in both English and Spanish, designed to demystify Optimism in an easily digestible manner.
  • 3D Icons: A total of 192 customized 3D icons have been developed for visual enhancement of the videos.
  • Voiceovers: Professional voiceovers for all 10 scripts, provided in both English and Spanish, totaling over 120 minutes of audio content.

Animation Status

We have successfully completed animations for 7 out of the 10 planned videos. The remaining animations are in progress and will be finalized within the upcoming week.

Final Delivery Timeline

We are on course to finalize everything by Friday, September 29th. We eagerly await sharing the end product with our community.

Areas for Assistance

The overarching goal of these videos is to serve as a valuable educational resource. By integrating them into Optimism’s existing documentation and circulating them across social media channels, we aim to maximize their impact.

We are actively seeking guidance from members of the Foundation and have filled out the OP Labs form. Any assistance or insights on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

We are excited and giving our best to create the most relevant and aligned videos for the Collective.

The Cryptoversidad Team,