[FINAL] Develop the most relevant and aligned audiovisual content for the Optimism Collective

Hey! Looking at this proposal, as well as the budget, I’m skeptical. First, per your own words, this is not a marketing proposal. This is simply a proposal for video content creation. So, in order for these videos to be useful, then somehow someone else has to use them. Like, if I wanted to explain optimism to my friend, I could link them to these videos, instead to some unwieldy documentation. BUT, I’d have to know where to find these videos. They’d have to be indexed somewhere. And this proposal carries no guarantee of that. Basically, I’m saying that it’s really easy for this entire effort to get lost. I think something like this would be better suited as a response to a RFP from the Foundation, where the Foundation would actually put these videos in their docs. But as it stands now, it looks like this is just content without a clear distribution process or plan.

Leaning towards Against on this one as a rep of Blockchain@USC.

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