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Team: ETH Kipu


About us

ETH KIPU is an organization dedicated to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem in Latin America. Co-created by Latam Community Leaders aligned with Ethereum values.

From ETH KIPU we seek to be the meeting point, the paths that cross to walk a path that if we walk together, we will not only go further, but we will come out stronger. Learning to work as a team, aiming at those objectives that identify us as a community.

Where we started

Some of our current members were part of the general organization of ETH Latam Buenos Aires and ETH Latam Bogotá in 2022 (one day before Devcon VI). A group of leaders and members from various Ethereum communities in Latin America came together at Devcon VI, where they agreed to work together and coordinate their efforts in 2023 in the areas of education and community.

With the intention of executing this initiative, a group of individuals from more than 8 countries joined forces to establish the organizational structure of ETH Kipu.

What initially started as an educational and Ethereum community has now evolved into an organization with 5 areas: Education, Community, ETH Latam and events, Kipu Impact -Public Goods-, and Kipu Stakers.

Our work units


Since May 2023, we have established relationships with different universities in 10 different cities across Latin America. In collaboration with local communities, we have conducted two courses: Ethereum Starter Pack and Ethereum Developer Pack (Solidity). We have more than 100 graduates and over 300 students are currently enrolled in ongoing courses.

These courses serve as the foundation for a long-term relationship with academic institutions. We have placed special emphasis on conveying the value of the technology and the values of the crypto ecosystem to dispel unfounded suspicions and doubts about the crypto ecosystem in general. We are the first organization to achieve such an extensive in-person outreach under diverse conditions. We have faced cultural, structural, bureaucratic, and even climatic challenges. In just 4 months, this has transformed us into a resilient organization with a level of penetration into university circles that is rarely seen.


We strive to build an extensive network of contacts with builders and members of different communities day by day. This helps us understand firsthand the needs and challenges that affect us in the region.

Latam communities

  • We keep in touch with the following communities and platforms:
    • Ethereum Argentina :argentina:
    • Ethereum Bolivia :bolivia:
    • Ethereum Canal :panama:
    • Ethereum Colombia :colombia:
    • Ethereum Costa Rica :costa_rica:
    • Ethereum Guatemala :guatemala:
    • Ethereum Honduras :honduras:
    • Ethereum Lima :peru:
    • Ethereum Miami :us:
    • Ethereum Paraguay :paraguay:
    • Ethereum Repúblicla Dominicana :dominican_republic:
    • Ethereum Samba :brazil:
    • Ethereum Tricolor :ecuador:
    • Ethereum Uruguay :uruguay:
    • Ethereum Venezuela :venezuela:
    • Ethereum Volcano :el_salvador:
    • Ethereum Istanbul :tr:
    • Bankless Brasil :brazil:
    • Layer 2 en Español
    • Optimism en Español
    • SEED Latam
    • DappNode
    • Diva
    • SenseiNode
    • StaderLabs
    • Obol Labs
    • Meta Pool

Open created an open source handbook with resources and best practices on how to kick-start an Ethereum Meetup.

We have periodical sharing sessions to build common knowledge.

Every month we host a ‘Community hour’ session. We invite different communities from Latam to introduce themselves and share their challenges, their stories, and their insights.

ETH Latam


The ETH Latam Buenos Aires event was a complete success: three days of the conference, over 4,000 attendees, and more than 60 speakers across two stages, an NFT room, and two workshop rooms.

The ETH Latam Bogotá event was also a resounding success, with a full day of conferences in Spanish and over 2200 attendees. There were more than 60 speakers across two stages and two workshop rooms. Vitalik Buterin joined us for the event’s opening.

The third edition of ETH Latam will take place in Q1 of 2024 in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This destination was chosen based on the importance of focusing on the Central American region, where many builders teams and communities have emerged in recent times.

Kipu Impact

Quadratic Funding (QF) rounds have become a powerful way to raise funds and make collective decisions in Ethereum communities worldwide. We presented the ‘QF Rounds Organization Manual,’ an open and collaborative tool written by members of Kipu Impact for all organizers who wish to carry out a successful funding round. The Manual explores both technical and non-technical aspects to consider, along with practical advice and examples from previous cases in Honduras, Argentina, and Colombia. (EN, ES and PT).

We published an extended analysis about funding public goods, including the previous RPGF2.

Kipu Stakers

This work unit have two branches: education and execution. At the beginning, we started with the diagnosis of the region, you can read the article at this link:

Then, we began conducting TwitterSpaces, participating in events, and providing educational workshops.


We actively collaborate in the translation and dissemination of material in Spanish about staking:


Currently, we have a partnership with Dappnode, and we are documenting the entire process to bring more education to the region.

Our contribution to the Optimism Collective

  • 12/10/22: ETH Latam Bogotá: As organizers, we included in the schedule of our event an important workshop: Introducción a Optimism. You can find the recording here.
  • Badgeholders: We had the opportunity to experience being badgeholders and we voted on 95 proposals in the RPGF2.
  • 29/03/23: Mendoza Innova: Cryptochica gave a talk on an introduction to web3 and spent a few minutes sharing her experience in Optimism’s RPGF as a badgeholders in front of 700 people.
  • 01/04/23: ETH Samba (Río de Janeiro): Cryptochica gave a talk about Public Goods and shared her experience in Optimism RPGF as a badgeholders.

Our vision, after establishing the technical and philosophical foundations (decentralization, collaboration, and open-source), is to continue transmitting specific knowledge that serves as a starting point for new on-chain research and developments. We align with the Optimistic vision and believe it is crucial to bring technical details as well as the importance of the concept of Public Goods closer to the forefront.

We believe that reputations are built over extended periods of work. As mentioned by @cryptochica, we did not participate in RPGF2 as we considered we had not yet made a significant contribution.

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce ourselves because we have applied to the RFG with an initiative we are very excited about. We are in a feedback period, so we cordially invite everyone to provide us with feedback as this is our first experience applying to such an instance. You can find the link here.

Thank you to you all!

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