Delegate Spotlight

Optimism is home to some incredible contributors and delegates. The Collective has expressed interest in recognizing delegates that are actively contributing to Optimism Governance but may have less reach or visibility than well known delegates. The Collective appreciates you and wants to highlight your contributions!

As outlined in Delegate Discovery Initiatives, this thread is a place for delegates with >0.5% of the voting supply to highlight delegates with <0.5%. This list can serve as a reference for token holders looking to make delegations to delegates with less visibility.

Delegates might consider those that have:

  • contributed meaningfully to governance conversations
  • would bring a new perspective to Optimism governance
  • done work that furthers the Optimistic Vision
  • participated consistently in building the Collective
  • demonstrated expertise that is relevant to the governance decisions required of Token House delegates
  • demonstrated any other qualities you believe are worth highlighting

Please include the delegate’s name/pseudonym and the link to their delegate profile in the thread below. You might also consider sharing:

  • a sentence or two about why you’ve chosen to highlight this delegate
  • something this delegate has done that you admire
  • a particular project, action, or voting rationale that you learned from

Shouting out @MinimalGravitas, Optimism Agora

MinimalGravitas is an active delegate and votes on all proposals, but doesn’t comment on every topic, so they may be underknown. However, when they do, it’s always highest-quality and adds something meaningful to the conversation. As an example, this is their recent brainstorm on Intent #3.

There are many high quality and active delegates that have slipped under 0.5% like @Joxes, @OPUser - I hope others will give them the spotlight they deserve.


Thanks for such a good spotlight for delegates. I believe these are meaningful contributors to Optimism. Despite the fact that I am self-delegated, I have a diligent respect for this group of people who contribute to the network on the basis of honestly and intelligence.

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I want to highlight @Michael (Optimism Agora) as a delegate. He’s done a great job hosting the Optimism community governance calls every 2 weeks. I appreciate that he comes prepared with an agenda before each call and has gone out of his way to create a regular space where community members can share their perspectives.


I would like to highlight @Axel_T who is a regular on the Community calls, despite being in the APAC time zone. He’s always asking questions and engaging on the forum and is an active contributor and community member!


Thank you very much @katie I feel very honoured to be mentioned by you. You’ve long been someone I’ve admired in this community, so this mention makes me feel great. Wow, thanks!

As for anyone that reads this thread: While I won’t say ‘No’ to any extra delegations, (a) I personally prefer when people self-delegate and we have greater participation with a more decentralised voter base, and (b) I am not as active & dedicated as some of the others mentioned here; again personally, I’m a big fan of the already mentioned delegates @MinimalGravitas @OPUser @Michael and, of course, @katie :slight_smile:


I want to highlight 3 delegates


RE @polynya I am happy to give Joxes some love.

Joxes is representing the Latam Community in Optimism, and is EXTREMELY active in the Optimism forums, making nice professional summaries of their thoughts in forum posts.


Brichis is a leader in the Ethereum Mexico community and has been very active as well, I see her in every call and every forum post I engage with and has less than 200 OP delegated to her last I checked.

ITU Blockchain

ITU Blockchain’s delegation is managed by Sum, she is a also very professional in clearly stating why they voted how they did and the Turkish community is generally under represented in the Ethereum community, despite how engaged they are.


Detailed experiment, only suggestion is posting clear impact driven KPIs and impact driven with learning every month for evaluation of success and new experiments and introspection.

This is good initiative. The Spotlight should focus more on value the delegate brings to OP over just numbers. The passion and value are imperative.

In the ongoing season, I am impressed by @lee0007 works and would like to nominate them.

Few activity to sight here, and here.

Their data driven approach to measure impact and proposal need more attention.


In our lastest internal conversations at the @seedlatam delegation, we talked about some good contributions made by some delegates (and despite not having a high voting power, we don’t want to miss this opportunity), now we want to highlight the following ones:

  • @Gonna.eth because he is active and taking on responsibilities with full involvement in governance, as delegate, council member and badgeholder, admirable to see. Profile.
  • @OPUser being very active in the forum since inception, valuable effort. Profile.
  • @MinimalGravitas, 100% agree here with Polynya about their rationales are incredibly useful and good input to drive the discussion. Profile.

Although it isn’t the exact intention of this thread, we would like to highlight the actions of some delegates that can serve as inspiration for small and future delegates:

  • @jackanorak because he is always active asking key questions and giving his opinion from a critical aspect.
  • @polynya always stands out when it comes to discussing aspects related to the protocol itself, with unique ideas.
  • @katie for her continued dedication which is always remarkable.
  • @lefterisjp exemplary experience and disposition, demonstrated in the forum.
    @Oxytocin as a representative of a non-native Optimism protocol and part of the Protocol Delegation Program, carrying out their responsibilities and getting involved as we would like other actors within the Optimism ecosystem to do.