Anticapture Commission Lead Nominations

GM EthFam, I’m a little concerned that no one has volunteered for this role yet, and while I can understand that a lot of effort for no reward doesn’t seem appealing, it probably is a position we need to fill. I guess the other option is to divide out these responsibilities amongst the Commission members, but even that would need someone to take responsibility for coordinating it all.

If no one else is going to do it then I’ll put my name forward and then we’ll be in a right mess, you all know I don’t have a professional or diplomatic bone in my body, I’d hide behind my PFP in any video meetings (don’t even have a camera on my PC, let alone any desire to dox myself…) and if forced to write reports they would be both excessively verbose and filled with my personal opinions. According to Dune 0.29% of the voteable supply has been delegated to me, from 1,087 addresses, but considering I’ve never really bothered with crypto Twitter or Discord or whatever that’s probably almost entirely from members of the EthFinance subreddit, who all undoubtedly care much more about the health of the broader Ethereum ecosystem than about Optimism specifically.

I have also demonstrated a recurring irreverence for the behaviour of some of the biggest teams building in the Optimism ecosystem and have shown a history over the last 18 months of prioritizing the sanctity of Ethereum L1 over incentivizing use of Optimism.

In terms of relevant experience, I’ve never done anything like this in crypto. I guess spending a few years researching and pushing back against online political manipulation is tangentially relevant, but I don’t think that the threats to Optimism governance are going to be coming from Russian troll farms or Cambridge Analytica analogues - hopefully!

As another example of why I would be unsuitable, while I do sometimes leave the odd comment that others seem to appreciate I have never even bothered to create a ‘Delegate communications thread’. I’m also purely here representing myself and hopefully some of the thoughts of some of the EthFinancers / EVMavericks, I’m not building or paid by any dApp teams or whatever and as such am not restrained by the need to protect the image of some larger entity, meaning I can share rude or irresponsible opinions to my heart’s content… other than of course abiding by Optimism’s own code of conduct!

Anyway, as I’ve hopefully laid out in plenty of detail above, I would not be a sensible choice to hold this leadership position, so please take this as a call to other, more responsible volunteers to self-nominate. I’d do it if no one else wants to, but please lets try to avoid that outcome!

EDIT: Look I couldn’t even follow this instruction!

Please keep your answers as concise as possible while conveying all relevant information.