Governance Weekly Recap

Week of May 15, 2023


  1. Voting Cycle #12b is underway, with four proposals before the Token House until May 31.
  2. The OP circulating supply will increase on May 31, as detailed in this forum post, which states: “The upcoming unlock presents another opportunity to drive new delegations and further increase the votable supply.” :arrow_heading_down:
  3. Delegate discovery can be supported by shining a spotlight on those with <0.5% of the voting supply. :arrow_heading_down:
  4. It’s delegation week: “a 5-day ecosystem-wide event dedicated to DAO governance engagement.” :arrow_heading_down:
  5. The 20th OP Community Governance Call is tomorrow, Tuesday May 23rd, at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET, on Zoom. Agora will be on to talk about improvements to delegate discovery.


  1. Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments Grants (approval voting)
  2. Council Reviewer Elections: Builders Grants (approval voting)
  3. Treasury Appropriation (Foundation Year 2 Budget Approval)
  4. Inflation Adjustment Proposal

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