Governance Weekly Recap

Week of May 22, 2023


  1. Voting Cycle #12b remains underway, with four proposals before the Token House until May 31. Season 4 will start on June 8 — see the public calendar here.
  2. Delegate discovery initiatives were discussed during last week’s governance call, and Agora’s @zcf is keeping a running list of ideas.
  3. Shine a spotlight on lesser known delegates in this thread.


  1. Council Reviewer Elections: Growth Experiments Grants Proposal | Discussion
  2. Council Reviewer Elections: Builders Grants Proposal | Discussion
  3. Treasury Appropriation (Foundation Year 2 Budget Approval) Proposal | Discussion
  4. Inflation Adjustment Proposal Proposal | Discussion

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Links to the recordings (along with a recap) of last week’s community governance call can be found in the original post.

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