DAOplomats Delegate Communication thread

Name: DAOplomats.eth
Delegate Address: 0xc2490D220419ACdCeD68428Ac413c8483d08D1AB
Delegate ENS Address: OP.DAOplomats.eth
Forum Username:, Jengajojo
Website: DAOplomats.org

Twitter: https://x.com/DAOplomats

Our Voting Activity: Linktree


DAOstewards merged with DAOplomats is a governance-as-a-service organization committed to empowering DAOs through effective governance, treasury management, grants programs, and community-building initiative… Our mission is to help DAOs achieve their full potential by fostering collaboration and maximizing positive outcomes. As part of DAOstewards we have contributed to the optimism DAO since Augest 2023 (Optimism Governance Dashboard by Curia) and have tabled Mission Requests for season 5.


At DAOplomats, our core values of objective decision-making, decentralization, and positive-sum collaboration serve as guiding principles in our approach to DAO governance. We believe in empowering communities and pushing decision-making power to the edges, fostering win-win scenarios that benefit all stakeholders.

DAO Vision & Goals for Optimism:

Empowering Optimism’s Mission of Creating a New Internet:

We are committed to supporting Optimism’s vision of creating a new internet that benefits all and is owned by none. Our goal is to promote Optimism’s adoption by encouraging participation in its decentralized governance and advocating for equitable economic rulesets.

Cross DAO Collaboration and Building Strong DAOlationships:

Leveraging our experience in collaborating with various DAOs, we aim to foster collaboration between Optimism and other relevant projects. This collaboration can unlock opportunities to integrate Optimism with other decentralized systems, enhancing its utility and promoting a more equitable digital economy.

Improving Governance

DAOplomats is dedicated to enhancing governance within Optimism. We prioritize initiatives that make governance structures clear, transparent, and user-friendly for all stakeholders. Our focus includes promoting diversity in participation, facilitating knowledge exchange, and reducing barriers for individuals from various backgrounds. By advocating for these governance practices, DAOplomats aims to enable all community members to actively participate in Optimism’s decision-making processes.


DAOs where DAOplomats are active.

DAOplomats boasts extensive experience in DAO governance, including designing and implementing effective governance frameworks, analyzing proposals objectively, and fostering consensus. While our experience primarily lies with other DAOs, our transferable skills and deep understanding of DAOs make us well-suited to contribute to Optimism’s governance processes.

Why Optimism?

We are deeply impressed by Optimism’s mission to create a new internet that benefits all and is owned by none. Optimism’s commitment to decentralized governance and equitable economic rulesets aligns with our values, and we believe that DAOplomats’ expertise in fostering collaboration, community engagement, and treasury management can significantly benefit Optimism.


DAOplomats maintains transparency and will disclose any potential conflicts of interest before voting on proposals.