Bootcamp Women in Web3 by Women Biz

Hello, dear Optimism Collective.

About me:
I’d like to introduce myself: I am Briguit Reinaldo, also known as CriptoMommy, founder of Women Biz, an active contributor to the Optimism community as Speaker in different universities, currently wanna - be-ambassador Optimism, and a beneficiary of retropgf3.

Since 2023, I have been actively learning, participating, and sharing about and within our community.

About Bootcamp “Women in Web3”
This year, I decided to promote our community through my passion: education. To this end, together with the Women Biz community, we have launched the “Women in Web3” bootcamp, a 6-week training program designed to attract more users to our ecosystem. The bootcamp is free in Spanish.

In this project, we have integrated tools from our community such as:

  • Mirror
  • Praise
  • 1inch
  • Charmverse
  • Thirdweb3
  • Unlockprotocol
  • Zora.

Each week, participants undertake practical cases and face weekly challenges to solidify their learning, creating a gamified educational experience in the world of web3.

Examples: Propuesta de tokenización de libros u obras literarias 📚 — Valeria Valentina

This week we focused on Governance, taking our Optimism community as a case study. During this session, we are teaching about the Optimism forum and how to add value to our community.

The project will culminate in a hackathon aimed at supporting the retrofunding goals, seeking to attract new projects, especially in the areas of 1) governance and 2) onchain development.

The hackathon will take place on Saturday, April 27, in Lima, Peru, with 200 attendees and the expected participation of 17 teams. 190 women from 16 LATAM countries are participating in this bootcamp.

I would like to invite other members of our community to collaborate on this project. We are still looking for allies, judges, and prizes for the winners of the hackathon.

For more details or to collaborate, you can contact me through my Telegram: @criptomommy.

class attendance 1: Contract Address 0xa67fd38596712c972648b9220d5c447fc9ab482d | OP Mainnet
Class 2: Contract Address 0x34a0f796ae96bfb7def1b9c0e6c2561f82698860 | OP Mainnet
Class 3: Contract Address 0xa9a6cac293ac8d6f945d996ba0157366d2993838 | OP Mainnet
Class 4: Contract Address 0xb7b97e62da62df7e51652abd6ea339b2506d95db | OP Mainnet

I also attach links to the project’s social networks.

Live class in youtube

Thank you for your attention and I hope to have your support.


Really like this project because it lets women to access from zero to the next level of web3. The main reason with this project is to massive the number of women in the ecosystem, also I’d like to collaborate with they to prepare them to participate in the next hackathons.
#latinwomenhaspower & potential :rocket:


Hi @criptomommy! :wave:

I’m Olga Ramos, I’m also in the Women biz community and I like the Optimism ecosystem, because it’s friendly, it has a lot of potential to continue developing and everyone is always willing to help you and keep you growing.

I like everything that has been developed in Women Biz, and now with the bootcamp it is being taken to another level, thanks to the help of optimism, many of us can continue learning, from large cracks in the ecosystem.
Thanks to optimism I created my first wallet, my first NFT and I am sure that more impressive things will come.

My expectations are very high! :star2:


My social networks:


Awesome work @criptomommy ! We need more such programs for Women in Web3 and especially to educate women about governance so that they can become leaders in such communities.

I’m not a Spanish speaker but please let me know if I can help in any way possible. I’ve been an active member of the DAO and can contribute towards designing curriculum/learning sessions.

Stay Optimistic! :red_circle::sparkles:


Sure Hirangi!
We can make a call to get to know each other with @criptomommy :wink: this is my telegram: piurana_inblock

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Amazing initiative @criptomommy - appreciated the opportunity to lead a session today about defi and learn with the amazing team. So great to see so many women being onboarded to Web3!


While I’m a huge fan of bringing new people into the space, I don’t understand the need to focus on any specific subset of people. Crypto is inherently open, permissionless, borderless, etc. Creating events that exclude people is really counterintuitive to the whole idea of crypto imo. I’m a huge supporter of anyone building in the space, and I don’t understand why we would focus on any particularly identity based group when really, anyone can come and build.

I would love to hear the counterargument on why these types of initiatives are necessary and what the intended benefit is here.

Obviously I am female and support other females in the space, but really, I support anyone here that’s here and contributing in a positive way.


I don’t understand the need to focus on any specific subset of people.
Crypto is inherently open, permissionless, borderless, etc.
Creating events that exclude people is really counterintuitive to the whole idea of crypto


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Fantastic writeup @criptomommy! You’re truly building something great here.

Really looking forward to supporting your community in any way that I can.


Couple questions:

  • What kind of potential harm (to crypto as whole, this group in particular, individuals, etc.) can you imagine might result here?
  • Is there a difference between this focus and something like token gating?

I would love to hear the counterargument on why these types of initiatives are necessary and what the intended benefit is here.

I can see an argument for specialization/focus to bring out a specific kind of product, if that’s the intention. Openness creates more diversity in opinions and perspectives, which is often quite valuable, but it can also dilute things. I think part of “open, permissionless, borderless” includes the opportunity for groups to define boundaries. In the larger picture, having lots of micro experiments - some focused and others broad - ends up giving the entire ecosystem more anti-fragility.

No direct harm but focusing on specific groups creates an unnecessary layer of exclusion. Token gating allows anyone that owns the token to participate. Identity based groups do not allow for this.

Openness and having groups of people focused on solving a narrow sub set of problems is definitely something I support. However, these types of initiatives aren’t solving any problems directly imo.

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The reason I asked about harm is because if we can’t find anything potentially harmful about it, then why suppress it? To me “not doing good” isn’t enough to justify trying to stop or change something that someone else wants to do.

To continue with the token gating example, yes, anyone that owns the token can participate, but that’s a filter all on its own, isn’t it? Not everyone has disposable income for participation tokens, not everyone can navigate crypto well enough to figure out how to buy a token, not everyone has a phone with internet access. Every group seems to have some kind of filter, whether intentional or not.

Based on your last comment I’m wondering if you are pointing at the difficulty for an individual to overcome a filter being where the issue could lie. Like, it’s easier to earn some money to buy a token to join a group than to change your DNA.

Does that resonate for you? Is there something still missing?

I’m very interested in this problem of exclusion and appreciate the dialogue here. I think it would be incredible to have a single app or interface where every human on Earth is participating somehow.


Hello everyone! I’m Lali :grinning:

I’m glad to share my experience as part of the Women in Web3 bootcamp. As a current participant, I can confidently say that I am not only captivated by the content but also deeply impressed by the supportive network and sense of community we’ve built together.

Currently, I am studying programming at university, and this bootcamp has ignited a newfound excitement within me. Beyond the exceptional content, what truly sets this program apart is its well-organized structure, engaging challenges, and gamification elements, which have propelled all of us to learn at an accelerated pace.

For me, this bootcamp has become a springboard for delving deeper into the world of blockchain every day. However, what’s most significant to me is the opportunity to connect with other women who share my passion for using technology for a purpose beyond monetary gain. This aspect is particularly important to me. While we could certainly study this independently, I am confident that many of us would not have had the courage to do so if this program hadn’t been specifically tailored for women.

Despite progress in reducing the gender gap, it’s important to acknowledge that in Latin America, these processes often unfold more slowly. The majority of us (with exceptions, of course) feel more comfortable starting our journey in a women-centered environment. Unfortunately, we still feel very insecure about this type of knowledge, perhaps because of imposter syndrome.
I celebrate every step we take forward, and I am grateful for this opportunity.
There was so much new knowledge that I have that it would be impossible to list them. From the most basic of opening a wallet, to creating a smart contract, mining an NFT, staking, and getting to know wonderful communities like these.
A part of me now wakes up each day with excitement, knowing that I’ll be learning something new, eagerly anticipating our next session every Saturday.

Thanks @criptomommy and all the beautiful people that are actually help us to know more about web3!


Hi dear community Optimism!

My name is Ana :smiley: I’m geographer :globe_with_meridians: and I’m from Peru, where official languages are Spanish and Quechua, however here exists others 47 native languages as Aimara, Ashaninka,Awajún and so on. I reconigze in my country the access of a good education and high quality is difficult for majority population and majority don’t speak English, and that’s important if we want to be well informated with current notice. I really feel glad participating as learner in this Bootcamp of Women Biz, where have the opportunity to learn about Blockchain, Tokens, DApps, DeFi, Wallets, DAO and so on with men and women mentors/speakers. Usually in my country listening about cryptos is synonym of scam, due to the lack of knowledge in truthful and reliable sources. I enjoy learning with collegues of diverse professions as psycologists, software engineers, nurses, lawyers, bloggers, etc.

We have intensive weeks researching these concepts and using tools since creating a digital wallet, creating a NFT, post in Mirror or Paragraph xyz , and all around blockchain. I have even created my Twitter user, as I don’t have a habit of using several social networks, but now I see it as part of a tool to join communities. My twitter is:

I’m grateful with this Bootcamp and woul’d like to participate more in Optimism community! I have experience in projects with interdisciplinary teams and topics of my interest in Optimism are Translation, Projects and Governance :earth_americas:

Regards and have a good day! :smiling_face:


Hello! My name is Yael Marahi, I am a marketer, and I am thrilled to be part of this amazing initiative by @criptomommy. Although it is not my first approach to Web3, what I love about this bootcamp is that it doesn’t just stay in theory but motivates us to put everything into practice with weekly challenges. I love that these spaces are opening up to empower more Latina women, aiming to increase female participation in the tech industry. :purple_heart:


Hello everyone I’m Karen Gomez

I’m excited to share my experience as a participant of the Women in Web3 bootcamp. Not only am I captivated by the content, but also deeply impressed by the support network and sense of community we have built together. From the inspiring talks to the meaningful connections with women leaders in the industry, every moment has been an immersion into a vibrant and constantly evolving ecosystem. This bootcamp has not only provided me with practical knowledge and technical skills, but also strengthened my confidence and determination to lead in the world of blockchain and Web3 technology. Likewise, I am confident that this experience will continue to impact my career in ways I can’t even imagine. :star2::rocket::woman_technologist:

Also. I want to share with you my enthusiasm for the Women Biz community and the Optimism ecosystem. For me, Optimism is not just a friendly environment, but a place full of opportunities to grow and develop. Moreover, at Women Biz, I have discovered a space where innovation and mutual support merge to drive success. I am excited about all that we have accomplished and the potential we can still achieve together.

Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay connected! :sparkles:

#WomenBiz #OptimismEcosystem


Hi there! I’m Angela Gabucci, a participant in the Women in Web3 Bootcamp. I’m a systems engineering student and a programmer. A month ago, I didn’t know much about Web3, but I had heard some things about it and I wanted to learn. Well, now I’m learning, and actually, this bootcamp has far exceeded the expectations I had at the beginning.

I’m so happy to be a part of this. The coordinators and colleagues are amazing. There is always someone willing to help, motivate, and congratulate you on the work you do. It is challenging for everyone at times, which I take as an indication that we are really learning! But seriously, it is wonderful to be able to help and be helped in return. I wish everyone much success in the challenges that remain and in the rest of our careers in Web3! :sparkles::wink:


Hello! I’m Lizbeth Cortes and I’m 23 years old, and I’m pleased to say that I’m part of the Women in Web3 Bootcamp. Regarding my academic background, I graduated with a degree in computer engineering. I became interested in this Bootcamp because I had heard about this topic for some time and had a notion of what it was about. I delved deeper into the subject upon entering the Bootcamp, and I must say that I am very surprised by everything the world of Blockchain has to offer. It seems to me an innovative alternative that is revolutionizing various sectors, and I am excited to explore all the possibilities it has to offer.

I have learned many things this month. At first, it was difficult because I faced new concepts and challenges that I had not encountered before. However, with dedication and perseverance, I was able to overcome those difficulties and advance in my learning. I am very grateful for this enriching experience, as it has allowed me to acquire new knowledge and skills, including understanding what Blockchain is and how it works. Additionally, I have explored topics such as DApps, Proof of Work (PoW), and Proof of Stake (PoS), Tokenization and tokens on Blockchain, Smart Contracts, NFTs and the various NFT standards, Staking, as well as the Optimism ecosystem and its impact on blockchain technology. I am excited to continue learning and applying this knowledge in my professional career. I hope that, like me, many people will be encouraged to delve into this topic!

If you want to follow my progress closely, you can follow me on my LinkedIn and Twitter!


Hello everyone! My name is Milagros, also known as Milileth in the Women Biz Bootcamp. I came across this proposal through Instagram and out of personal interest in acquiring more knowledge about Blockchain technology and Web 3, as I currently work as a CX Analyst at a renowned Fintech in Argentina.

Throughout this training, I learned a lot, and the new tools and resources that were shared with us were useful for me to put into practice during my workday and to help other users in using the technology. Additionally, the new skills gave me more confidence when collaborating with clients and added much more value to my work.

The mentors encourage us to continue developing steadily on this path. I want to keep training and learning to continue my professional growth :star_struck: :sparkles:


:magic_wand: Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day :hugs:

:wave:t2: My name is Rihana, and I’m a digital transformation enthusiast from Peru.

:rocket: Currently, I’m immersed in the planning of digital transformation projects. I consider myself a creative and perseverant person, and I enthusiastically embraced this challenge.

:globe_with_meridians: I joined the bootcamp because I wanted to delve into the world of disruptive technologies like blockchain and web3, and learn how to apply them in our daily lives. I’m delighted to be part of the Women Biz community, which has created this space with so much enthusiasm to share knowledge and experiences :raised_hands:t2:

:purple_heart:I’m immensely grateful to @criptomommy for the enriching experience provided by this Bootcamp and eager to further engage with the Optimism community! With my background in interdisciplinary projects, I’m particularly interested in contributing to Translation, Projects, and Governance initiatives :earth_americas:

:honeybee:Throughout this month, I’ve embarked on a journey of learning and growth. Initially, I encountered new concepts and challenges, but with dedication and perseverance, I’ve overcome them and made significant progress in my understanding. From grasping the fundamentals of Blockchain to exploring topics like DApps, PoW, PoS, Tokenization, Smart Contracts, NFTs, Staking, and the Optimism ecosystem, this experience has equipped me with invaluable knowledge and skills. I’m excited to continue applying these learnings in my professional journey and hope to inspire others to explore this fascinating field! :star_struck: Wishing you all the best of success on this journey.:star2:

:sparkles:For those interested in following my journey closely, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter :low_brightness: