2nd Citizens' House community call [August 1st @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET]

Hello Optimists!

We will have our 2nd Citizens’ House community call on Tuesday, August 1st, at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 6 pm CET.

The Zoom link is here

As always, everybody is welcome. Please add any agenda topics to this thread if you’d like.

Slides for the call are here (work in progress).

See you there!

Call recording here


I would like to add the topic: “Future Citizenship Selection Criteria” – a brief discussion about what current citizens think about those criteria

Also more details are in a thread here: Future Citizenship Selection Criteria


I think your answer is here: RetroPGF 3: Voting badge distribution

And it’s 100% on the topics of the day!


Topic: Immunefi Matching Program for OP and OP Native projects.

An extension of the Spearbit+Immunefi program except creating a bucket of funds for 10+ OP native projects to match critical bug payouts. Already engaged with OP Labs team and multiple OP native projects (e.g Synthetix, Velodrome, Sonne Finance, Extra Finance, etc). This would be the second phase of this initiative.

What if the proposal could technically support more than 1 intent? Do I submit it under the strongest intent?

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I feel this is more for the Token House call wich is immediately after the Citizen House call. But I’m happy to give you the floor if you want to introduce this topic.

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Oh ok! I’ll hop onto the Token House call. I was actually going to ask the difference between this call and the one right after.


Heads up but I had to hop off due to an internal priority. Is there a link where I can see explanations of the each call so I can better understand which community calls are appropriate to attend? I saw the forum posts for each call but they don’t offer too much of an explanation other than topics that would be discussed.

Hey @hen! The recording is up :smiley: