Governance Weekly Recap

Week of July 23

In the Forums

  1. RetroPGF 3: Voting & Badge Distribution: The thread discusses the distribution of voting badges for RetroPGF 3. The community is debating the fairness and effectiveness of the current distribution system. A key point of contention is the potential for bias in badge allocation, with some members suggesting improvements to ensure a more equitable process.
  2. LLMs Assisting Badgeholders: This thread revolves around the idea of Legal, Licensing, and Mediation (LLM) professionals assisting badgeholders. The community is discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks of this proposal, with some members expressing concerns about the potential for conflicts of interest.
  3. Law of Chains v0.1 Full Draft: The thread presents a full draft of the “Law of Chains” document. The community is actively providing feedback and suggestions for improvements. The discussion is centered around the legal and ethical implications of the proposed laws, with a focus on ensuring fairness and transparency.
  4. Incentive Impact Analysis: PoolTogether: This thread is an analysis of the impact of incentives on the PoolTogether project. The community is discussing the findings and their implications for future incentive strategies. The conversation is focused on optimizing incentives to maximize participation and project success.
  5. The Future of Optimism Governance: This thread discusses the future of Optimism’s governance. The community is debating various proposals and visions for the future, with a focus on ensuring the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the governance system.
  6. Cycle 13: Final Grants Roundup: This thread provides a roundup of the final grants for Cycle 13. The community is discussing the results and the performance of the Grants Council. The conversation is centered around the effectiveness of the grants process and potential improvements for future cycles.
  7. We Need to Talk About Undisclosed Financial Interests: This thread discusses the issue of undisclosed financial interests within the community. The conversation is centered around the need for transparency and the potential for conflicts of interest. The community is debating potential solutions and safeguards to ensure fairness and integrity in the governance process.

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