1st Citizens' House community call [June 27th @ 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET]

Hello Optimists!

We will have our 1st Citizens’ House community call on Tuesday, June 27th, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 7 pm CET.

The Zoom link is here

As always, everybody is welcome. Please add any agenda topics to this thread if you’d like.

Slides for the call are here (work in progress).

See you there!

Call summary


  • RPGF 3 announcement
  • Is you want to host next one link Gonna.eth will be default host if not
  • RPFG3 Categories (4) and why.
  • RPGF3 scope

Badgeholders feedback

  • Round 2 feedback
    • A way to verify factual accuracy of project profiles
    • More opportunity to assess projects (1-2 weeks not enough for 200 projects)
    • Sorting and pre-work that can be done on applications (by core or community)
    • Making it possible for people to vote on the projects that they know and have it still be ok that not everyone looks at all projects
  • Process should be other way around:
    • Voting system/impact assessment is continuous (so can assess impact when experiencing the impact and not after the fact) but then tokens distributed on regular/set basis
  • If had more badgeholders than projects, that would reduce these issues, which is why expansion of Citizen set is important
  • Would like to see more experimentation on voting UX
    • Not clear as to how to assess impact
    • Not clear as to how to compare projects
  • Suggested measurements for each category
    • I love the simple metrics included, but it also shouldn’t be ONLY metrics, qualitative factors are important too
    • Likes that know what to ask projects
    • Not a fan of target users as a metric as measure of relative impact
    • Do not want to have metrics as the only source of truth
  • Categories
    • Less open for interpretation and more accurate

Fundation Q&A

  • RFP for Voting UI coming soonTM
  • Citizenship expansion to be based on attestations, for R3 will need something short term viable, more information will be forthcoming soon (within the next month)
    • Seeing attestation focused projects applying for Missions
  • Nomination process - should we implement something like Trust Tiers for that?
    • Nomination process will not be the same as Round 2, there will be direct sign-ups instead (check out ecosystem contribution board for some related project ideas!)
  • What is Scope for Round 3?
    • Contributions that have supported the development and adoption of Optimism
    • For now, very broad Scopes. In the future, the Collective could use the Scope to signal specific things we believe will be valuable in the future
  • Is there going to be a cap on the # of applicants for this round?
    • Not planning for a cap
  • Is there anything stopping previous recipients from being nominated or receiving RetroPGF again?
    • Nope, projects could have generated additional impact since the last round
  • Will the measurements be quantified between R2 and R3 for repeated projects?
  • When will grants and grantees be announced?
    • After voting (in the fall), so around the end of this year

Stay Tuned

  • Future posts will explain additional aspects of RetroPGF Round 3 design
  • Foundation will host workshops on:
    • RetroPGF Vision
    • Impact Evaluation
    • Citizens’ House Governance
    • Collective Values
  • When project sign-ups go live, want to drive awareness and encourage projects to apply

Recorded call here

Next call August 1st



Nice! I’ll do my best to stay tunned. Best and wish all Optimists a great weekend!

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Great seeing this call getting started! I’ll definitely try to attend the next one.


Great initiative. It’s there a calendar of the calls? Or any other suggestions on how to not miss the next call?

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All the community calls and events are in the Optimism public calendar.

Thank you :pray: The link is probably broken though.

Public calendar link